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Linux Mint Will Hide Unverified Flatpaks in Software Manager
  • Unofficial Flatpaks are not random uploads

  • Are we Wayland yet or Whats missing?
  • This is already possible

  • Flathub now marks unverified apps
  • You can't just upload a App to Flathub. Everythng is reviewed.

  • Flathub now marks unverified apps
  • How does that Help against Malware?

  • When you support package managers from A to Z...
  • You may want to take a look at PackageKit

  • jdMinecraftLauncher 6.0 is out jdMinecraftLauncher 6.0 is out | JakobDev

    Version 6.0 of jdMinecraftLauncher has been released! This update brings many exciting changes and will soon be available on Flathub and SourceForge.

    jdMinecraftLauncher 6.0 is out | JakobDev
  • Ihr habt einen Ausbilder?

  • Package managers be like
  • If you try to keep your depencies low, it's not very cumbersome. I usually do that.

    A can replace requirements. txt, but it is for creating packages and does way more than just installing dependencies, so they are not really competing.

    For scripts which have just 1 or 2 packges as depencies it's also usuall to just tell people to run pip install .

  • Package managers be like
  • Yes, but this file is created by you and not pip. It's not like package.json from npm. You don't even need to create this file.

  • Package managers be like
  • Pip stores nothing in a text file

  • tja


  • Charlie Chaplin hat sich aber ganz schön gehen lassen

  • Adobe Photoshop: KI-Funktion „Generative Expand“ erreicht die Betaversion
  • Die Webseite hat nichts mit der Stadt zu tun

  • tja