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Guess the intent
  • Well then, to answer OP’s question about intent, I don’t have much of a clue, but here’s some Idea Ore that maybe someone can refine into a plausible explanation:

    • clientId basically has to be sequential or none of this makes sense
    • conceptually, I believe this statement is equivalent to clientId%180 == 0
    • i can’t fathom CAST(ABS(SIN())) being more efficient than modular division, so maybe the dev was trying to be clever, hated the hardcoded 180, or some other unknown going on
    • a sine wave goes -∿- so this is where it hits the x-axis
    • given that, there has to be some periodic or cyclical purpose, relating to the why/how of the clientId creation. For example, when the results of this are graphed with a created_at timestamp, it might give useful insights to growth (or something)
  • Guess the intent
  • Well abs(sin(x)) is always going to return a value between 0 and 1, and I dunno how casting to bit works.. if it rounds this might be used to consistently grab half the users. If CAST(anything except 0) as BIT —> 1, then this could be used to grab a very small subset of users? If their clientIds happen to be clientId%180 == 0

  • LPT requests : Money savings
  • Something that has worked well for me: creating a Charles Schwab account and setting it up to automatically transfer x dollars from my regular checking to their account. Once that was setup, I configured it to automatically buy 0.9x dollars worth of their Schwab index funds every month. It has performed well through thick and thin since I set this all up a few years ago.

    The remaining 0.1x I leave in there as a buffer/short term savings. I don’t have a convenient way to access that money (debit card, checking, etc.), so it’s a good rainy day fund that I can transfer to my regular bank account if I need it.

  • Let's talk about Prusa Printables contests. It might need some fixing.
  • I feel like you’re taking this all a bit too seriously. Here’s a suggestion: if you don’t think the contests are fun or worthwhile, don’t submit anything and don’t look at the winners and especially don’t print any of the submitted designs.

    At first I was with you.

    1. You’re mad that the contest was moderated?
    2. Unsafe bath toys? That sounds bad. Your reason? Rubber bands and small parts? Okay well I don’t think that’s a problem if your kid is over the age of 3 or so. If less than 3, no reasonable parent would be leaving them unsupervised in the bath anyway.
    3. PLA is great for quick proof of concept and handles exposure to water just fine in lots of cases. User discretion isn’t an unreasonable ask. The 3D printing community is an intelligent group, typically. If you love the print but your PLA version failed after a while, print it using something else?
    4. Voters voted on the submissions they liked the most. Get over it.
    5. Voters voted on the submissions they liked the most. Get over it.
    6. Honestly I stopped reading. Something about a paid part integration that you got mad about because it’s heavily discounted and you can submit photos even if you don’t have one or something?

    Anyway. I’ve been finished on the toilet for a while now. Gonna go sit on the porch and drink coffee and listen to the birds and never think about the terrible, terrible injustices with Prusa’s contests again.

    p.s. I think the contests are awesome and I love how Prusa engages the community and gets people thinking about new ideas.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • Similar structure, yes, but this is the important part:

    Swiss foundations and their board of trustees are legally obligated to act in accordance with the purpose for which they were established

    So, just like the Louvre museum in Paris and the Luxor casino in Las Vegas have similar structures, pointing this out doesn’t really contribute much to the discussion.

    For all I know, OpenAI’s purpose is to create Skynet and kill all humans. But Proton’s is:

    Our legally binding purpose is to further the advancement of privacy, freedom, and democracy around the world.

  • Building DIY a smart doorbell but would appreciate some help with the power and wiring

    Hello, and thank you in advance.

    I'm making a privacy friendly "ring" cam/doorbell following this guide: which has been great, but requires running a micro-usb cable down to the doorbell for power. I'm hoping to improve on this by using the existing doorbell power instead.

    The problem is that I'm a DIY electronics noob and I can't create a mental model for how it should all work. The picture I attached is my existing doorbell wiring scheme, which is as simple as it comes. I totally get how this works. Pressing the doorbell completes the circuit and makes the bingbongs. But this will have to change so the new door cam gets power full time. Ideally without the chime bingbonging full time.

    In addition to the ESP-32CAM, button, ring lights, etc., I also bought these: which I thought might be needed to complete the circuit?

    I measured the voltage after the transformer and it was around 18 volts, but maybe this is AC and I want DC?

    Generally I don't know where in "the loop" to put things. Also, all the existing components are very far apart from each other, so I would love a solution that doesn't involve running any new wires through the walls.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!