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How is your week going ?
  • I'm lucky.

    Ferry from Kangaroo Island, overnight in Mildura, then Hay, then Parkes, then Coonabarrabran, finally home in Armidale. Flat out back at work the next day but all is well. Was visiting family. And yeah I could do the drive in three days instead of five, but then it's kinda stressful and tiring.

    Now back to work for many months until the next visit.

  • What are your mundane grievances?
  • So be it.

    I think they had a written language for it all with symbols and whatnot. That was about thirty years ago now.

    I like the clarifications from others that generally speaking we think of 'or' as 'exclusive-or', whereas formal logic uses 'or' as 'inclusive-or'.

  • What are your mundane grievances?
  • Inappropriate stop signs.

    If there's plenty of visibility in both directions, a give way sign is fine.

    Changing it to a stop sign later because people don't give way occasionally is just punishing the rest of us.

  • What are your mundane grievances?
  • I failed it at uni.

    It doesn't matter if you're black or white.

    It doesn't matter if you're black and white?

    Can you be black and white simultaneously?

    Probably not a great example, but I couldn't easy accept the assertion or = and.

  • Johnny Castaway is in a strange world!

    Johnny Castaway is in a strange world!

    For some reason the screen is not resetting between scenes, giving him an unusually busy world. It's running 24/7 on XP but it's a 16 bit app.

    Video at


    Johnny Castaway is having a moment...

    Day and night he runs around on top of the fish tank.

    Maybe one of the coconuts was bad...

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals I_Miss_Daniel

    Three legged guardian of Best & Less.

    She actually has four legs but tends to sit on one.

    Cryptocurrency I_Miss_Daniel

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia potentially limiting crypto transactions to $10,000 per month

    The CBA has contacted it's customers to advise or new limits affecting "those accounts we believe to be associated with cryptocurrency exchanges" to $10,000AU per month.

    This doesn't affect me since I have way way less disposable income to be playing with crypto, but it could impact some big traders.

    Posted via since kbin keeps crashing when I try to post from my native account.