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what have we become?

We sit here in Lemmy, struggling, while our brethern and brethernesses are hootin and hawin on reddit about titanic sub memes and bobert queefs. Are we just going to sit here lightly and take it? Have we not the gusto? I haven't even seen a sopapilla joke on here in days, we ought to hang our heads in shame

  • Warning: I’m breaking character to actually talk about the community.

    The original DCJ seemed to be created as a clap back at the annoyances found in the r/Denver sub. So far, I have not seen anything annoying on lemmy, and I’m truly grateful for every post I see.

    This DCJ was created before the muse had any traction.

    Typically, I’m a 3-4 times a year poster on the r/DCJ. I’m just not that witty that often.

    For now, I think I still need to study r/Denver to get authentic source material for this community. I don’t want to just copy the memes on r/DCJ. I also just need to go to a meme generator and rehash some greatest hits like clipping blinkers and bashing on Texans/Californians.

    Apollo still works for the next 8 days so I will do my homework and try to put out some sub par memes. Hopefully all of this communities members can make up for the mediocrity of my posts with even wittier comments.

  • “Become the change you want to see” - namaste