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Jumuta Jumuta
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Protect your PC
  • i mean an os could definitely overvolt the gpu, that's how users do it

  • Too Rule for School
  • 196's removal of downvotes are annoying as fuck sometimes

  • I am the outwitter!
  • lots of the tapes ppl use for it are translucent tho lmao

  • The service is free
  • average megacorp email

  • Space Orcas
  • the good times back when he used you regularly post :(

    I know he now has a job in the aerospace industry but I miss his art so much

  • Rule
  • people don't directly see the benefits of oil and gas in their life, but they do with meat

  • Never forget what they took from us
  • god that'd be a nightmare to design for stealth lmfao

  • What I thought some abbreviations/emoticons meant vs what they actually meant
  • mfw isn't MotherFucker What??
    and tfw isn't The Fuck What??

    ig you learn something new every day

  • Where droneship?
  • his artwork looks so nice

  • Japan’s births just fell to a new record low. Tokyo hopes a dating app can turn that around
  • > wants population growth
    > strongly opposes immigration

  • The little fin that could
  • omg new daily hopper is out??

    that launch was insane btw, I was 100% sure that the ship would either fail in reentry or just be uncontrollable in landing when I saw that flap burn through

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • I agree with your points anyway but I still believe better electronics/software would've at least reduced the extent of the Fukushima disaster, because iirc one of the big problems was the inability to operate even low power electronics because of the backup power failure.

    I'd think that the giant environmental consequences of the disaster could've been mitigated if things like pressure sensors from the reactors were visible by operators after the power loss and depressurization vents and the emergency core cooling system could've been activated.

    imo the software shouldn't have let the backup batteries to die running the cooling pumps when it would've been very important for reducing the overall extent of the damage

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • who cares? 150twh of free production is free production

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • interesting idea, though Chernobyl and Fukushima were both gen2s 💀

    I guess it could be made more safe cheaply with modern electronics and software (seeing IoT/"AI"/boeing software engineers in a nuclear facility would freak me the fuck out though)

    Both Chernobyl and Fukushima could've been avoided/reduced in effect with good failsafe software imo.

    I kinda doubt we'd be able to make gen2s cheaper than gen3s (at least in small capacities) though, because their production lines and designs would've been long shut down/forgotten

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • in 2010 they produced ~150twh with nuclear btw

  • Sometimes this game is too beautiful

    Other times it makes me want to pull my hair out


    am i going insane or is this seriously live reentry plasma???

    a screenshot from starship ift3 with visible reentry plasma on the ship

    ThinkPad Jumuta

    Some replacement part models for the T430 if anyone is interested

    Made some replacement parts for the T430 because I had a broken T430 that was missing these. None of them require screws so they should be ideal if you find a broken T430 on the side of the road or something.

    ThinkPad Jumuta

    T430 doesn't turn on - Help with troubleshooting?

    I just bought a used "faulty" T430.

    It doesn't turn on at all (no lights, no sounds, no fan spin) and when I tried to turn it on with only the critical components (motherboard, power adapter and speakers), I got the same result.

    I've also examined the power area on the motherboard, and it seems like 20V is getting delivered to the motherboard just fine.

    But I've looked at the motherboard thoroughly, and I couldn't find a single part of it that looked bad.

    Is this definitely caused by the motherboard, or could it be an issue with another component like the CPU?


    Could we get a "delayed new" sort on Lemmy?

    Because of the time it takes for mods to moderate content on Lemmy, the"new" sort's been prone to abuse.

    Could a "delayed new" sort, where the newest content x hours ago is shown be introduced to help suppress this problem?


    Any way to turn off the KDE task switcher animation?

    Coming from Windows 10 (I switched 6 months ago), I find the task switcher animation in KDE extremely obnoxious, as I expect it to pop up instantly.

    Still, I enjoy the other animations in KDE, so I don't want to turn off all the animations in the global settings.

    I searched for a solution but all the relevant posts were on the now defunct KDE subreddit which I cannot view.

    Is there any way to turn off just the fade in/fade out animation?


    My Custom CSS theme for Lemmy

    I made a theme for Lemmy that can be applied using the extension for FireFox!


    • Rounded corners
    • More color variety
    • More color depth