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A flawless strategy
  • Her odds are good, but the goods are odd.

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • I am apologising for what Gražulis does in advance.

  • It's all fun and games until you realise that meat eating plants also exist.

  • Hate Nato, Hates IKEA and Hates freedom..
  • Poland is the China of Europe. Everything you can do, they can do cheaper.

    Also, Poland is much less corrupt and the privatization in the 90s worked a bit better than in Russia, at least it didn't create a powerful class of oligarchs due to less mineral resources. Most of their major companies are relatively young though.

  • Anon is stuck in a rut
  • The largest predictor of divorce is a commute longer than 45 minutes.

  • [Discussion] Let's talk about
  • I blocked the instance and my enjoyment of Lemmy has improved.

  • making every paragraph an insult does persuade and never alienates!
  • Accelerationists are going to accelerate themselves right into tyranny.

  • What do you spend most of your time on lemmy doing?
  • Same, but because I'll make someone mad by posting.

  • I am genuinely confused by hexbear's opinion on the Ukraine war
  • You switch cause and effect, realism tries to describe the word as is and not as it should be and then bases policies on that.

    It's less of a linear relationship and more of a feedback loop. The more politicians buy into this political theory, the more effect it has on the world and vice versa.

    yet the world is still made up of poker chips and superpowers.

    Iran is a good example of being neither. There are also a bunch of non-state actors who challenge the status quo. Realism fails to explain Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS joining the poker table.

    Commercial actors are also become more and more powerful and their interests often do not align with those of the state. Google and Meta have a higher revenue than several countries and is capable of influencing public opinion.

    Realism fails to explain how all superpowers fall apart from within or from outside forces eventually. Where is the British Empire? Where is the Dutch Empire? Where are the Romans?

    Of course the policies you choose based on realist principles can be used to increase your power as a country

    It can also be used to lose your power, destroy your credibility and sabotage your economy. Realism also doesn't take soft power into account. You can easily trade your soft power for hard power but it is very difficult to get soft power back.

    (given the limitations of the natural anarchic state of international politics).

    But international politics are governed by international law and various treaties. Just because some countries can break international law and get away with it, doesn't mean that the law itself is meaningless.

    As a Dutch person I accept that the US can decide to turn the Netherlands into a nuclear testing ground whenever it wants and there is nothing we can do about that, but given this fact we should still try to create a peaceful world.

    You can do a lot about it, from petitioning other governments to cease diplomatic relations to terrorism. Even a small country, like the Netherlands, is a complex social system with it's own interests and guiding principles and not just a chip in political games of giants.

  • I am genuinely confused by hexbear's opinion on the Ukraine war
  • Mearsheimer, Morgenthau and similar "political realists" are the main reason why the world is in such a messy state.

    They dehumanise entire societies into poker chips to be traded between the superpowers, disregard their national interests and ignore history and non-european states when convenient.

  • NSFW
    I mean... it is kinda hot
  • Oviposition and similar fetishes are a thing.

  • NSFW
    I know this isn't exactly unprecedented but still, holy fuck that's dark
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. Humor is very important when you experience crazy things.

    This book, for example, was written by a political prisoner who had survived a Nazi camp, but is full of jokes: Forest of the Gods by Balys Sruoga

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to
  • I don't know. Getting old and conservative in my own way, I guess.

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to
  • IMO there's nothing wrong with that.

    I agree. My original point was that it's okay to have a relationship like that, but it's not okay to sexualise it.

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to
  • First of all, ai bots will probably steal all kinds of information from people. And the money that is spent on them could be useful for so many more useful things. I would suggest to seek genuine connections or even go to chatrooms over bots, ai or otherwise.

    Not to mention how dealing with bots might warp your ability to socialise. A lot of things that are acceptable to bots are unacceptable to real people. Some people use them to play out fantasy scenarios of non-consent, abuse, etc.

    Having said all that, if somebody wants to play around with that stuff, it's fine as long as it's not your only way to socialise or seek intimacy. I remember The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker and it talked about how video games are not inherently bad and don't make us more violent, but they take time away from us that we can use to do social things instead.

    Depending on how hard it is for a person to socialise, a group hobby or even group therapy sessions might be the solution.

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to
  • I just think that such behaviour is unhealthy and we'll see just how unhealthy it is in the coming years.

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to
  • Point taken. But it might be a matter of degree of how strong a relationship is.

  • I don't want to form parasocial relationships with people I fap to

    Parasocial relationships refer to one-sided relationships in which a person develops a strong sense of connection, intimacy, or familiarity with someone they don’t know, most often celebrities or media personalities. These relationships exist only in the mind of the individual, who experiences a bond despite the lack of reciprocity.

    Forming parasocial relationships is fine.

    Fapping (masturbating) to nsfw content is fine (unless it is illegal or unethical).

    But forming a parasocial relationship with someone you fap to feels like cheating if you are in a relationship and a poor substitute for a relationship if you are single.


    I bought a car with a bad engine

    A year ago I bought my wife a Mazda CX-5 diesel and paid 10K for it. Now I found out that it has an engine defect that will be extremely expensive to repair, so the car is a write-off, at best I can get 2K back.

    Vanity license plates Justas🇱🇹

    M1ND1S Screenshot-20240410-095745 hosted at ImgBB

    Image Screenshot-20240410-095745 hosted in ImgBB

    Screenshot-20240410-095745 hosted at ImgBB
    0 Canonical starts charging for Ubuntu LTS security updates

    So Ubuntu has this model where they pretty much freeze package versions for an Ubuntu release after release, and then they only backport security updates from upstream. There's nothing new here, most distros do it this way. The idea is that this way they can polish the gazillions of package versions

    Canonical starts charging for Ubuntu LTS security updates
    YUROP Justas🇱🇹

    Anti-tankie meme


    Lithuanians are at it again, raising money to outfit Ukrainian soldiers with personal anti-drone systems, laser sights and night vision monoculars, all made by Lithuanian manufacturers

    Each set of items is supposed to cost around 7500 euros. 350000 was already raised in the first day. The fundraising campaign is supposed to last until February 24.


    Would magically turning all trans people into the gender they want to be be unethical?

    I am not asking this to be transphobic or anything but I had this debate with myself at 2 o'clock in the morning and every time I remember it I can't focus.

    On one hand, it is what they want. Let's assume it causes no harm to them or any unforeseen circumstances.

    On another hand, it would erase their identity as trans people. At the extreme you could consider it a genocide, since turning them into what they want would mean there is no more trans people and their unique identity is erased.