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  • I'm newish to the app dev side of things. Every time I have to push an update there seems to be a new hoop to jump through.

    Been waiting a few weeks now for the client to fill out some of the new forms that blocking new updates to the app.

  • Will I ever be seen as truly British?
  • It's the name/game given to chestnuts where you put a hole through the chestnut and pass some string through and tie it off.

    The game is simple you try and break your opponents conker with yours. Taken turns.

    The defender holds the string steady with his conker straight down

    The attacker uses his conker to try and break the defenders using a sort of downwards flick.

  • What's the funniest mishearing of song lyrics you've had?
  • José Feliciano - Feliz Navidad.

    Sounds like he is saying 'release mum and dad.' interlace with him singing 'I want to wish you a merry christmas'

    I was in stitches at the dinner table when I heard it. Trying to tell my brother while crying and hyperventilating with laughter made it even better.