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Have you explored an abandoned building? If so, what was it like?
  • We used to walk through a mental hospital that was abandoned in the 80s. It was creepy as fuck all. Bed pans and beds in rooms still, utensils in the kitchen, narrow tunnels in the basement with shackles on the wall. It's since been torn down.

  • Casa Bonita eliminates employee tips ahead of reopening, sparking backlash
  • Right, and as any sales job, you should at least be getting some sort of commission for how much you sell, otherwise servers only need to do the bare minimum with no incentive to go above and beyond, or to upsell anything.

    Totally agree tipping is absurd these days, but we need to fix it the right way and not take it away just for good PR.

    Also to add to that, I thought I saw something recently about poverty levels in Denver being adjusted, and $30 and less being the poverty line, does anyone remember that? If so, asking people to work a busy restaurant for poverty line wages is pretty trash.

  • Casa Bonita eliminates employee tips ahead of reopening, sparking backlash
  • $30/hr sounds great and all, but that place is going to be cranking around the clock and the servers alone would have probably made $50/hr+ on the original wage and tip-out, bartenders probably $70/hr. Wonder why they made the last minute switch.

  • what have we become?

    We sit here in Lemmy, struggling, while our brethern and brethernesses are hootin and hawin on reddit about titanic sub memes and bobert queefs. Are we just going to sit here lightly and take it? Have we not the gusto? I haven't even seen a sopapilla joke on here in days, we ought to hang our heads in shame