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Exactly. Delete Reddit.
  • Came here to say pretty much this. I will add that one time years ago I went back and gave a correct answer after I had found it. The next time I looked it wasn't displayed. At that point I determined that quora was a scam site.

  • violence, nice
  • Vegans: Idiots who don't realize humans are omnivores Despite our antiseptic light switch upbringing the majority of us have no problem with that. There are just a few out there like vegans who think they have the right to dictate to the rest of us. Like religious god botherers. You know like the MAGA's I see no differences from the hardline stance the magas take and the vegans. Pretty much the same kind of nutjob with differing rhetoric.

    As a result I dismiss all of these very similar nutjobs opinion.

  • Robert De Niro has award withdrawn after calling Donald Trump 'monster' outside trial
  • Sounds like a he dodged a conman's award show there.

    Edit: After looking this backward and moribund group up I can say with certainty their opinions of anything hardly matters. What a useless thing to have in our modern age. All they do is try to keep broadcasting in the past.

  • Reductress is savage.
  • These all or nothing arguments are for stupid people to embrace. I don't want to get rid of prisons. I want to get rid of for profit prisons. I want to get rid of long prison sentences for drug use that doesn't involve violence. I want longer terms for any theft. Perhaps life terms for organized theft like those trash humans who raid a store. I want anyone convicted of multiple felonies to rot there for the rest of their life. I want anyone of rapes or murders to do the same. What I want is a prison system that tries educate and redeem short time inmates and give the bare minimum to trash like trump.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • Smart phones and computers in general are the reason why kids have no critical thinking skills. I say this as a sysadmin of thirty years. They need to be banned from schools. kids/minors don't get complete control. You have to be kinda childish to think they should.

  • Jesus is their savior, Trump is their candidate. Ex-president's backers say he shares faith, values
  • They share his ideals. Of course those Ideals involve being a self serving racist bigoted sex offender thief. Not to mention someone who lies so much you can't be sure he has ever told the truth. He is a great example of a horrible human. I have no doubt people who support him are just like him.