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Easter 2024 | Update v0.9.6.0

Easter 2024 | Update v0.9.6.0 Uncover the truth of this years Easter event! Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The Easter 2024 event has begun, it will be around for 2 weeks, so get investigating and earn those exclusive rewards! More information can be found in-game

ID cards have had a facelift! All badges now have a unique background when using that badge’s ID theme Prestiges 11-20 have animated backgrounds to match their badges Several colors have been adjusted VIP and Artist have received new Badge designs Volume slider colors are now the same as the EXP bar colors

Headphones are now visible when listening through the parabolic microphone

The middle lines of the ID card have been removed to make space for the new background designs (funds / ready status) A ready sticker will now appear on the player ID card when that player is ready

Fixed several Lobby-Equipment desync issues between players UI will no longer overlap when applying a locked difficulty You can now complete the “Survive with starter items” daily challenge You can now place a video camera on a tripod more than once in VR Parabolic microphone III will now determine the direction of sounds properly in VR EMF Reader III will now determine the direction of EMF spots based on your screen position (non-VR only) Shop gamepad buttons no longer still activate when not focusing on shop The VR cursor is now in the correct position when highlighting Thermometers You now get insurance when you die in Amateur or Intermediate difficulty Hovering over the corkboard in the truck no longer appears as interactable The thermometer tiers now highlight correctly when hovering over them Tier 1 upgrades are no longer locked in the inventory manager when you are at the required level Ambient Occlusion will now correctly turn off when the setting is disabled Firelights will no longer blow out as soon as they are turned on again after being blown out by the ghost

Known Issues

One of the lobby effects after completing the event may not be visible in every lobby Leaving the main lobby and rejoining may fix the visual, until you return from a contract where it will break again.

Shop Overhaul | Minor Update v0.9.5.0 Phasmophobia - Ascension - Shop Overhaul | Minor Update v0.9.5.0 - Steam News

Brand new screens for the Shop, Equipment Manager and Loadouts! Plus more!

Phasmophobia - Ascension - Shop Overhaul | Minor Update v0.9.5.0 - Steam News

Welcome back Ghost Hunters, we've got some news for you.

The long-awaited shop rework is finally here, boasting a new, easier way to manage your gear!

Based on player feedback, the shop has had a complete overhaul!

3 separate pages for more intuitive usage Easy buy options for controller Renamable loadouts Player-specific colours for supplied equipment Quick shortcuts to navigate between screens to unlock equipment Full tutorial for each page Shortcuts for gamepad users

New accessibility options:

You can now customize each player's color for many areas in the game: Main menu stickers Shop interface Sanity screen in the truck

You can now customize your cursor Shape Color Opacity Size Additional options when highlighting objects

Note: VR players can only adjust their highlight cursors colour and opacity

You can no longer receive a photo of a DOTS ghost while it’s not inside a DOTS Projector's light You can now rotate the Sound Sensor III whilst placing it Greatly improved the DOTS Ghosts AI navigation, this will result in more consistent evidence across the board Reduced the brightness of the Journal Reduced the volume of various sounds


Improved the AI pathing for the Phantom and Wraith abilities Ouija board will now break if you do not have enough sanity to use it instead of answering a question then breaking The shop screensaver will no longer appear and disappear when walking into/away from the shop screen in non-VR Fixed a ghost AI navigation issue on the Tanglewood living room DOTS Ghosts AI navigation will now work correctly when you are in the same room as the ghost Ghosts can now correctly interact with all telephones The grandfather clock ghost interaction now works correctly The sound sensor “offline“ text is now translated for non-English languages You can now swap to the 'Blocked Players' page using the gamepad shoulder buttons The Sunny Meadows Apocalypse sticker will now show during single player You can no longer back out of the menu with a gamepad while the Journal is open You can no longer use the Main Menu left and right UI arrows while the Journal is open The Haunted Mirror will now correctly break straight away if you do not have enough sanity (20%) Gamepad 'Local push to talk' rebind tape is now the correct image


VR players can now prestige Sound sensor III can now have its shape changed in VR Motion sensor II can now have its shape changed in VR (while placed) Up and down arrows now work in the VR journal You can swap between hold and toggle grab types again in VR You can now drop the Sound Sensor III in VR Fixed a lag spike when a VR player joins the game The VR Journal sounds can no longer be heard from far away Spirit Box 3 VR text voice recognition now works

If you experience any issues, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: Thanks,

The Kinetic Games Team

New to Steam Deck and PC gaming, I'm looking for game recommendations...
  • If you like JRPG's, then can't go wrong with the persona series

  • Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.4.1

    Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.4.1 Bug fixes and Onryo changes

    Smudge Sticks now block the Onryo’s hunt ability If the Onryo is hunting and blows out a third candle, it will now cancel the Onryo hunt ability and no longer start a hunt after that hunt ends Upgraded Unity version from 2022.3.5f1 to 2022.3.17f1

    The bear in the Grafton Nursery has been moved so it doesn’t get stuck when the hiding spot is blocked Fixed ghost navigation issues on Grafton Farmhouse The bone will no longer spawn in the bath in Grafton The monkey paw will no longer mark you as a hacker and only half revive the host if you tried to revive the host while they were dying You can no longer change your system clock to skip ahead to another week or days challenge The fog will no longer be inside of the Prison truck The ghost can no longer get stuck behind walls in Willow The ghost can no longer get stuck inside the tree in Woodwind You can no longer get stuck behind one of the fuse boxes on Maple Campsite You can no longer get on top of the table in Storage Tent 2 in Maple Campsite

    If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord : Thanks,

    The Kinetic Games Team

    Love this welcome page after Firefox updated
  • Copy without tracking has been hit or miss for me on Firefox

  • Adjusting the Ascension! - Steam News

    Adjusting the Ascension! Making sure everything feels just right... Welcome back, we've got some news for you!

    Any information and images are Work In Progress (WIP) and may change drastically before releasing

    Since the Ascension Update, we've had plenty of feedback on how the game currently feels for players. We wanted to share our thoughts on how we're planning to adjust the game to make sure progression and other areas are the best they can be for all types of players.

    We'd love to hear your feedback on these proposed changes and get the ball rolling! We'll be looking to make the following changes, with additions, straight after the upcoming Shop rework!

    Progression Leveling rates are currently too slow

    We originally made the levelling rate slightly slower so that we could increase the pace if need be, so we'll be doing exactly that; less required XP per level across the board

    Equipment Tier unlocks are too linear and too slow

    Alongside the progression rate changes above, we're going to change Tier unlocks so that multiple are unlocked at once instead of only one. This means you'll have more choice on which Equipment you want to upgrade first, and which you want to save for later We'll also be increasing the cost of some upgrades as at the moment players can unlock almost everything straight away, when some upgrades should be something you save up for


    Prestiges are a completely optional part of Progression, however, we understand that there aren't many incentives right now to encourage players to prestige:

    With new player models we will be adding unique Prestige-related unlocks for players to purchase with in-game $, such as accessories for your player model or a cool new jacket! Coming soon for each prestige, players will be able to choose one of the following: A sum of extra starting money to kickstart their equipment loadouts or to save for their first few upgrades Or a small XP boost for that prestige only, allowing players to level up slightly faster, but have to manage their money better.

    Equipment Evidence Equipment DOTS

    T1 is slightly too hard to use, so we'll be making it brighter and increasing the range of the light it emits

    EMF Reader

    T1's needle often gets too close or even goes past the [5] mark during events and hunts, so we'll be clamping that pesky needle a little harder to make sure people aren't mistaking it for evidence T3 will receive a new sound for an EMF5 reading, making it easier for evidence without having to pick it up Additionally, we'll be changing where the T3's sensor reads from for PC players. This will make the directional indicator more accurate and feel more intuitive to read


    T1 never had its randomness to the readings, making it much more accurate than the other tiers. We'll be implementing a slight fluctuation on readings to reduce it's effectiveness T2 and T3 will be adjusted so that after the initial "hold to scan", continuing to hold the use button will keep refreshing the temperature reading every second or so T3 will have its randomness reduced further to make it even better than T2


    We'll be flipping T1 and T2 around so that players start with the flashlight and unlock the glowstick second. This should feel more like a useful progression than it currently is

    Optional Equipment Firelights & Igniters

    We'll be increasing the duration and light range for all tiers, giving players new ways to walk around in dark areas

    Head Gear

    We'll be adding an additional keybinding for toggling on and off your Head Gear slot, as many players have expressed that the current method isn't ideal All three tiers of Head Gear will have a new sound play when being interfered with by the ghost to let players know they should turn it off during hunts! T3's night vision doesn't currently have any paranormal interference, so we'll be adding some of that to reduce its effectiveness during hunts and keep it on par with other equipment

    Motion Sensor

    T3's truck map indicator will be changed to be more accurate and show what it's detecting clearer

    Parabolic Microphone

    To aid hearing-impaired users, we'll be making the red LED light on the side of the T1 Paramic "flash" when it picks up sounds

    Photo camera

    T2 will receive a slight buff to photo-taking speed We'll be fixing (for the final time) the oversight of taking the ghost photo with a full book. Pesky haunted cameras!

    There are still some bugs with photos, but with the major photo overhaul coming soon, a lot of that will be fixed as a byproduct. However, we're still looking at increasing the consistency of photo-taking! More benefits of upgrading the camera Tiers will come with the new system, including the removal of failed photos!

    Sanity Medication

    We'll be speeding up the Sanity restoration effect for T2 to make the upgrade more worthwhile

    Sound Sensor

    We'd like to add a mute button to each sensor in the Truck, so you can concentrate on watching DOTS on the monitor in safety and silence

    Cursed Posessions Monkey Paw

    With the most recent change to the Paw affecting the "see ghost" wish, we're going to make the darkness effect start when the hunt starts, so you can actually see the ghost during the event!

    Training Some parts of Training aren't accurate to gameplay or are frustrating, so we'll be making the following adjustments:

    We'll replace the DOTS section with something more accurate to how ghosts act in-game Lower the overall temperature in the warehouse to make the Freezing Temps section less frustrating, as well as add cold breath to relevant areas. The EMF section should require EMF5 to progress instead of any EMF. The Ghost Orbs section sometimes completes without the player knowing why, so we'll be increasing the time that you need to aim the camera at the orb before the door unlocks.

    If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: Thanks,

    The Kinetic Games Team

    [Discussion] Emudeck and other Emulators on the Steam Deck
  • 3, 4, and 5 are all on pc now

  • So I tried Lethal company... and didn't like it. Does it get better eventually ?
  • There are quite a few mods for the game to make it suit your tastes better

  • It's a good thing they aren't in charge of adult toys...
  • Common knowledge that touching electricity = ouch?

  • It's a good thing they aren't in charge of adult toys...
  • Pretty sad that it needs to be explained why these are generally a terrible idea

  • I'd prefer to have the unlimited plan
  • Same here, I'm always debating with myself:

    "Should I use this? Should I save it for later? I'll save it."

    Then I never use it...

  • It's a dire situation
  • Sponsor Block.

    Thank me later

  • PlayStation To Delete A Ton Of TV Shows Users Already Paid For
  • Nowhere did they victim blame, they just gave a tip

    No idea where you got that from....

  • Get ready for shitty games from WB next year that are full of always-on and battlepass
  • Guess I'll continue not playing any of their games

  • Next smartphone I buy, which one do you recommend?
  • I kind of gagged a little at the sight of TikTok being installed, but really liking the phone so far. Coming from a one plus phone, I really appreciate the stock android

  • Next smartphone I buy, which one do you recommend?
  • Just picked up a new Motorola phone myself, and it does install TikTok and a few other apps by default, so not sure if OP would like that. They were easy enough to uninstall though.

  • Louis Rossman/FUTO's YouTube app, GrayJay, now supports Sponsorblock... and shames you if you use it
  • Are they even able to see when their baked in ads get skipped over?

  • 70 hours/week with 1 day off must become norm: Congress MP backs Narayana Murthy
  • Let me guess, the ones pushing hardest for this are the ones that won't be affected by it?

  • Sony Is Halving The Number Of PlayStation Live-Service Games That It Aims To Launch By March 2026 - GameSpot
  • Good. The sooner those types of games die for good, the better

  • AI companies have all kinds of arguments against paying for copyrighted content
  • So if AI companies can use copyrighted material for free, that means everyone can right?

  • Not all heroes wear capes
  • And here I thought hot was just the norm

  • top played games on Steam Deck for the month of October
  • Has it gotten better since launch? I remember trying it out on the deck day of release and it didn't run great for me

  • Compulsion
  • I'm in this photo and I don't like it

  • Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.9 Phasmophobia - Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.9 - Steam News

    Hotfix #9 - Sanity detection changes and significant CPU and VR performance improvements

    Phasmophobia - Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.9 - Steam News
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