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Sure you are, buddy
  • Right? Like the conservatives just want the labor for free.
    You are gonna have to go hunting for some really miserable people or do what the rest of the oligarchs do anyways and get foreigners to do it.

  • Dark oxygen made by deep sea 'batteries'
  • You seem hung up on electricity being a literal function of this here. Expecting them to be a literal battery.

    They said they knew how. The nodules have a potential charge, when touching it increases the charge which means it can separate the oxygen. There is already companies that are performing hydrogen separation without electricity on water.

    The voltage potential is grabbing at the polar ends with likely a light chemical interaction with the zinc and other volatile metals present.

    An exact process might not be here but the function here makes sense as long as you stop looking for direct current.

    Edit: also this is not some rapid process this is a slow trickle. Nothing fancy just the physics of the world inspiring entropy.

  • Dark oxygen made by deep sea 'batteries'
  • What are you taking a test on this?

    They are lumps of conductive metals that when touching create a small charge that is able to respond to the charge that is held by water to be able to strip the oxygen atoms off.

    It's just a bunch of them in series together finally surpasses the threshold, they just all hold a very weak charge potential individually my comparison to magnets was meant to just imply that they naturally hold a very weak charge that isn't a strong force like a more direct applied method would.

  • Dark oxygen made by deep sea 'batteries'
  • I mean the article is being hyperbolic I think to try and sway opinion away from thinking it's a good idea to mine these nodules.

    We have a bunch of billionaires who are suddenly excited to go full Dune on the ocean floor for scraps of metal that aren't currently on owned land and will fuck up the ecology just because it will finally make them more wealthy.

    If it seems like there is grand mysteries and a impact on us instead of just all the low lying marine life it might get people to say it's a bad idea and public opinion will get them to stop.

    It's just a shame that Shame doesn't work as well as it used to to control people.

  • Dark oxygen made by deep sea 'batteries'
  • Chemical reaction that basically through charge split water into basic elements slowly through direct interaction.

    Like a magnet never runs out of magnetism juice but isn't nearly as strong as an electromagnet. These are just a bunch of metals that clumped together.

  • Anon feels regret
  • The answer is that you needed a different controller layout for different games so you would grab the handles that were needed essentially allowing for about 4 different options.

    The problem was definitely when everyone started realizing if you had the buttons they wanted to program them to do something and you had to get weird with reaching between.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Yeah Polls show that Hillary has this and we don't have to try anything different cause people will agree with me simply because I'm right, right?

    Can you stop calling people bots and trying to still throw blame around the party and just get in line like your type keeps telling everyone else too?

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • but really it’s only the presidential election that has constant campaigning for the next election.

    Uhh... No. Senators and representatives have been complaining for a while now the moment they get elected they have to start fundraising for their next election cause money is the only indicator of a win. Oligarchy rules.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Lemmy is full of wealth social liberals who would rather be conservative if it wasn't for the fascism. So they think things should just stay the same as long as possible for them to feel comfortable in their life. But argue they are progressive cause they have trans friends.

    I'm pretty happy with this change and have been rallying for it for 4 years.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • People have done more with less campaign time and he will go down as having listened and done what was requested of the people and party I honestly think this says a lot of good stuff about the democratic party and Biden once we get the spin right.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • It's been chaos in the comments for a while now this is just catharsis for a lot of people and reaffirming for some of the naysayers.
    You are gonna see a lot of takes from a lot of terminally online types.

    Now just comes the actual work and it's gonna look chaotic for a while. I hope we get it together.

  • Join us as we hunt for the illustrious and hidden giant bell peppers

    My in the ground bell peppers are freaking massive.


    Opinion in the room on Pop-up/Non-Permanent Greenhouses?

    So, what's the general feeling on those plastic popup greenhouses?

    After a particularly rough month with my plants I am considering getting a popup style plastic greenhouse for my plants.

    I am kinda hoping that it would help to keep the moisture up and the shade up since a like half dozen of my peppers just got sunrot.

    I have noticed my plants under my bug netting do better and my pepper plant in the ground under it doesn't have sunrot. I think it would also let me keep my pots longer in fall since in in zone 7 and cold snaps happen.

    So.... Any thoughts? Tips? Etc?


    You guys have so many pretty gardens so now it's time for my ugly one.

    I rent in an urban area and was given a backyard full of 6 foot tall weeds. Over the winter I managed to somewhat reduce their numbers and have been fighting them down since but also I didn't really have any money for gardening so I just went with direct inground with a bag of miracle grow for fertilizer and some cheap mulch for bedding.

    Pretty much a scraps garden. I have green onions and regular onions, garlic cloves that sprouted, bell pepper and jalapenos, a potato plant, 2 basil and 3 Thai basil, a daikon scrap I'm letting flower I hopes of seeds I can plant next year, and all my beans and peas on the fence over there.

    I also planted a blueberry bush that I realized I really should have kept in a pot cause I realized how long that thing is gonna grow for.

    I also threw potatoes under the bush in the far back that is doing pretty good and a strawberry I won't ever be able to eat the fruit from because the critters get up earlier in the morning than me.


    Cheap IDEX 3D printer questions

    So, I have always wanted to do multi filament printing. The thought of doing multicolor or washable supports has been such a cool idea and I tried to make that a reality all the way back when I bought my Geeetech A10M... And oh boy did I hate it. (Don't do single extruder multi filament kids, it ain't worth the headache.)

    So, with only my trusty prusa mk2 at my side I'm thinking of finally getting an IDEX machine and trying again right this time. Then I looked at the price of the Prusa XL and died a little.

    So, this is where I am gonna ask for some help. I saw that Flashgorge is selling their Creator Pro 2 for only $400 and with a cheap upgrade for a magnetic plate seems like it would be an awesome deal even if it's a bit small of a build size.

    Or I could go 3rd party and get the JGMaker Artist D Pro IDEX 3D Printer (which I have never heard of) for the same price but with a heck of a lot more build space.

    Or I could swallow my pride and a shit ton of credit card payments and do just the 2 head semi-built prusa XL for 3x the cost.

    So essentially has anyone tried the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 and thinks it would be worth it for basically half off? Have 3rd party Chinese brands gotten more trustworthy and actually able to print decent at these insanely low prices? Or is it still one of those you pay for what you get and if you want good multi filament printing you have to pay for it?

    Political Memes Krauerking

    If he can't win then none of us should! ...Wait

    I mean come on! Like, sure ok then, please go on ahead.


    Pumpkin Cocktail Syrup

    So it's the season, just carved the first pumpkin of the year and decided to use the insides and leftovers to make a pumpkin-pumpkin spice syrup that is truly heavenly.

    14oz of pumpkin guts and roasted flesh boiled and pureed in the water 28oz of water 28oz of raw sugar 2 full sticks of cinnamon 9 Cloves 4 large slices of candied ginger 4 cardamom pods 1 vanilla pod split insides removed and then the pod itself as well

    Used an immersion blender to puree the pumpkin further with just the water at first then added everything else and boiled, simmered for about 15 minutes lid on and then cooled and strained.

    *You can use dry spices and vanilla extract I'm just a sucker for raw ingredients, and cooking like I'm a witch apparently.

    The syrup is so so good. I combined it with apple cider and very caramel forward rye whiskey I have and am in love.

    Do you guys have different versions you make or thoughts on the syrup for other cocktails to try? I'm trying to figure out what to do with a liter of the stuff.

    I would share a photo of it but I'm honestly holding it in an old Rao's sauce jar cause I didn't realize all my swing top bottles were dirty ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ But yeah it's not nearly as pretty as the stuff other people do.