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One way ticket to midnight
  • That post title brings back memories:

    It was 1981 and my mom was having a hard time getting over the passing of my dad. So for a while, I occasionally took her to the movies.

    One Saturday, I took her to see "Heavy Metal".

    She watched attentively with nary a comment.

    Afterwards, I expected her to say something about it, given its mature content.

    And, as we were passing through the lobby, she did:

    "That was a cartoon."

  • What's a candy that's practically crack for you?
  • When I'd spend a summer week at my Grandma's in the early '60s, my cousin would take me to Luke's Store, where a dollar would buy a bag full of candies. Always included was a sleeve of Necco wafers.

    I liked the flavors and would try to eat them slowly, but usually ended up crunching through them.

    In 2018 when the Necco company went bankrupt, I was traveling a bit for work and would buy bags full wherever I found them. It was a relief when the Spangler company bought the brand and resumed production.

  • What's the most fucked up movie you ever watched?
  • "Scream and Scream Again", 1970.

    Our parents dropped us off at the theater to see something else, like "The Love Bug", but it had moved on and we randomly ended up seeing this horrifying film.

    We were not ready for dismemberment and dissolving bodies in vats of acid...