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  • Und darauf bist du stolz oder warum postet man sowas?
    Wenn du eh weißt, dass das toxisch und kindisch ist, dann unterlass es halt.

  • Linux user survey!
  • Duo to the way Crytopad works please remember to add a "Don't want to say" answer to questions with radio buttons, since you cannot deselect them meaning you can't back out of questions you don't want to answer. Hit me up if you wanna do that survey again. I'll gladly help you with structuring and formatting

  • ich🚌iel
  • Was für ein kindisch, toxisches Verhalten.

  • Shotgun Spread w/ Different Chokes Tubes
  • You must know.

  • Shotgun Spread w/ Different Chokes Tubes
  • Yeah that would sound miserable. Kinda didn't complain tho just pointed it out bc I first read it as 1016m. See to complain I would need to explicitly say I am unhappy or that this would need to change. I just pointed out that due to me having a different understanding of decimal indication I was confused for a second.

    You know what would be miserable tho? Misinterpreting a comment and then jumping to a conclusion about another person's happiness. Go out. Touch some grass. Think about why you so quickly came to such a negative conclusion. Get happy. ✌️

  • Any good email service except tutamail and proton ?
  • +1 for Comes with a great feature set and is inexpensive

  • Shotgun Spread w/ Different Chokes Tubes
  • Also fun fact your whole vodoo imperial system is inherently based on metrics. All definitions of lengths are put in reference to a meters and cm so you too are metrically inclined. You just prefer to do a mental backflip first

  • Shotgun Spread w/ Different Chokes Tubes
  • Not having standardized decimal indicators in maths really took me for a ride.

  • G'sudert wird!
  • Stimmt. Zumindest gibts heit home office

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • Yeah I'm still on Windows 10

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • Tbf I do this too but sometimes Windows will shut down after an update and next time I start it it will "configure my PC", restart once more and then show me the login screen. Doesn't even take 5 tho. The worst thing however is when I start my laptop and login, just for Windows to decide it's updating rn. However this is usually happening at work so I suspect that the update server on the domain pushes an urgent security update that can only happen once a user logged in. Still super annoying but doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

  • BrickLink Designer Program - Did any of the sets catch your eye?
  • 4 out of 5 caught my for being ridiculously expensive. The Mushroom house is neat tho

  • Stop! And proceed...
  • I think you'd be surprised how close it would actually be, seeing how German spelling is almost spot on to the written word. Like here for example. I took the liberty to steal your post

    Bii tö tseints juu vant to sii in tis völd." Du juu häv ä feivörit kvout?

    "Be the change you want to see in this world" Do you have a favorite quote?

    Good job on "quote" that's creative spelling. In "Vörld" the o in this case is actually an ö when looking at it with a German pronunciation. Now, this is my attempt at that sentence:

    "Bie dä tschänsch ju want to sie in dis wörld" Du ju hef ä fevorit quote?

    I have not seen this kind of language, so I assume it's a new trend for English speaker. In the DACH region, writing like you speak your accent is a pretty common thing outside the major towns. I'll leave you with a pretty complex example where the writer tried to show the pronunciation by using different circumflex to show how different letters are pronounced. It's pretty extreme, but if you are fluent in any German alpine dialect you will have little problem reading it.

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • I tried two weeks ago. Netflix and Disney+ resort to 720p. Amazon Prime was worse. The sound was soo bad. edit: grammar

  • Really popular ones too.
  • Just sounds to me like we have a bunch of cuddle movie nights ahead of us

  • EU approval for chat control
  • I'm worried too but I doubt countries who voted against it will just lie down and turn over. I'm sure local courts will fight this on the grounds of national privacy laws. And just because the EU wishes this to be a thing doesn't mean it's happening too. The technological groundwork needs to be developed for this and I can imagine that some service will drag their feet at implementing that. At least that's my unicorn utopia with rainbows I currently live in to bear this reality 🫠

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • I agree with you. I'm a fairly new Linux User and I start to run into these issues too. I think Linux just lends itself to projects that require you to google. It's the endless fallacy of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should"
    However if we apply the average user use case: (A laptop to do light surfing, consuming media, and writing Emails) Linux can run (mostly) perfectly fine. (If you choose a reasonable Distro, not Arch). Personally I run Fedora with Gnome.(Realistically Ubuntu is a better choice for average users) Most major apps work via flatpacks and update centrally from the app store. They work out of the box. Firefox, Thunderbird, Only Office, Spotify what more does a Luser need?
    Now granted one thing that does not work is legal streaming. No DRM Protection means no HD, High bit rate streaming. So you need to fall back to sailing the high seas. Power management works out of the box for example under Fedora. Never charges over 80% notifies me at 20% Sure having a better looking login screen, would be nice, but do I really care? Sure emulating a 20 year old Windows game would be cool but I can't expect to run that as is on Linux. Sure a better weather app in the notification bar would be great but I know that my local weather is never accurate anyway.

    I'd say for most Luser cases Linux will work out, just don't make the mistake of thinking it's a proper workstation.

  • ich🌊iel
  • Lass es uns in Busse packen und and die Ungarische Grenze bringen!

  • Servus, Grüezi und Hallo! ist wieder da!

    Wie hab ihr so die Zeit währenddessen verbracht? Weiß man warum die Instanz flöten gegangen ist?


    Erbsenrisotto mit Grünen Bohnen und Shrimps Recht anspruchslos in der Machart wenn man vorher bedenkt, dass man das Gemüse aufgetaut braucht 😅 Die Shrimps sind nicht im Rezept dabei, passen aber gut dazu


    Why is Libretube so fucking slow?

    Watching videos has basically become impossible. Not even at 144p, not even just the audio loads more than 20 seconds and then stops every 2-3 seconds. I'm really not sure what causes it. Am I using the wrong instance? Is Google interfering? Is my phone or the app not working correctly? Is my ISP messing with me?

    Any tips would be much appreciated

    edit: Might have overreacted there a bit. Videos load and run fine in my mobile browser on any network so I doubt it's the instance nor my ISP.

    Still leave Google or the app as possible reasons. 🤔