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Jubei Kibagami
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Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • I had downloaded OsmAnd but forgot about it. After reading this post, I fired it up. It took a minute to download a map for my area. It returned a map of Kansas. I'm in Texas 🤔 I guess I gotta fix that somehow.

  • Ya feel me?
  • From Lullaby by Palahniuk:

    "People who would never throw litter from their car will drive past you with their radio blaring. People who’d never blow cigar smoke at you in a crowded restaurant will bellow into their cell phone. They’ll shout at each other across the space of a dinner plate.

    These people who would never spray herbicides or insecticides will fog the neighborhood with their stereo playing Scottish bagpipe music. Chinese opera. Country and western.

    Outdoors, a bird singing is fine. Patsy Cline is not.

    Outdoors, the din of traffic is bad enough. Adding Chopin’s Piano Concerto in E Minor is not making the situation any better.

    You turn up your music to hide the noise. Other people turn up their music to hide yours. You turn up yours again. Everyone buys a bigger stereo system. This is the arms race of sound. You don’t win with a lot of treble.

    This isn’t about quality. It’s about volume.

    This isn’t about music. This is about winning.

    You stomp the competition with the bass line. You rattle windows. You drop the melody line and shout the lyrics. You put in foul language and come down hard on each cussword.

    You dominate.

    This is really about power."