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C# Array and List Fastest Loop in 2024 - NDepend Blog
  • I actually benchmarked almost exactly these same things, a few months ago, and that lines up with the results I got. foreach in particular is HEAVILY optimized for Array<T> at the bytecode level, I was quite impressed.

  • What's the most recurring theme/element in your nightmares?
  • Shit shit shit, I just remembered I haven't attended English class all semester.

    Shit shit shit, I can't remember my locker combination, and I can't find the orientation sheet that has it, also I can't find my class schedule, I have no idea what class I'm supposed to be in right now.

    Plus a few other variations. All High School. I dunno why the focus on High School, I'm 34. I get one of these once or twice a month.

  • What is the consensus on Super Mario Sunshine?
  • I remember when Toonami gave it a 10/10 and I agreed wholeheartedly.

    I'm probably a lot more willing than the average person to forgive the occasional part that sucked. All games have them, so I try not to hopdbthat against a game that has plenty of non-suck to offer.

    Lord knows Sunshine has a few. Fucking Plinko.

  • Recommendations for a battery tester? I'm open to other devices that aren't limited to testing batteries
  • I've had a lot of success with this guy.

    Supports a variety of different battery sizes, can charge at different rates, goves voltage readouts, and can run full capacity tests.

    I was originally only looking for an 18650 charger, but I got way more than I bargained for.

  • what if the hacker provided the public key for https connection?
  • An additionap note on what a certificate is, to supplement everyone here who've desceibe howbthat's the missing piece:

    A certificate's first main purpose is being the vehicle vy which the public key is distributed, but additionally it contains information ABOUT the owner. Then the whole thing is digitally signed with the private key (and also a trusted CA's private key), so that a receiver can validate the authenticity of the cert with the public key.

    The "info" in the cert can theoretically be anything, but the most important one is the domain. Your browser knows that visiting is secure because it checks the cert it gets from to see if it states that it owns the domain, and then we trust the root CAs around the world to make clients prove they own that domain, before issung a cert for it.

  • Writing “string.IsNullOrEmpty” using pattern matching and comparing the resulting code
  • The usual convention is to have extension methods behave like regular methods, I.E. don't allow them to accept nulls. When looking at foo.Bar(); it's better if I can just intuit that foo can't be null because you're not supposed to be able to invoke the . operator on null.

    Of course, I'm entirely guilty of breaking this rule myself. cough Shoudly cough FluentAssertions cough

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • Agreed, my wife and I had that conversation recently, as it happens. Though, for some things, there are other benefits. Herbs is the best example, even the fresh, packaged herbs that you can buy at a grocery will be noticeably not-as-good as something that you picked fresh in the backyard 2 minutes ago. Dill, basil, thyme, mint, what have you. I've found the same to be true of things like bell peppers and jalapenos.

  • Hexbear?

    So, I thought Hexbear defederated from us a little while back, and we, in turn, defederated from them. Why do I keep seeing occasional (new) Hexbear posts in the "All" feed, lately? Did the defederation get reversed? Is it somehow a bug?

    8 Company forgets why they exist after 11-week migration to Kubernetes

    Xenobroom Inc., a young startup fresh out of Silicon Valley started a lengthy process of upgrading their server infrastructure back in May 2020. According to the remaining fragments of CEO's daily journal and CTO's engineering notes, the company enjoyed a sharp rise in daily use in the midst of the ...

    Company forgets why they exist after 11-week migration to Kubernetes

    The site name's a play on "The Onion" so it's gotta be satire, right? I couldn't find an about page to confirm.


    Is TV-MA really accurate?

    After watching the first couple of episodes, my wife and I were considering having our 8-year-old watch it with us. Then I noticed the TV-MA rating.

    Not looking for spoilers, but like, is the show gonna take a bit of a turn, eventually? There hasn't been anything CLOSE to TV-M-worth thus far, in my mind.

    Home Improvement JakenVeina

    Dishwasher Recommendations

    So the "fails to complete a cycle without erroring out" rate finally seems to have reached 100%, on the Samsung dishwasher that came with the house.

    What do I need to know when picking a new one, and/or what models do y'all recommend?

    I'll take recommendations about how to fix the current one too, I guess, but I already got advice from an appliance repair man, who basically said "it would need a new control board, I.E. ditch it." The error code it's giving is supposedly about insufficient water or water flow, but the water feed is completely fine, as far as I can tell.


    "Show Read Posts" appears to be applied to viewing my own profile.

    I.E. the list of my own posts in my profile is always empty, by definition, unless I go manually change the setting before viewing it, and then change it back when I'm done.

    Would this be a Jerboa issue, or a general Lemmy issue?


    Where did all the Twitter users go? to shreds you say

    An image tagged to shreds you say

    to shreds you say

    Side note: apparently I can't change or get rid of the alt text inside the image?

    10 bug? Or am I an idiot?

    My son asked me how to castle on the other day, and I found that I couldn't do it the way I normally do. Picking up the king and trying to move it to c1 just caused it to move to d1 instead, every time. I tried walking backwards and redoing a few different moves before this, and that all worked, but it just refused to let me castle by moving the king. Neither the king nor the rook had moved yet, and there was no potential or existing check involved, so what gives? Is there some other rule I'm just not aware of?

    Sorry I didn't get a shot of the board as well, I thought I had but I can't find it on my phone now.

    Edit: Missed the bishop. Option 2 it is, then.


    Who says it can't swim? Wraff - Who says it can't swim?

    Watch Wraff's clip titled "Who says it can't swim?"

    Wraff - Who says it can't swim?

    I dunno if this is QUITE the content y'all are looking for, but if nothing else, I'm kinda astounded it worked.

    Yes, she did eventually get there.