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Today, it has been 6 years since The Elder Scrolls 6 teaser
  • I misread your comment and now seem foolish lol but that is hilarious, I think Bethesda needs some work on their world engine and random events. Saw a mod where people are making custom towns now and man would random encounters within that environment.....would take it to the next level.

  • What's something you want to stop doing but can't actually stop?
  • My ruminations got so bad after a pretty shitty breakup I had to get journey brought me to medication. Depression and adhd (fluoxetine and vyvanse/adderall) meds brought brain silence that almost made me cry when they started working.

  • Asbestos Is Finally Banned in the U.S. Here’s Why It Took So Long
  • Erin Brokovich said on Twitter/X recently that Hexavalent Chromium standards have now been finally set in place, despite all this time and a whole ass movie coming out. Surprised to see asbestos was up in limbo even longer, but now has a decision as well.

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • Blank page work....that's a good way to put it. In grad school writing a thesis and it's the hardest thing I've ever, ever done with my adhd. And I used to do Stem Cell and Neurobiology! The lack of a deadline which I used to pressure myself in undergrad and no protocols to follow to a T, man....