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Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • “People think that when you’re mentally ill, you can’t think straight, which is insulting,” she told the Guardian.

    So much this. I've had so many people tell me that when I tell them that I don't see a way into the future and I want them to leave me the fuck alone, it actually means that I want more help. No, you donkey, it doesn't. It means leave me alone.

    Bonus points when they are coming up with "ideas for my future" that are just genuinely unappealing to me and are then livid when I say no. Do they really think that going on a vacation or changing my job was not something I already thought about and discarded because I know it would not help? Nah, I'm ill, so I also must be stupid. "You always just say no. I am trying to help and you always just say no." Thanks for realizing that you are not helping me but just want to feel good about yourself.

  • The state of things
  • Yes. In a normal, or Gaussian, distribution, the data is symmetrically distributed around the mean and thus mean (average value), mode (most frequent value) and median (middle value) all fall on the same point, which is the highest point of the curve.

  • Solve a puzzle for me
  • I use ChatGPT to romanize song texts from Farsi squiggly lines into something readable. There are some other sites that do that, but they are all terrible and use regex replacement (I assume) and that doesn't really work for most things since vowels in Farsi (and Arabic too) are diacritics and are often left out entirely, so you get something unreadable. ChatGPT does a fine job, but you have to make multiple, smaller requests instead of a single big one or it starts hallucinating and/or repeat passages it already romanized.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Oh god, this reminds me of a cringe mistake just after I was getting my license. I was driving up to a crosswalk and there was a kid standing next to, maybe 8 or 9, holding their hand out. You know, just like they learn at school that they should do that to make it clear they want to cross even tho the car is supposed to stop anyway. I saw this and what did I do? I thought the kid waved at me and my new license, so I just drove past and waved back. What the fuck, brain?

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • I can’t afford fresh Basil leaves, I maintained a plant in my kitchen in some of the apartments I lived in. The current one doesn’t have enough sun. It took 10 minutes of work to arrange and emptying left over water.

    The basil plants you buy in grocery stores are designed to die after a while. It's not lack of sun or water, it's because there are just way too many plants in the tiny pot and basil does not like to be root-bound. They basically strangle themselves to death.

    You can easily propagate the plant through cuttings or you can separate the grown plants and re-pot them in smaller groups.

  • Praise Sheezus
  • Genomic imprinting says no. It wouldn't produce a fetus that is in congruence with the possibility of life. It could at most start growing and developing, but it would die in the womb. More akin to a tumor than to a baby.

  • Praise Sheezus
  • This is called parthenogenesis and is a known phenomenon, albeit rare in vertebrates. Some species, like the New Mexico whiptail, rely on it (all New Mexico whiptails are female).

    Here is a paper from 2007 that talks about parthenogenesis in hammerhead sharks..

  • Often getting comments failing to load (both on mobile app and desktop)


    I'm noticing that I get many broken comment chains and comments failing to load. Is that just for me or does anybody else experience issues. I guess, it started when I was updating the mail address linked to this account a couple weeks back. The token I got with the email to verify my address was rejected (Invalid token) and since then, I'm having issues. My settings show the correct email and I cannot send a new token to verify (it says nothing about verification status). It was, probably incidentally, at the evening of when the lemmy update got installed onto this instance, so maybe I've chosen a bad time for the mail change.

    Here is a thread that showcases my problem:

    Logged out:


    Logged in:


    (Clicking on more comments does nothing)

    Maybe someone knows what's wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

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