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Covered in pollen


Shoo you!

A9ii + Tamron 150-500 @ 500mm. No crop this time. I was seated on my porch about 10 feet from the feeder. I truly have no idea how people who take birding more seriously do it.

Democrats Panic After Kamala Harris Ages 40 Years In Single Night
  • TIL. From Wikipedia:

    On April 8, 2019, private equity firm Great Hill Partners acquired Gizmodo Media Group—including The Onion, The A.V. Club, and Clickhole—from Univision for an undisclosed amount.[148] The properties were formed into a new company named G/O Media Inc.[149][150] In March 2024, G/O sold The A.V. Club to Paste Magazine and was reported to be seeking buyers for The Onion.[151]

    On April 25, 2024, CEO Jim Spanfeller told employees that G/O had sold The Onion to Chicago firm Global Tetrahedron, which is owned by Twilio founder Jeff Lawson, with former NBC reporter Ben Collins serving as CEO.[152] As a condition of the deal, the new owners will retain the website's staff and keep it based in Chicago.[153] The name "Global Tetrahedron" is taken from a "fictional evil megacorporation" that has been the subject of a running gag in The Onion articles.[154]

  • Tomatoes, uh, find a way
  • I've successfully grown tomatoes in a pot, granted it was a decent sized pot (5+ gallon). They took a massive quantity of water daily and creative trellising, but it worked out.

    Now squash. Squash is my struggle, but this year appears to be doing better.

  • Gimme! It's always amusing to see the gymnastics bees pull to get nectar


    I'm not 100% on age, but I'm guessing a younger Cardinal

    I shall call him Patches. Sadly, it's a name he will likely outgrow soon if he hasn't already.

    A9II + Tamron 150-500 + heavy crop (the bird was ~50 feet away)


    Tomatoes, uh, find a way

    It's always amazing where tomato seedlings pop up. We've found them all over our yard, but this has to be the oddest location yet.

    What's your list of banned brands?
  • It's very hard to argue against Apple hardware and battery life. Maybe with windows moving slowly toward ARM they'll catch up some. It's going to be very tough though - Apple has full control over their hardware, which meat they can optimize their OS for it.

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • I really hope the snapdragon x laptops gain some traction. I recently went laptop shopping and what I wanted (good to great display, stays cold, good battery life) line up really well with a MacBook/MB air. I just couldn't stomach the stupid mark-ups for memory and storage. I wound up with a Lenovo 7x slim. Upgrading to 32 GB memory and 1 TB storage was around $115. The non-emulated performance on windows is solid. Emulated is generally ok for my usage. I'm probably going to try Linux on it when I have a light week, but I'm somewhat wary of the impact that will have on battery life.

  • Remember to check your oversized soccer balls regularly
  • There's absolutely zero wrong with older cameras, they really highlight that good photos are all about finding interesting subjects and framing (your first shot is tops). I say this as someone with an A9, but IMO the biggest benefit of a more modern body is the AF and potential the burst rate. It's always nice seeing photos from my D40 pop up on our digital frame. Other than me knowing what camera took them, you would never know.

  • Tomatoes coming in strong (bananas for scale)
  • What do you do with your crop? We tend to do salsa and tomato sauce, but the later was always a pain prep wise. I bought a food mill last year, which made seed/skin removal super easy, but found myself wanting chunkier pasta sauce. Iteration! The good news is that it freezes well.

  • Happy robin
  • There aren't as many around as there were in early spring, but it's surprising to hear that you have so few. We have a decent number who seem to make this area their summer home. There are a number of 'natural' yards in our subdivision, but we're one of the few (the only?) activity planting clover. We have tons of insects in our yard, it's kind of nice actually. Maybe we're outliers. We recently visited my in-laws, whose lot backs up to a protected estuary. It was very surreal how few bugs were around.

  • Weeds! They're all weeds. Not that I'm complaining or anything
  • It's just galvanized weld wire fencing over a PVC structure. In the past few years I've used jute twine and hand tied it into nets but it takes forever to set up. I figured I would give this a shot, but am wary of the end of season cleanup. It might also be... fun to harvest things growing on top vs hanging. We'll see how it all works out!

  • Happy robin
  • Thanks! I live in Michigan and the Americam Robin is our state bird. They largely disappear over winter, but are here spring through fall in force. We have multiple nests in our yard. They're not very shy, and kinda big, so they're not that hard to fill the frame with.

  • Hairy bum


    Happy robin

    A9II w/ Tamron 150-500 @ 500mm + crop


    Weeds! They're all weeds. Not that I'm complaining or anything

    I may have gone a bit overboard. This is a mix of some beans, cucumbers, mini-cantaloupes, butternut squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, and tromboncino


    Home gardening lets you grow interesting things you wouldn't find at the store

    They do turn (mostly) green when you coo them, but the kids still think they're super interesting, which is a win.

    I modded a scanner to be a camera, this is 'Waterdance' [OC]
  • Undesirable under normal conditions, but suddenly super interesting due to the mechanism at play. Leaning into it makes a lot of sense and helps make the photos you capture all the more unique.

    Yes, the one with the horizontal wave. I remembered the fabric, but for some reason I thought it was there to help make the photo, not as a background element.

  • Bee or Fly ?!

    Like last time, use the comments to indicate what you think!

    Photography IMALlama

    All hail the Tamron 150-500


    • Sharp
    • Nice construction
    • Effective VR/OIS
    • Fast and accurate AF with good tracking. I've used it for a mix of birds, bugs, and youth sports. It's never failed to disappoint
    • It's not white and collapses somewhat small for a longish FF lens. I like to believe the lens didn't stand out that badly when I use it to shoot youth sports. At least I had multiple parents tell me they appreciated the photos. The hood adds a decent amount of visual mass and it's probably not needed 95% of the time
    • Decent pseudo macro, but only at the wide end (1:3.1 aka 0.32x)
    • 500mm is 25% more reach than 400mm and is enough for my needs. I'm on e-mount and this lens combo is faster than Sony's 100-400 with a teleconverter
    • Good price to performance ratio
    • The lens has a focal length lock that uses a clutch like mechanism to lock the lens at any focal length. It seems a bit gimmicky, but I find it useful
    • My copy appears fairly well centered, so yay


    • Stiff zoom action and somewhat front heavy when fully zoomed. There's no manual focusing this lens when it's fully zoomed unless you're using a monopod or tripod
    • It's a bit heavy, but is on par for this focal length on a FF lens. If you only need 400mm, get a 400mm lens to save some heft. I use this lens exclusively hand held, but I'm also reasonably fit. I have sat on the ground and used a knee as a makeshift monopod at times though
    • Somewhat slow aperture, but this also on par for the focal length. I only use this lens outdoors, so it's never been an issue. As far as consumer lenses go, there's not much faster out there at this focal length
    • If you need a long lens you're going to need something longer than 500mm. There's obviously more reach here than a 400mm lens, but it's not that much more. This isn't a real con about this lens, just know what focal length you need and go from there
    • No teleconverters on e-mount

    Bottom line:

    • If this focal length is your jam, this could be your lens
    • If you don't need the reach, get something lighter and more compact
    • If you don't mind walking around with a massive lens and you're on e-mount, Sony's 200-600 zoom action is really hard to beat








    Bee or fly?!

    Vote in the comments! As a bonus, it appears to eat nectar.


    Furry butt


    Doves need more photos

    Especially because they're not shy


    Happy Camper


    Dat proboscis

    One more pic:


    Photography IMALlama

    Today I discovered extension tubes

    I've been interested in photographing bees recently. Rather than buy a macro lens, I spent $32 on a 10mm and 16mm Meike extension tube. Photos are with an A9II + Sigma 35mm f/2, which normally offers a 0.18x magnification. All four are taken as close as the lens will focus. I'm very happy with image quality, especially given that this lens doesn't have a super flat focal plane at its minimum focal distance.

    For anyone who tries an extension tube for their first time: you won't be able to focus very far in the distance (beyond about 1 foot in my case). Be ready to get up close and personal.


    You all inspired me to do some beautification in my veg garden

    When I planned these beds I spaced them far enough apart to get my lawn tractor in-between them, but getting between them and the fence involved my weed whacker. As anyone with a fence has found out, maintaining the grass at the base of a fence is a pain.

    I'm 3/4 of the way done with the edging. It's 10" tall with something like 6" or 7" of it buried. It does a good job of keeping grass out of our other beds, so I'm sure it will do a good job here. The downside is the most effective way of installing it is to trench first, put the edging in, and then refill the trench. If you try to use one of those big pizza peel looking things to make a narrow slide the will usually get wavy due to variation in trench depth.

    I mowed to basically ground height between the beds, weed whacked around the beds, and put in a layer of that thick paper builders will use to protect flooring below the mulch. Some areas for cardboard instead, but we just didn't have enough cardboard to cover it all. Hopefully it will be enough to kill the grass and hopefully that results in less grass appearing in my raised beds.


    We too have lilies

    Topped by deer and it looks like Lily beetles are a thing here now :(


    How far down the path of deep seated regret do you think I'll travel in the fall?

    I got tired of remaking my sisal trellice every season, and didn't like using nylon netting, so I went with something more long term. The downside? Vine removal in the fall will likely be a slog.