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  • I'm going through the process right now in Kansas City Missouri and it seems like it varies from place to place. Leasing agencies seem to be the worst. One of these required everything you mention above except the passport scan, and it was 1.5 months of paycheck stubs from your employer.

  • Hearing is be-leafing: Students invent quieter leaf blower
  • The majority of use my leaf blower gets I blowing grass clippings from the street back into my lawn. It keeps cyclists safe and doesn't make a mess on public travel ways. I think for that purpose they are a great solution.

  • Cant login on PS5
  • Idk if you've already solved the issue, but I wonder if your EA account is locked or something. Can you log in to EA on any other device? You might try on your browser and see if any actions are required.

  • Realtalk on vaping cannabis vape refill thingies
  • This is anecdotal, so keep that in mind when making your decision. I have had 2 friends develop lung issues from smoking the oil in vape pens. Several years ago one of my friends switched to flower only and he has since recovered. My other friend who still smokes the oil has developed worse lung problems. I think that our lungs have evolved to be able to clear particulates out of them with relative ease. Oil, however, has never been something that we breathe in. The oil vapor enters the lungs and then reliquifies. This liquid is thick amd sticky and goes into the fine tube of your lungs. The normal process your lungs use to clear debris is not very effective at clearing this sticky oil and can take much longer.

  • Wholesome or Friendly Streamers?

    I have been watching and thoroughly enjoying watching Dazs play Apex on YouTube. He is very good and he is constantly talking with people and offering super constructive advice. Also he's just a super friendly guy. Many other streamers are playing silently or aren't that great to listen to. Does anyone have streamers that are fun to watch and listen to play Apex? I highly recommend Dazs to anyone who has not heard of him!