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Nearly 80% of Americans now view fast food as a luxury
  • Fast food used to be shit quality for little money.

    Now its shit quality for a fuckton of money.

    Cook at home folks, more nutricious, tastes better, is cheaper and if you pick the right recipes its also fast.

  • Germany and France agree Ukraine may strike Russian military targets
  • Good, Russia is whining about this means it's the right thing. Honestly everything should be game for Ukraine since Russia is the aggresor. They could just fuck off Ukraine and not be bothered.

    As Luis C.K said, of course it's a terrible tragedy if you go to war and get shot, but maybe if you invade another country and get shot by the guy you were just shooting at, its not that weird.

  • Visitor to Taiwan hit with $9,000 fine over 'roast chicken and pork combo' lunch box
  • Better Headline yet: Reckless visitor tries to sneak in forbidden food and gets a fine.

    There is a reason for this ban, its announced everywhere, and you even have a chance to give it up before going through the checks. Its your responsibility to obey local laws, whether you like them or not.

  • A cool guide to daily protein sources by region
  • I try to reduce my intake of meat based protein so much but i keep up failing over and over.

    Ive tried countless recipes but whatever i do it feels like my meal is missing SOMETHING.

    My goal is to reduce meat consumption to maybe once, maximal twice a week. Currently i am between 4 and 5 times.

  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi killed in helicopter crash, official says
  • Words can't express how unhappy i am with these news.

  • Russian court seizes assets from European banks UniCredit, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank
  • well no

    The money from Russian assets was frozen, which is quite different.

    Frozen assets cannot be cashed out or be used in any way by anyone. Once the reason for the freezing are gone, the access to these assets goes back to whomever owns them.

    Confiscated assets will usually not be returned to the owner.

  • Netflix Windows app is set to remove its downloads feature, while introducing ads
  • I got Netflix stock, and i can tell you guys that stock is just going up and up.

    People rly are fking stupid

  • Teacher accused of having sex with two students says she ruined her 'dream job' with stupid 'mistakes', jury hears
  • Rape is not a stupid mistake. It's an intentional action that is immoral and illegal and should be punished as such.

  • Helldivers 2 now has the most negative reviews among all paid games
  • mayb you will think differently when next time you get locked out for no reason

  • How RCS on iPhone Will Make Texting Better for Everyone
  • more like Signal, which is superior to Whatsapp snd iMessage

  • Exclusive: ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • Apparently the way TikTok manipulates and influences users is so powerful ByteDance doesn't want to disclose any of that information.

    Even if that means they shut down their business completely in the US. Them considering giving up this big of a market is a very scary indication on how sofisticated and powerful their algorithm.

    And ByteDance is basically controlled by the CCP.

  • Apple AirPods are designed to die: Here’s what you should know
  • Here is what you should know: never ever buy a shit product

  • Discord starts down the dangerous road of ads this week
  • the second i get an ad, they get an uninstall

  • European car safety body is coming for touchscreens. The European New Car Assessment Programme mandates that key controls need physical buttons or switches
  • i dont even think they do it intentionally, its just how new cars "work".

    I've droven cars that have that feature and you see alot more and it doesnt feel like you're blinding the other person.

    But in reality you do, especially if you have a lower car and not a huge suv

  • European car safety body is coming for touchscreens. The European New Car Assessment Programme mandates that key controls need physical buttons or switches
  • So when are they gonna wake up and finally do something about these automatic dimming headlights? They blind me regularly.

    On a curvy street its impossible to not get blinded, no matter if the car is following me, or driving opposite way.

    Who allowed that shit while clearly not testing it.

  • Pornhub shuts down in Texas... and predictably, VPNs benefit
  • I dont think so, Texas finally solved the problem with porn, now nobody can watch it and everyones life (and children) are finally safe.


  • Microplastics Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke and Death
  • But Brook, other researchers and the authors themselves caution that this study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine on 6 March, does not show that the tiny pieces caused poor health

    Great headline, the study of just 200 people showed they found the plastic in their blood, but not that this was the cause for their issue.

    Im not saying micro plastic isnt an issue, im saying the headline is bullshit.

  • The Best Password Managers in 2024
  • I use keepass with my database on onedrive.

    Then i connect every device to said onedrive account, copy the private key manually on each device that i need to use.

    I secure my databse with said private key + a passphrase.

    Might not be the best setup, but i feel like with passphrase+key i am secure enough to have the db file in the cloud.

  • Österreichische Justizministerin verfasst Gesetzesentwurf in weiblicher Form und erntet dafür Kritik. Wie seht ihr das? Zadić legte in rein weiblicher Form verfasstes Gesetz vor

    In einem Gesetzesentwurf der grünen Justizministerin sind Männer mitgemeint. Damit wolle sie einen Beitrag "zu mehr Geschlechtergerechtigkeit" leisten

    Zadić legte in rein weiblicher Form verfasstes Gesetz vor

    Oftmals wird ja argumentiert dass bei der maskulinen Form die weibliche miteinbezogen ist, umgekehrt aber regt es auf. Also kann es nicht ganz unbedeutend sein.

    Ich finde es einen spannend Denkansatz und die Reaktion zeigt dass darüber durchaus gesprochen werden muss.

    I dont understand the game anymore

    I was always kinda bad at TFT but i understood what i was doing and what made me win. I could get a weird comp and still build around it and somehow manage to win.

    Now it feels like very random, no matter what i try to build if i dont hit certain core items or champs in a comp i just lose, and losing has gotten a lot quicker now.

    Like if you play Kata carry she just jumps sometimes on the backline and sometimes one shots carrys, but another time with the same setup she gets ignored never jumps to the backline and i lose.

    With shurima hitting 7 is pretty essential but getting nasus/ksante is really hard and even if you get it you are destroyed sometimes

    Void is insane too sometimes. Sometimes baron is so strong you easily win fights but sometimes it doesnt do anything.

    My point is that i dont have a feeling anymore on why and when i lose/win and it all seems random

    Orf Beitrag für Alle wird beschlossen ÖVP und Grüne beschließen am Mittwoch ORF-Beitrag für alle

    Das neue ORF-Gesetz mit Streaming und Offenlegung von Gehältern ist am Mittwoch im Nationalrat

    ÖVP und Grüne beschließen am Mittwoch ORF-Beitrag für alle

    Man hätte ja ordentliche Lösungen finden können wie Paywall.

    Gesetzlich festlegen dass der Aufsichsrat/Stiftungsrat nicht politisch besetzt wird.

    Den Bildungsauftrag durchzuführen und Sender so beschränken dass dieser nur mehr Kultur und Nachrichten wiederspiegelt.

    Aber lieber dürfen jetzt Leute zahlen die gar nichts konsumieren wollen und als Danke dafür wird beschnitten und darf jetzt keine Nachrichten (bzw sehr beschränkt) mehr veröffentlichen bzw Videos?!?

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