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Poor doggo got caught up in a booby-trap
  • You're way too deep my man. You don't even know if it's 'dirty' or not. It could be air drying fresh from the wash.

    Regardless, hands also sweat and touch door handles. Ew gross amirite?

  • CrowdStrike IT outage affected 8.5 million Windows devices, Microsoft says
  • Especially if you have bitlocker enabled. Can't boot to safe mode without entering the key, which typically only IT has access to.

  • Dryer Settings
  • I mean if you want to read into it like that the original post implies if you aren't dressed like this you're a slob. Seems hateful don't you think? Or, it's just a joke.

    Edit: I've seen memes about women's clothing being so tight it is hard to put on/barely fits. Still funny.

  • Dryer Settings
  • Nothing... It's a joke

  • Dryer Settings
  • It's a joke about dryers shrinking clothes. What are you on about? Unless... Your clothes shrunk too??

  • ‘Hard to argue against’: mandatory speed limiters come to the EU and NI
  • Governors don't "take control". You don't get to 101mph and it goes oh better reduce his speed. It prevents you from getting there.

    Regardless, I re-read the article and it's far more advanced than a governor. This article is indeed talking about something that takes control (uses technology to try and determine speed limits for example).

  • ‘Hard to argue against’: mandatory speed limiters come to the EU and NI
  • Governors aren't anything new. It's not taking control, rather just limiting speed.

  • Wordle #1112
  • Wordle 1,112 3/6

    🟩🟨⬛⬛🟨 🟩⬛🟩⬛🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

  • The Steam Summer Sale is live now!
  • Shadow of war is 2.99 CAD

  • Canadian university sues its own students over encampment for Palestine
  • Quick google search returned:

    A group of about 100 protesters gathered outside the University of Waterloo during a senate meeting Monday demanding the school boycott and divest from all institutions supporting Israel in the midst of the ongoing war.

    So it sounds like UW is still supporting groups who are supporting the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • And is what, 3 or 4 operating systems behind due to it being obsolete

  • This is my 666th post. AMA
  • Really? Right infront of my salad?

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • Nice attempt to justify planned obsolescence. To think apple hasn't done this time and time again, you'd have to be a fool

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • And now all the fan boys and girls will go out and buy another MacBook. That's planned obsolescence for ya

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That wasn't there last I checked. Thanks for the reminder, been blocked now

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Man I wish I could block

  • Jumblie #261
  • Jumblie #261 🟢🔵🟠🔴 8 guesses in 1m 26s

    I guessed a few wrong. working in IT, I got a little technical lol

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • It's not underrated or forgotten, but LOTR two towers.

  • Can anyone identify this "pest"?


    My wife and I just put in a ton of hardwork getting our gardens renewed, only to find something has immediately started to eat the seedlings we planted.

    Can anyone help us identify this plant eater? Looks like a tiny isopod/pillbug to me.

    We live in southern Ontario, Canada.


    My buddy Calvin waiting for a treat


    Nature's pathway