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Some inspiring quotes from our supreme leader
  • Basically if you need the same logic in two places instead of copying it to the second place you make it into a function and use that function in both places.

    That way if you need that logic to change you only need to make that edit once regardless of whether you use it one time or one thousand times.

  • Ordnungsliebe ist vererbbar...

    Über das Versor-Gen!

    Monday Recap Week 35 - what did you play last week?
  • Tuesday our group met. First we played some weird memory game about being an orchestra conductor which was really bad. Then we tried the 5th mission in Port Royal Big Box... twice.. in vain. We ended the evening early because:

    On Wednesday we met again to play DnD. My character had an emotional reunion with a lost family member and we encountered our first gelatinous monster.

    On Friday there was a public game night in town which I attended. The group I landed with first played two rounds of Frantic - a domestic UNO alternative but for some of them it was too chaotic so we cut the game short. We then played Ricochet Robots and the ladies at the table completely trunced me out of the gate. But after about 4 rounds I got up to speed and managed to race ahead after all. From this we moved on to X-Code where we managed to win the 4 basic missions and the first mission of the blue box. At this point we believed that the evening would wind down soon so we snuck in a quick game of Shark Attacks - where I finally did not come in in last place! Only to then learn that the game night would go on a bit longer this time. So picked up Las Vegas as well. I hadn't played so many different games in one setting in ages and really enjoyed it. The evening also served as a nice way to cap off the organizer's 5 year run in hosting these game nights.

  • who is prepping for Spielmesse 2023 ?
  • The size can make it a bit intimidating but there's literally something for everyone. There are kids games, family games, party games, advanced games, super heavy games, roleplaying games, wargames and probably some I'm forgetting now. There are toys, accessories, fan stuff, everything.

    I went alone for many years, I've gone with my GF, I've gone with friends. Every experience is a bit different but I've never not had fun. The only negative thing I've ever experienced was some people hogging a table for a game I really wanted to try but most booths now are pretty good about queueing up.

    One thing you have to understand though is that Essen is a fair not a convention. While you can play games, you won't necessarily get to finish them. Some booths have time slots and will tell you to wrap it up when yours is over. And if you play with strangers some might only be looking to "get a taste" for it and then move on. But if you're "stationed" in Essen for the night there are several hotspots where you can go to play properly.

  • Recap Monday week 31 - what did you play last week?
  • we also got out at midnight to watch the Perseids. We've been doing this for a few years now and never seen such an intense shower. Like you said, we also saw some fat ribbons across the sky. Not a whole lot but very impressive one. We also had a lightning storm on the other side of the valley.

    I never considered using normal binos to look for Andromeda. What magnification do you have?

  • Recap Monday week 31 - what did you play last week?
  • Regular boardgame nights returned from summer hiatus. The full group assembled for 5 player coop Great Wall. The game has amazing table presence and pretty interesting mechanics but absolutely no balance.

    • Some leaders are just vastly better than others (pay a chi to make one additional damage vs get a massive discount when you recruit.)
    • Missions have massively different difficulty levels and some are nigh on impossible for 5 players.
    • Events are just ridiculous. Their immediate effects are ok but their ongoing effects are just way too punishing. Still the basic gameplay loop is compelling and we're probably gonna play this on occasion.

    On the weekend my sister also hopped over for a visit and we played:

    • Thanos Rising - I basically had one decent turn, the rest was all a wash and with only two players pulling we had no chance.
    • Earth - First time for my sister but she quickly took to it. This was the first game where I dared to take one of those terrains that forbids you from taking a particular action (growth) and I got by quite decently. Getting another card on every plant action was well worth the tradeoff. With enough card draws, I could fuel a lot of compost actions and on top of it I got lucky and drew the terrain that gives VP based on composted cards. All in all I won with a commanding lead. But after initial confusion over the common scoring cards (fauna) it was nice to see that everyone ultimately got the hang of it and scored at least 3 of them.
    • Würfel Ligretto - Early morning we decided to wake ourselves up with someting frantic. So frantic in fact that one of the dice tumbled off the table and somehow into the kitchen installation. But we were ultimately able to find and retrieve the bugger and complete the game.
    • Moving on from that we played Shark Attacks - a push your luck game where I consistently have less luck than everyone else. At least this time I lost to my sister instead of my GF.
    • Pharaon - We capped the visit off with this game that I had kind shelved for a while. GF wasn't in the mood for something heavy and just watched leaving it at a 2p setup. I must say I vastly preferr this game with less players. While I apprciate that it does go to 5 players and works it just becomes soooo much thighter. Spots per player are 7.5, 5, 6.25, 5 (from 2 to 4 players) and more importantly with 5 you might not even have the opportunity to go in a particular sector if everyone else prioritizes it.
  • Recap Monday week 31 - what did you play last week?

    How was it? What can you recommend? Or not?

    When did board games 'click' for you?
  • I grew up with the Ravensburger box of classics so, board games were always a part of my childhood. They quickly captured my imagination and I began to draw roll and move boards, explaining to my mom what should happen on each space.

    When I got older the whole family got into games and that turned into a nice sunday tradition.

    Eventually I got sucked into BGG and never financially recovered...

  • Which super popular game were you utterly disappointed by?
  • The discovery texts in the book just broke up the pace so much. Spliting the party made the down time insufferable and the "combat/diplomacy" mechanic was horrible.

    We're a group of 5 so someone would had to sit out every time and after one play I told everyone I would be happy to be that person...

  • Which super popular game were you utterly disappointed by?
  • Had it not pulled a Wii

    A good expression for the situation. Wingspan's success is definitly to a large part because of it's accessibility. Every problem you have (no cards, food, eggs) has an immediate, guaranteed and obvious solution. Everything you CAN do improves your position. And if you play on the blue side there is barely any direct competition in the game. There's no way to shoot yourself in the foot. There is no requirement to plan ahead.

    But it does have some potential to plan ahead, optimize and compete for those who want to.

    It also doesn't fall into any of the typical setting tropes like fantasy or sci-fi that might put some people off. It's production values are pretty enough to catch some eyes.

  • Habt ihr schon von der Deutschen Konkurrenz zu Kickstarter gehört?


    Shouldn't we be switching buses with light railway?
  • Busses have their uses. Lots of commentor have mentioned the flexibility in setting up / changing routes. But there's also the flexibility in sizes. You can start a line with a large van or small mini bus and your only overhead is the driver. From there you can scale that up according to demand up to frequently run articulated busses. Meanwhile your minimum investment for tram includes at the very least a not inexpensive track installation.

    Don't get me wrong. If you have the passenger volume that investment definitely pays off. But I don't like this unnecessary competition between two modes of transport that can be very complimentary to each other and are both better than individual cars.

  • Seriously though, it do be like that
  • The secret source of humor isn't joy but sorrow. - Mark Twain

    The situation is dire but not serious - Viennese proverb

    Life is too important to take it serious. - ome other proverb

    Levity is good. It relieves tension and the fear of death - T80

    Humanity has a long tradition of lightening the mood in dark situations with (sometimes inappropriate) humor. Internet memes are simply one of the newer iterations...

  • Österreichische Justizministerin verfasst Gesetzesentwurf in weiblicher Form und erntet dafür Kritik. Wie seht ihr das?
  • Ich hab kein Problem damit. Im Gegenteil, ich finds lustig wie die, die am lautesten palavern wie die männliche Form andere Geschlechter auch miteinbezieht und "die" sich nicht so anstellen sollen nun die gleichen sind, die mit Schaum vorm Mund klagen wie das anders rum aber GAR nicht geht.

    Ein gegenderter Begriff ist offensichtlich DOCH nicht so inklusive wie ich mir das all die Jahre hab sagen lassen...

    So wie ich das sehe bin ich 40 Jahre lang hauptsächlich mit "generischem" Maskilinum angesprochen worden. Von mir aus können wir gerne 40 Jahre lang ein "generisches" Femininum verwenden. Bis dann sind wahrscheinlich die auch meisten Fossile ausm politischen Diskurs "herausgealtert".

  • Was ist die letzte Staffel die ihr geschaut habt und wie war sie?
  • Ich bin gerade mit Discovery Staffel 3 fertiggeworden und OMG war das eine dämliche Story! Benehmen sich alle wie 14 jährige!

    Spoiler zu Discovery 3
    • Dass sie die ganze Trill physiologie über den Haufen geworfen haben, naja. Daran wurde schon ein paar mal gebastelt und technisch gesehen ist die Tatsache dass (gewisse) Menschen kompatibel mit Trill sind eine Rückkehr zum Anfang.
    • Saru gibt das Kommando an Tilly ab??? Weil sie ... nett ... ist? Sorry, hat da jemand sein Gehirn mit feuchtem Kelp ausgewechselt bekommen?
    • Mary Sue geht die ganze Zeit irgendwelches Zeugs auf eigene Faust anzetteln, soll aber plötzlich die "zuverlässigste" auf dem gazen Schiff sein?
    • Die Smaragd-Kette beutet den kompletten überlebenden Raum aus, infiltriert das Sternenflotten Hauptquartier um eine Union vorzuschlagen und plötzlich auf ganz brav zu machen?
    • Und beim heiligen verfickten Scheiss-zum-Hintern-rausziehenden Batman, welcher Schwachkopf hat den Bullshit mit Holodeck aufm Diliziumplaneten auf dem Gewissen?

    Immerhin ist Witcher 3 bis jetzt (Folge 4) eine solide Leistung.

  • Was ist die letzte Staffel die ihr geschaut habt und wie war sie?

    Ok. muss nicht ein Staffel sein. Staffel, Folge, Serie, mini-Serie, egal...


    Was miaut und hilft bei der vollständigen Verbrennung von Abgasen?

    Ein Katerle-sator


    Unusual turn structures

    I'm tinkering with a framework to implement board games in c# (similar to in JS) part of that is getting a handle on turn structures. (What is a round? what is a turn? who gets to go when? etc)

    So I've gone through all my games and looked for recurring patterns and exceptions to them and here's what I've collected so far:

    • There's always at least one structure that handles how player act or "take turns"
      • the vast majority of games do traditional turns - one player does things, then then another,
        • usually in a fixed order maybe going forward some times and backward other times.
        • sometimes the order can change
        • also possible are:
          • turn order decks (you don't know who goes next but know that everyone gets a turn)
          • action tracks (where whoever is furthest back gets to go next, possibly resulting in an uneven number of turns)
          • the next player is dependent on an action of the previous player
      • it's also possible that players can play simultaneously
        • a complete free for all is pretty common
        • it's also possible that players can act freely to some point, then have to wait for everyone else to catch up
      • another consideration, both for concurrent and sequential play is that sometimes some players are excluded (Codenames for example lets all guessers on a given team act concurrently but not the leaders or the other team)
      • there can be different rules at different times (like first picking a tile in sequence then everyone can place it simultaneously)
      • and there can be nested rules (like every player gets to run an auction but in every auction each player get's to bid as well)
      • one relatively common special case is where certain actions on a player's turn result in decisions being needed from other players (trades, attacks, "each player ..." effects)
    • there are often structures that simply subdivide another structure
      • they can occur at any level. A game may be divided into "setup" and "play", a round could be divided into different phases but a single player's turn might also be divided into smaller steps.
      • these subdivision usually restrict / specify which actions are allowed in them
      • these subdivision often come with limits like: you can only do N actions
      • sometimes a player can "pass" sometimes they cannot

    I'm wondering if anyone can think of an instance that is not covered by these "rules".


    Recap Monday Week 27 - What did you play last week?

    dpunked seems to be sleeping in... So, what did you folks play last week?


    Ich versuchte einen Wachhund ausbilden, der wollte aber einfach nicht bellen...

    Nach langer Arbeit war er dann aber doch lärmfähig!

    Writing Prompts Kempeth

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic... so now you're on an ancient, wheeled, articulated, coal-powered vehicle to a place called Hogwarts...


    Mein Elan-Empfang ist heute wirklich schlecht

    und mein Tatenvolumen ist auch schon aufgebraucht.


    Meine Uhr ist mir runtergefallen.

    Aber ich kann sie nicht aufheben. Ich hab kein Urheberrecht.


    "Imperium: Classic" players, do you feel the game got easier over time?

    While I like the concept of the game, I find the amount of key words and rules to juggle cumbersome and my GF was unable to get a handle on what to do.

    What's your experience with sticking with the game? Any tipps that helped you internalize the gameplay?

    PS I've already tried in solo but it's even more fiddly that way.


    Was hat ein Fell und ruft ganz laut: "Kugel Kugel Kugel"?

    Ein Kugelschreibär


    Was hüpft über das Feld und qualmt?

    Ein Kaminchen


    Disciple of Life + Upcasting

    > your healing spells are more effective. Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to restore hit points to a creature, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 + the spell's level.

    What happens when I cast a level 1 spell using a level 2 spell slot?

    Literal reading would suggest that the spell slot is irrelevant only the inherent level of the spell but I have seen statements to the contrary.

    It's not a huge difference. But I'd still like to know.


    Zu welchem Arzt geht Pinocchio?

    Zum Holz-Nasen-Ohren-Arzt


    Was sagt ein Soldat mit sächsischem Dialekt?

    Ägyptisch oder ich schieße!


    Was kommt nach Elch?



    Ich habe meinen Pflanzen das Angebot gemacht nur noch einmal pro Monat gegossen zu werden...

    darauf sind sie eingegangen!


    Was bezeichnet verschiedene kleine Arten von Brötchen?

    Ein Semmelbegriff.