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Dirty clothes & dead kids
  • Wales Visitation cadence sells it

  • 10 February 2024
  • Thank you!

  • 10 February 2024
  • Why is that?

  • They opened a Haitian food truck. Then they were told, 'Go back to your own country,' lawsuit says
  • Hey sorry, quick question, do you listen to The Pixies by any chance?

  • Mongolian. Like the barbecue.
  • Burrough turned into burrow and borough, both pronounced differently to brow, rough, trough, thought and through.

    I hate English.

  • me_irl
  • I've heard that if you let the government know about your child, they even give you free money!

  • Just got that grindset
  • Good luck!

  • NGL I love my new party way more than the old one
  • Hey Beelzebob, sorry I'm late! Have applications for your party closed yet?

  • Wwyd if you were given a pocket dimension 3m cubed?
  • Is there a course I can take to be able to produce ideas this inspiring?

  • No doubt. Wanna fight me?
  • O Holy One, Pepsiman, who blesses our teeth with holes shaped in your great symbol's image.

    Grant us the strength to drive these CokeCrusaders from our lands, led by the dastardly KredeSeraf.

    May our rivers once again flow ripe with the chemical by-products of your majestic factories.

    Dulcis. Immutabilis. Pepsi.

  • No doubt. Wanna fight me?
  • I agree, coke should be lower.

  • Body.exe has stopped responding
  • I found it interesting, and hope you are blessed with plentiful burps in your future!

  • The giga crystal
  • I'm sorry, please forgive me!

  • The giga crystal
  • Have we experimented with drum hexagons or any other sorts of shapes?

  • Asexuality Is Finally Breaking Free from Medical Stigma
  • No sweat, hope you have a good day/evening!

  • Asexuality Is Finally Breaking Free from Medical Stigma
  • I don't worry about how enthused people are by it. I was responding to the words, " would be nice to research this further...", on a post about the research being done.

  • Asexuality Is Finally Breaking Free from Medical Stigma
  • They researched it, and found that it's not a "mental issue", it's normal.

    Over the past two decades psychological studies have shown that asexuality should be classified not as a disorder but as a stable sexual orientation akin to homosexuality or heterosexuality