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Prince of Persia The Sands of Time - Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft Forward
    • no in game footage
    • release date somewhere between 18 and 40 months away
    • PEGI 16

    What on earth did the classification board have to go on, its clearly not going to be anything like the game were were building in 2020.

  • LEGO Horizon Adventures launches Holiday 2024 – PlayStation.Blog
  • I like the "classic" gameplay once they had talkies and split screen but disliked their experiments to push past that gameplay like Lego Movie 2 or Skywalker Saga.

    I'll need to see actual gameplay to know if I'm interested.

  • Yet another cult classic is being remastered by Nightdive, this time, it's The Thing
  • I enjoyed this one back in the day.

    I remember it "looking good" at the time with the flashlight being the standout feature.

    Gameplay felt tense but I doubt what produced tension in 2002 is going to hold up in 2024.

    I'm all for the remaster from a preservationist perspective but I doubt it will get me to spend much money.

  • How is everyone handling the 2FA requirement for GitHub?
  • Technically true.

    You are right, having the password in the same vault does mean that if the vault itself is compromised they have both. Guess I could move the TOTP to a separate authenticator app but the only other apps I have a mobile only and there are times I need to login without having hands on my phone.

    I guess the time based aspect of the TOTP makes it a little more resistant to having someone monitor my keystrokes or clipboard or whatever and capture a relatively long lived secret like my password. So I guess its a comprise I'm willing to make.

  • Pixar’s "INSIDE OUT 2" will get a 100-day theatrical run before it hits streaming.
  • I love beetlejuice and have introduced it to the next generation.

    Thankfully my son is usually uninterested in legacy sequels/revivals of IPs where he has seen the original so will be able watch it if it reviews well or skip it if not.

    Unfortunately when he hasn't seen the older iterations he is often quite keen. We hadn't watched the earlier Garfield films (why would we?) so he was interested and we watched the new one today. (it was aggressively mediocre)

  • Are bot posts visible for anyone else?

    My Lemmy account have the bot post toggle set to true but I'm not seeing any pictures in this thread.