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AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human
  • The human serfs will have to proofread increasingly voluminous, numerous and complex output from ai systems. The product has become the master. Until the systems develop a sense of 'truth' beyond numerical statistics, generative ai is pretty much a toy.

  • Bug? Clicking on comments in my inbox

    When I click on a comment in the inbox, the thread appears beginning from the comment in the inbox, i.e. my comment, which is needed to establish context, is hidden/ not shown. Is this by design, or is it a bug?

    Edit: an update fixed it! Thanks u/Veritrax!


    Anyone here on a 2nd hand EV? What has the buying/ ownership experience been like so far?

    Anything, really. But of particular interest is how the range holds up from the original stated, powertrain degradation if any, and other general stuff like fit and finish, electronic gremlins, weather effects etc. Thanks in advance!


    Anyone else watched the RG final? Thoughts?

    Carlos needs to get a grip on his lapses in quality. Damn difficult to watch him not knowing when it will come up. Otherwise he's a genuine pleasure to watch him when he's firing on all cylinders. Vamos!


    is this community for news only, or can it also be used for tips, questions,etc?

    As the title states. On the other site, tennis is for news, and 10s is for tips and technique. What does this forum serve?


    When did you realize that rich people live in a world of their own?

    May be an incident where they could not understand how much things they take for granted cost to the normies, a flagrant disregard for morals or ethics, a blatant show of arrogance or disconnectedness, or anything yould like to share.


    [music] is there/ was there/ will there ever be a perfect album?

    Every album I've ever encountered seems to have a mixture of bangers and one or more meh or outright flops. It's easier than ever to skip over the tracks now, but as the question asks: what's is, in your opinion, the perfect album, or does one/can one even exist?


    In light of AI being trained on our data, why not comment in forums using images exclusively?

    Major hosts already support image links, and it'd be a good way to stick it to reddit et al. Especially if it looks like a captcha text. Or is it a matter of 'aint nobody got time for that'...?


    Need help identifying some growth.

    What is it? Seems to grow out of some wooden areas in the room. I've tried peroxide and bleach. Would a steamer help? Sorry in advance for the bad picture quality.