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Dead Game News: Response from the European Commission [companies shut down single player games you bought with always online DRM]
  • This is why regulations are needed

    Say I go to a furniture store, say the store is called Ubersoft, and buy a table. I get home and the table is lopsided and unbalanced. I call up Ubersoft and ask for a replacement or refund. They tell me to go fuck myself.

    Next month I go to Ubersoft and buy some chairs. I get home and the chairs are lopsided and unbalanced. I call up Ubersoft and ask for a replacement or refund. They tell me to go fuck myself.

    Next month I go to Ubersoft and get a desk. I get home and the desk is lopsided and unbalanced. I call up the store and ask for a replacement or refund. They tell me to go fuck myself.

    I get real mad and petition the government that regulations are needed in the sale of furniture. They tell me regulations are not needed. I just need to stop going to Ubersoft for my furniture. They are right.

    There are lots of companies making video games. Everyday, every single day, about 50 new games are released on Steam. They are not by the same company. It's 50 different companies releasing 50 different games. 99% of them will not have always online DRM. They will not have game passes/battle passes/season passes. They will not have a third party account. They will not have their own launcher. They will not have kernel-level anti-cheat. If you got burned by Ubersoft, that sucks, but you can easily never buy from them again. There are a plethora of alternatives.

  • The Crooked DOJ!
  • This. Here's what gun rights groups have said about Hunter Bidens conviction:

    "Gun Owners of America believes the underlying law is unconstitutionally broad, but so long as it remains on the books, Hunter deserved no special treatment or mercy," Pratt told Fox News Digital.

    "While some might question the validity of the gun law used to prosecute Biden, given the current administration's disdain for the Second Amendment and their efforts to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, I suspect most gun owners won't lose any sleep over this particular conviction." [Mike McCoy, a Second Amendment attorney for the Mountain States Legal Foundation]

    Only one gun rights group has actually said they don't care who anti-gun laws are used against, they don't support those laws.

    "Countless lives are destroyed every year under the federal government’s unconstitutional and immoral regulations. We proudly work to eliminate these laws and create a free world. Just as we have in many other cases, we stand ready to assist Mr. Biden in his challenge of federal gun laws," said FPC [Firearms Policy Coalition] President Brandon Combs.

  • Dead Game News: Response from the European Commission [companies shut down single player games you bought with always online DRM]
  • Hot take: if you buy games filled with anti-consumer bullshit, you get what you fucking deserve. Stop. Stop buying single player always online games.

    I know it's hard. The trailer looks so cool that your credit card falls out of your pants and you buy the game before it's even released. You even spend the extra to get that sweet looking horse armor. You even install the kernel level anticheat. You even install the launcher. You even create a third party account. You even agree to the EULA. You even buy the battle pass. You even buy the lootboxes. Then, after the corporation has taken as much as they could from you, they shutdown the game! Waaaah! Please government help me! EU Parliament do something!

    Take responsibility. Nobody forced you to buy the game. You didn't need to buy the game. Ubisoft literally told you "get comfortable not owning your games". If you're still buying their games you deserve what you get.

  • Report: Literacy Rates in the United States Have Declined Significantly in the Last 30 Years
  • I couldn't read the OP paywalled article but other similar articles mostly cite students from low-income families struggle the most. My guess is there are now more kids living in low-income families than before, and declining literacy rates is just a byproduct of growing wealth inequality.

  • Dev of cancelled Life By You game shares some information, including just two weeks notice of cancellation after being given the thumbs-up a few weeks prior
  • I got a friend in game dev. They've worked for 3 companies over 6 years. None of the titles they have worked on were ever released.

    The title they're currently working on has had its funding cut (by Embracer Group) and the CEO of the studio is desperately trying to find another source of funding. Everyday they go into work expecting to be told the studio is shutting down.

    Game dev certainly seems to suck the souls out of creative people who just want to make something fun.

  • What are your thoughts about OnlyFans?
  • It's probably one of the more fair ways for people to get paid for sex work. I've read stories of porn actresses making $5,000 a month through big name studios switching to OnlyFans and making $30,000 a month.

    I'd say even in general it's better for people who create content to sell directly to consumers instead of working for a corporation.

  • Security Clearance
  • Restricting democratic positions based on an undemocratic process isn't good. If a corrupt government wanted to keep someone from being voted out they could just deny security clearances to their political enemies and suddenly the people can't vote for who they want.

    Like others have said, Poilievre could get security clearance if he wanted to. He's not a foreign agent, he's just an asshole. He's currently arguing that those who read the classified documents detailing interference by foreign spies are doing nothing to fix it. He loses that argument if he reads the documents, because now he's just like everyone else.

  • Missing Posts and Comments - Lemmy Issue?

    I've recently started using the Boost for Lemmy app on my phone and it's amazing. I was using Liftoff before but I'm switching over. However, I've noticed an issue. When I browse through communities using Liftoff I see a lot more posts and comments than when I use Boost.

    I figured this was an issue with Boost at first, but when I used my computer to edit these screenshots I noticed the same thing happens in my browser!

    Opening up I see all the posts that Liftoff shows. Of course I'm not logged in since my account is on

    When I log into and view the community though:[email protected] I only see the posts that Boost shows! Many posts are now missing!

    I figured this is an issue with blocking stuff. But wait! The most recent post (titled "Bug: Hiding all read posts also hides...") has the URL which, of course, does not allow me to comment on since I'm not logged in. If I search for that post through I find the equivalent post with the URL: which now allows me to comment on it through my account.

    Does any one know what's going on here? Clearly can "see" all the posts in the BoostForLemmy community on Even Liftoff manages to show all of them! So why does my browser and Boost for Lemmy not show everything unless I specifically search it out?


    A phone background I made

    I made this a while back to use as a background for my phone. What do you think?