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The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • Does it have a nice feed with the latest news around the world and can you actually read the news there? I thought it was more of a news aggregator/comparison tool and I’m afraid that some news will be behind another pay wall or in some other website.

    Lastly if you have one of those codes (maybe one that benefits you I can have a look). For 1$ a year I can give a try myself.

  • Barcelona anti-tourism protesters fire water pistols at visitors
  • Those tourists can’t even vote. With climate protests at least you are raising awareness in people that can have some change or make some pressure.

    Yes protests need to be disruptive but spraying people in London would be just as effective as spraying tourists that are ALREADY in their city.

  • Barcelona anti-tourism protesters fire water pistols at visitors
  • Yes but you could raise awareness in different ways or complain in a different place.

    Those tourists are already there. They aren’t gonna pack up and leave. Sure they are probably not going to recommend Barcelona to their friends in the future but that’s insignificant.

    Those tourists can’t even vote in legislation that would fix it, because they don’t live there. So it’s literally barking at the wrong tree.

    And for the record, I’m very much aware that protests are almost by definition annoying. I’m very much for all the climate protests even when they block roads and such.

  • The dilemma of defeat. Yes I know Isshin.
  • “Hesitation is defeat”

    I could probably go to Japan and say that in Japanese by now, given the amount of times I died to his second phase.

    On the plus side I did finally manage to kill his ass last night to finish my 4th playthrough, while doing this one Charmless and also getting the last ending to 100% the game. So in the end I think I had the last laugh

  • Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • Not to defend the democrats too much but even if they do it, the SCOTUS is heavily biased against them which means that they would get heavily punished.

    Also at the least the liberal wing of the SCOTUS voted against this, unlike the republican appointed judges.

    So there’s clearly one side pushing for this and one trying to prevent it.

  • New Fox Poll Has Biden Leading Trump: ‘His Best Result This Election Cycle’
  • Yes

    People here and on Reddit really think that polls are made with just a few calls and then some average/extrapolation and that’s it.

    Meanwhile it’s an entire field with a lot of complex math and people with more knowledge about it than everyone in this comment section combined.

    And then the classic “polls are shit, they always get it wrong”. By definition polls are correct because they just represent an objective data set. Then they translate it into a phrase that we humans can (somewhat) understand but people then take it wrongly.

    They read “Poll X says candidate Y will win” when instead they should read “According to the data obtained for Poll X, candidate Y has a Z% chance of winning with a confidence level of W%”. And that isn’t wrong unless someone wants to find the mistake in the math.

  • EU elections results -- Rip
  • Yes we are

    You had far right parties winning elections or with great results in major European countries. Even the EPP has some fucked up policies/members and is not shy about talking to the far right.

  • EU elections results -- Rip
  • Fuck man, some day Elon is gonna come out and say that people should drink more water or something and I’m going to really struggle.

    I mean it’s extremely unlikely because that would be a simple thing we would be doing without anything in it for him, so it basically won’t happen

  • No right wing wave in Finland as Left Alliance take record result in EU elections
  • I’m not sure I agree

    For one Bloco’s majority of votes comes from exactly the opposite of what you say they are. I.e. lower class and less educated people.

    I don’t think they have the image of being “betinhos”, quite the opposite. Majority of Betos vote IL, Agrobetos somehow vote chega, and betos who lean left and actually care about social issues now vote Livre. Some of them also voted PAN but fortunately less and less.

    The view I have of Bloco is that they are more on the woke warrior side and a bit too much sometimes. The whole, I am more knowledgeable than you is very present in IL and in a way also in Rui Tavares.

    Catarina Martins is one of the more empathetic politicians we have in Portugal atm. The Mortagua sisters may have a well off background but they have proven their work countless times and many times outside of Bloco. Marisa Matias and José Gusmão are both almost 50 and no where close to your description of “elite”.

    But I guess your opinion is just as valid. For what it’s worth I actually joined them very recently but so far haven’t seen much of anything (apart from disorganization).

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 - Discussion Post #3

    How are everyone’s stories coming along? Have you finished the game? If so how many times?

    What tips, remarks or other things of note do you have that you want to discuss here?

    As always try to keep things as spoiler free as possible.

    Also should I do these posts more regularly (shows up on people’s feeds more and so has more traction) or like this is fine. Definitely don’t want to spam people.

    Lucky rolls to you all!


    Baldur's Gate 3 - Discussion Post #2

    The previous post was starting to lose steam so here is another one.

    Please note that these will be pinned at the top of the community, so do remember to check back to these threads. The more people contribute, the more other people will check it out and continue the discourse.

    As always, please be careful of spoilers. Use warnings and tags when needed.

    Feel free to share anything you want, or ask any questions :D

    Lucky rolls to you all.


    Baldur’s Gate 3 - Discussion post #1

    I figured we should have a post for random thoughts, questions and other comments that people might want to do without having to create a new post just for that.

    Do people agree this idea? We can have these up (possibly pinned) for a while. Maybe a few days, at most a week.

    Please keep discussion spoiler free, unless you are using the appropriate tags.