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HDR Confusion
  • For the washed-out colors, are you using an Nvidia, Intel, or AMD GPU? If you're using AMD you need to run kernel 6.8 or later I believe, if you're using DisplayPort.

    I'm not sure why your display lets you adjust contrast in HDR mode, I would just leave it at the default imo.

  • Anon freezes time
  • This is a 4Chan user

  • Hoe do you self host a nix package repo & install nix packages from 3rd party repos?
  • Generally you would use flakes to enable third party repos, although there are ways to do it without flakes. With flakes, third party repos work basicallly the same way as the main repo. Chaotic Nyx is one repo, and it also explains how to set it up. There's also ones like Nixified AI.

  • Open Source implementation of GOG Galaxy's Communication Service, Comet sees a first release
  • Have you tried Heroic? I've heard it supports GOG but I've only used it for a couple Epic Games games

  • Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Yeah, same for me with NixOS

  • [Discussion] What is your price range when you get a new phone?
  • Like 4 or 5 years ago I bought a refurbished Pixel 2 XL for like $150 or $200 or something. Works great, I don't need to upgrade (although storage is a little small). The only issue is it hasn't had security updates since 2020 which is a little scary.

  • Searching for the best Music Player
  • I use Strawberry with JamesDSP for Linux (on Pipewire) and the equalizer works, not sure how other equalizer software does it though.

  • Asesprite/Libresprite vs Krita?
  • I mean hey, the Godot editor is made using Godot's UI system so it works pretty well.

  • Asesprite/Libresprite vs Krita?
  • There is also Pixelorama, which was actually made using the Godot game engine. I haven't used it a whole lot but it seems to work okay.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • Yeah, I used it a couple years ago, and for walking especially it seemed really cool, since it has all sorts of extra data like slopes and benches or whatever. But there are a whole ton of settings everywhere, which is cool that you can customise everything but also a bit of a mess. Definitely more for power users it seems.

  • Birdfeeder fairies by Binturong/Stella Langecker
  • Okay this is actually really nice

  • My (re)discovery of roguelites
  • One bullet-heaven game I've been enjoying is 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Each run is 20 minutes, and you try to survive at harder and harder difficulties and with different weapons or characters. There's also a free demo of it called 10 Minutes Till Dawn.

  • Steam summer sale is on now! What games do you recommend?
  • Yeah, maybe I was too impatient back then, but for me it felt like mostly a whole lot of work, just watering the plants every day and trying to make money.

    When I picked it up again later playing splitscreen with family, and then again with a friend, then we could get hyped for some goal we could all work towards. And if I was bored doing my thing then I could look over at what other people were doing, or just chat. And it's fun to see them running around interacting with the NPCs and doing their things as well.

    Sometimes it can be a little annoying yeah, like if they want to do something together while I'm busy watering the plants or whatever.

  • Steam summer sale is on now! What games do you recommend?
  • It does have assist options if that's what you want, Game Maker's Toolkit actually made a video about it. I haven't finished it myself but it was pretty fun, even just exploring and getting the story bits and such.

  • Steam summer sale is on now! What games do you recommend?
  • Celeste is $2 right now, I got it for free on the Epic Games store but I got it again for the steam cloud saves.

    I got Doom Eternal and started playing that, it's actually really good. I feel like I'm pretty bad at it but that means lots of room for improvement.

    Of course Terraria is a must-buy if you don't have it already. Same with Portal and such. Stardew Valley is also really good, but I didn't really enjoy it until I played multiplayer with my friends.

  • ISO8601 Klaymore

    Just found the worst time/date format


    Titanfall 2 SBS 3D First Mission

    Video is Half SBS (squished halfway on the x-axis) but it still looks cool


    Ink - Programming Language for Game Narratives - Godot | Unity | Unreal | More

    I was struggling with handling dialogue for a point-and-click game, has anyone tried Ink or other dialogue plugins? I tried both DialogueManager and Bonnie, and while Bonnie seemed nicer they both were kinda clunky.


    Godot XR Update Godot XR update - September 2023

    Updates on various things XR in Godot, a new version of the OpenXR plugin, a new version of the tools library and an update on Godot 4 support.

    The Internet Is Beautiful Klaymore

    Coding Font – Find Your Favorite Font, Tournament-Style Coding Font by Typogram – Find Your True Love of Coding Fonts

    The coding font has a lot to do with engineer’s productivity and comfort. Play the coding font tournament by Typogram to find your true love of coding fonts!

    Cool "game" where you compare two fonts and pick which one you prefer, until you've narrowed it down to your favorite font.

    Factorio Klaymore

    First time using a bus and had to rotate it while going through a forest

    nixos Klaymore This Month in Nix Docs - #3 - May/June 2023

    This edition is double-stuffed because for no good reason I completely forgot to make this post last month! I now have a repeating calendar event to remind me to make these. There’s a lot that’s been going on, so let’s dive in! Community The Documentation Team can be found in a number of places. C...

    This Month in Nix Docs - #3 - May/June 2023
    nixos Klaymore

    What is shell.nix used for?

    I've been using NixOS for a year now, and recently switched to flakes,


    Anyone using Godot for non-game programs?

    I've heard of Pixelorama which is pretty cool, and I saw some videos of someone making a video editor in Godot. I was wondering if anyone else has tried making non-game applications in Godot?

    nixos Klaymore Nix Community Survey 2023

    The Nix Marketing Team is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the official Nix Community Survey! 🎉 Please take 5-10 minutes to complete it. Our community is growing very rapidly every month. This survey aims to gain insights into the the community members and what...

    Nix Community Survey 2023
    0 How Sustainable is a Solar Powered Website?

    We present our website’s energy and uptime data, calculate the embodied energy of our configuration, consider the optimal balance between sustainability and server uptime, and outline possible improvements.

    How Sustainable is a Solar Powered Website?