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Tesla Driver Reportedly On FSD Dodges Train By Taking Control At The Last Second
  • Terrible. I have a Model Y that’s “vision only” and didn’t even bother testing out FSD when Tesla enabled it recently for a free 30 day trial.

    Among other things:

    • The cameras can get blinded by dirt/grime/etc. The forward facing cameras are located behind the rear view mirror where the windshield wipers can reach, but having the auto wipers turn on when it’s a clear sunny day is annoying. And if it’s something like bird poop then the wipers just smear it everywhere.
    • I fairly regularly get notifications when the sun is low in the sky, or during winter months when road grime kicks up, that one or more side cameras is blinded. Not much you can do about solar glare, and you’d have to stop and get out to clean them if it’s not solar glare.
    • The cameras also control automatic high beams, which are required for either autopilot or FSD at night. The auto high beams are terrible at detecting oncoming traffic and can flash/blind other drivers very easily. Because of this I haven’t used cruise control at night in over two years now.
  • Free-Market Advocate, Elon Musk, Asks for U.S. Government to Put Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports
  • Tesla has both a gigafactory and a Supercharger factory in mainland China. Any semi-competent CEO would recognize that publicly advocating for tariffs on China would have a good chance of backfiring. China could easily turn around and slap 100% tariffs on everything coming out of those two factories in retaliation.

  • I know that naming variables is one of the biggest unsolved problems of Computer Science but how would you name a boolean flag to be self explanatory?
  • My favorite when debugging some code for a memory manager, written in the days of DOS extended memory, was shit_cookie_corrupt.

    The original author called blocks of memory “cookies”. If too many cookies were corrupted then eventually the function ohShitOhShitOhShit was called, which shut everything down.

  • Reddit locks down its public data in new content policy, says use now requires a contract
  • We use Akamai where I work for security, CDN, etc. Their services make it largely trivial to identify traffic from bots. They can classify requests in real time as coming from known bots like Googlebot to programming frameworks like python & java to bots that impersonate Googlebot, to virtually any other automated traffic from unknown bots.

    If Reddit was smart they’d leverage something like that to allow Google, Bing, etc. to crawl their data and block all others, or poison others with bogus data. But we’re talking about Reddit here…

  • What's the funniest/strangest thing you have seen out your office/apartment window?

    This just popped into my head after a similar question came up with a coworker…

    Back a few decades ago I worked in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. My office window looked out towards another building about 15 feet away, and for some reason our floors were about 8 feet higher than the other building. So we could look down into the offices across the way.

    The person in the office I could see into had his desk set up so that his back was to the window and he faced his office door. This gave me and my coworkers a clear view of his computer screen over his shoulder. He played Microsoft solitaire constantly, except when somebody walked in. He would very quickly close it so he wouldn’t get caught.

    My coworkers and I actually tried to figure out his phone number, but never did. We wanted to call him up and tell him he should have played the red 9 on the black 10…

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