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WANNABE DICTATOR Trump Demands that All Business Execs Be FIRED If They're Not 100% Behind Trump
  • This is the thing I don't get about billionaire capitalists - you may not like taxes being slightly higher and a tiny bit of regulation preventing literal poisoning of your food and water and air... but at least the shit-libs don't send you to death camps for having the wrong shade of melanin.

  • Nintendo Direct song
  • Oh, right. 🤣 WAIT HE updated it with a longer one!

  • Nintendo Direct song
  • Wait... I can't tell... Are you joking? Or did you not see the announcement of Farmgia... or Farmagaia? Or whatever it's called?

  • Nintendo Direct song

    Just in case you missed and needed a TL;DW summary jingle.

    T-Mobile asked to stop advertising ‘price lock’ guarantee that doesn’t lock your prices
  • …Like I said… “a few members of the Squad…” not “the Squad.”

    And most of the time they do the best they can rather than actively try to make things worse like so many others clearly do.

  • T-Mobile asked to stop advertising ‘price lock’ guarantee that doesn’t lock your prices
  • Well there was a very short couple of periods where it’s wasn’t perfect but better in at least some respects - one when Lincoln was president, and the other when FDR was in office and when the Warren Supreme Court was in session.

    Things like the Rural Electricification Act and the right to an attorney even when you couldn’t afford one were passed during those brief windows of time…

    Sure there were Japanese internment camps and black people were even worsely treated than they are now, but things were finally on track to be improving for non-rich moreso then than almost any other time in history at the time.

    …But in general, yeah it’s always been the rich fucking us all over and they’ve never let up and never will.

  • T-Mobile asked to stop advertising ‘price lock’ guarantee that doesn’t lock your prices
  • Because both political parties have limited the power of said government to do so were replaced by the ruling capitalist class decades ago in an effort to neuter any and all attempts to even mildly curtail the nearly limitless power of unchecked capital.


    Many people like to pretend it's just the Republicans, but also nearly all of the Democratic party members (save for a few members of "the Squad" and a couple of independents like Bernie Sanders) are either members of that same ruling class (Nancy Pelosi for example - has a net worth of $120,000,000) or act on said ruling class's interests nearly exclusively (except on wedge issues that largely have no direct financial impact on capital like abortion rights, gun legislation, etc.).

    This is what the non-sarcastic versions of "both sides" commenters mean when they say as such... Not that both parties are "completely equivalent in all policy regards," but that an overwhelming majority of the representatives of the U.S.'s 2 main political parties are effectively slightly different shades of the same branch grown by the oligarchs who basically get to run our country.

  • I'm convinced watchOS 11 is hinting at an Apple Watch 10 with better battery life
  • Why has Apple not come out with an e-ink display in any of its watches? Or really anything for that matter…? Seems like a no brainer for massively increasing battery life.

  • Pharma Exec Will Testify About Ozempic's Absurd Price Tag After Pressure From Bernie Sanders
  • Nah he would have used the bully pulpit to greatly raise pressure from voters in the same way FDR did.

    There’s a good reason the rich were utterly terrified of an FDR 2.0… and it’s not because he would have been ineffective.

  • Am i the ass hole here
  • Then they get kicked. Much easier to do that as host and less damaging and irreversible to the current run when you’re playing than them unexpectedly calling in extraction and then hopping in the pelican while everyone else is on the other side of map.

  • Am i the ass hole here
  • I really wish there was a way to “vote for extraction” or as the host given option to toggle that on or off…

    Because rogue calling in extraction early is one of the worst things about playing with randos.

    Imagine someone goes up and hits the code to call an extraction and then (presuming all voting team members are alive and there are reserves remaining for re-enforcements - ie if no one is left alive and you have no reserves, calling in extraction no longer needs a vote since only one player remains) sees a quick pop up on their screen to allow them to vote yes or no or ignore… and you have to have a majority vote yes for it to call down.

    Feel like this would be a resolve the problem - which otherwise is solved by people unloading grenades into the pelican when someone screws up and gets in.

  • Michigan stands out for its aggressive bird flu response. Will other states follow its lead?
  • Please state the first name with “Shapiro…” I’m a terminally online idiot so my first thought when you say that name is…

  • US campus protests: Hillary Clinton fails to grasp the moral power of this turning tide
  • No, you can blame her, too.

    Hillary “I’m friends with Henry Kissinger” Clinton is utterly divorced from reality.

    Hillary “I only started supporting gay marriage when it started polling well in 2012 but still got the endorsement from an organization one of my campaign team folks was head of” Clinton’s seemingly unlimited hubris is one of the primary reasons this country now has the precursor Supreme Court to Handmaid’s Tale and 4 years of Trump that helped indirectly lead to many of the preventable deaths of the 1,000,000 people who died from COVID.

    Literally any other Democrat with less baggage than her could’ve beaten Trump… but the goddamn neo-liberals who got rich during Bill Clinton’s era deregulating shit and passing labor-decimating shit like NAFTA were salivating at another chance for trying to coronate her and boosted the ever loving shit out of her due to their pants-shitting fear of a slightly more left-leaning president being elected into office.

    …And then Hillary “I was a Goldwater girl” Clinton’s campaign actively Pied-Piper’d Trump because they were convinced he would be the easiest to beat (he would have been were it anyone but her) and also knew that she would lose to almost any other Republican nominee.

    Hillary “I think I should maybe run again in 2028” Clinton can “Pokémon go…” fuck herself.

    If she ever had any goddamn sense, she would have fucked off after losing to Obama. Right then she should just have fucked back off to Arkansas and lived out the rest of her life being a shitty fucking grandma and would have stopped actively making the world worse through her stubborn need to be in the public eye. But I guess if she did that, she wouldn’t be Hillary “I sat on the board at WalMart for years and years and helped to gut small businesses all across the American countryside” Clinton.

    Jesus Christ, I hate her so fucking much.

  • French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • Is it that the neoliberal / capitalist class that has effectively captured the reins of not only the right, but also any major supposedly “left” leaning parties in order to shore up all possible avenues wherein their obscene wealth could be otherwise curtailed and used to cover the cost of increasingly worsened privatized (but previously robust in at least European cases) public services and goods - of which the loss of has ripened an increasingly angry and socioeconomically desperate and uneducated populace for being fooled into believing their plight caused by said neoliberal/capitalists was instead due to marginalized scapegoats offered by demagogue faux populists (aka Fascists)?

    …Or are you inferring some dumb racist shit?

    Sorry if I’m coming off as hostile with that bit, but when I hear someone start to say something about something being “not what intellectuals want to hear,” that’s kind of a red flag for me… since I defer by default to educated experts and “intellectuals” when it comes to anything I’m not already well-informed on…

    For example, I’m a goofball who thinks asking a “non-intellectual” when it comes to accounting at least… like say my plumber for financial advice… or maybe a “non-intellectual in the subject of mechanical engineering” with my doctor - for how to fix my car up… would usually be a pretty fucking stupid thing to do… but I know some people who think a dipshit reality show fail-son cheating blowhard who somehow bankrupted a casino should be in charge of who we could ostensibly drop nukes on, so what do I know? 🤷‍♂️

  • All three game console makers, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, have now abandoned X (formerly Twitter) integration
  • Dammit! And here I was thinking corporations had suddenly developed a conscience that put decency above profit... Stupid stupid stupid me. /s

  • Biden campaign hires Republican to pursue 'never Trump' voters [Doina Chiacu and Nandita Bose | Jun 07 24 | Reuters]
  • Ok, if you don’t consider Bernie or AOC the closest thing to “the left” we have here in the U.S., you sound like an absolute goofball… and I just read your username so yeah definitely confirms it.

    For anyone here unfamiliar with the name by the way, Jimmy Dore used to be a commentator on a once more genuinely left but now more waffling independent news org called “The Young Turks” - who were the origin point for several large genuine left-leaning online personalities like Hassan Piker and Emma Vigland.

    Jimmy Dore left at some point just like supposed leftist Dave Rubin - probably for similar reasons related to making a lot more money than is reasonably possible for most small left-leaning content making news orgs, considering the rich don’t usually like to provide them a lot of funding compared to the many other more friendly type “nEwS” outlets like Tim Pool, Charlie Kirk, etc… so now Dore is - at best - a useful idiot or at worst an obvious grifter.

    Anyway that’s all I needed to know about the above commenter (and apparently the OP wow 😄 should have figured) to know they actually do deserve any downvotes they seemed to be getting in response to my previous comment.

    Biden and most Dems suck, but Trump sucks more.

    Until we get more allies in Congress, hold your nose and vote for neolibs (1980s Republicans calling themselves Democrats) over fascists (Nazis calling themselves Republicans) or we are genuinely fucked.

  • Biden campaign hires Republican to pursue 'never Trump' voters [Doina Chiacu and Nandita Bose | Jun 07 24 | Reuters]
  • There is a “left,” but it fights so hard and loses so much all the time still - not due to their own failures but because the deck is so stacked against them, and it’s so small they might as well not be present (basically Sanders, AOC, and a couple of others).

  • Biden campaign hires Republican to pursue 'never Trump' voters [Doina Chiacu and Nandita Bose | Jun 07 24 | Reuters]
  • Always more attempts to grab the tiniest sliver from an almost non-existent Venn Diagram crossover. Never reaching for the literal fifty or so million apathetic voters who would otherwise support Biden but feel like he's not ever going to be doing enough to motivate them to show up.

  • He used to be an anti-abortion Democrat. Now he’s Biden’s secret weapon
  • If only to fool the DNC into providing financial backing to their campaigns instead of actively attacking them.

  • Watch: Adobe angers artists with new Photoshop terms
  • The biggest issue with GIMP is its weird UX choices. They should just make it more like Adobe's UX. I know there's tools that bring it closer, but the fact still is that they do some really dumb shit when it comes to experience decisions. Like if I want to change the font of what I'm typing, it works like this...

    I have to TYPE in the font I want, no dropdown, and the font selection toolbar off to the side just straight up doesn't apply to what I've typed or selected... and this is AFTER I ran one of those GIMP retrofit tools that tries to make it more in line with Photoshop.

    Seriously, I've used Photoshop since 5.5 (not CS 5.5... FIVE POINT FIVE in 1999), and I STILL have to watch a tutorial for almost every single action I could intuit in 5 seconds from Adobe's garbage malware tool.

    That being said... the one important thing that GIMP is not... is Adobe garbage malware... GIMP just has a janky UX that no one's going to bother fixing b/c the tool is free so no complaining!

    And in any case, just like with Blender coming on to the scene in earnest like a decade ago to end Autodesk's defacto monopoly with its $$$$ per year licensing scheme for proprietary 3D modelling tools... with Adobe rapidly getting worse, and just like with Unity's "pay us per install" debacle made people jump ship to Godot - never to look back... I'd bet that GIMP is going to begin accelerating its improvement... or that Krita will do the same and overtake it in popularity.

    ...And once that happens, Adobe is cooked. And it can't happen soon enough.

  • Some Texas school officials are skeptical that a K-12 curriculum with Christian influences is the lifeline state leaders promise
  • Dumb take. Never mistake that an area with shitty leaders is exclusively filled with the shitheads who elected them.

    This is how you get victim blaming and the misguided idea that just because terrible people have been put in charge all of the good people have left.

    I’m close to someone fighting the good fight. They are among those who do not support this and do everything they legally can to keep from letting it affect their students.