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Interviewing Lochlan O'Neil, the creator of DashCon Meet Lochlan O'Neil, the creator of DashCon

"So the whole ball pit was my idea. I wanted a ball pit."

Meet Lochlan O'Neil, the creator of DashCon

This isn't a Tumblr post but it's a really crazy interview so I'm posting it here still.

Content warnings: Threats, sadness

Custom tag for community?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by this. Is it just for better integration with mastodon?

  • Qualcomm spends millions on marketing as it is found better battery life, not AI features, is driving Copilot+ PC sales
  • What you are thinking of is Recall, which is a selling point of Copilot+ PCs. As a correction, recall is opt-in, password protected and encrypted in the latest versions. Hitting the Copilot key will launch Copilot, which is a GPT4 AI assistant with image capabilities. Copilot+ itself just means the pc has

    at least 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) capable of at least 40 TOPS (trillion operations per second) onboard.

    Tom's Guide

    As well as the copilot key on laptops.

  • Mastodon handles lemmy communities a bit strangely, doesn't it?
  • So does that mean that it's unusable to host an instance on mastodon just for yourself?

  • Why don't we put butter and sour cream on French fries? They're basically like tiny skinless baked potatoes...
  • It's good, both are available with fish and chips here. Malt vinegar is definitely superior though.

  • Over 300 fursuiters danced "Mela!" - Ryokuoushoku Shakai - YouTube Full ver
  • I especially wonder how the final shot is done, lifting into the air. I assume it would be a boom camera, but I didn't see ant boom in the shot, so I wonder how that was done.

  • Videos Interstellar_1

    Over 300 fursuiters danced "Mela!" - Ryokuoushoku Shakai - YouTube Full ver

    Such an incredibly effort here.

    What did people do before smartphones to pass the time when you were bored?
  • Usually I use my phone when I an sitting around waiting for something. In those times, before I had a phone, I would always think about things I could and should make, and the techniques and mechanics of how they would work.

  • monster rule
  • punkitt is here

  • A web app to easily transfer your user data from one Lemmy instance to another
  • Isn't there already an export option built into Lemmy?

  • If only it was that easy
  • Ah, normally they are cross-compatible, workplaces that use a cloud suite sometimes do require a certain service for everything.

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • I'm getting a 3D printer hopefully later today, that should be cool. I also redesigned a lift mechanism in one of my MOCs for the fourth time, and so far it looks like it's going to be better than my previous iterations.

  • If only it was that easy
  • You only need one authentication app, not multiple

  • What's the keyboard app for android with the most accurate swipe to type?
  • That's correct. It's referenced on the official Heliboard readme.

  • What's was your favourite fast food product that unfortunately got retired and never came back?
  • A&W has really good seasonal burgers that they retire every season.

  • What's the keyboard app for android with the most accurate swipe to type?
  • It's in advanced settings (you can access settings by holding down the , key for a second)

  • What good things are going on with your weekend?
  • I redesigned a mechanism for an automata I've been working on for over a year for the fourth time, and now it's like half the size and way more reliable then the previous prototype.

  • Do you recognise any usernames on Lemmy?

    Although Lemmy's userbase is quite large,it still is small enough that I do often see the same people in comment sections. It feels though, that I should recognise more names, because I can only remember around 5 individual ones.


    MOC creators - do you also have a massive amount of resealable bags?

    I buy Lego pieces from Bricklink probably at least once every few months and have been doing so for several years, so I have collected a massive freezer bag full of the little bags, and I don't really do anything with them. Does anyone else have this problem, and do you use them for anything?


    Having some fun with quirk

    Explicit lyrics warning