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Remember when it was a big deal if you chose .zip, .rar, or 7z, etc? Now we all have so much bandwidth it doesn't matter.
  • Yeah &F is factory default, M1 is speaker on only until connect, S11=35 is the dial speed (although we later learned that 50 ms is the minimum). Dial speed was important because we'd have Telemate on constant redial trying to get into the BBSes that were popular but were busy because they only had one or two phone lines.

  • Networking Gear Recommendations? (starting from scratch)
  • I would never use their firewalls/gateways, but their switches are pretty good for the price and their APs are decent (although tbh after 3 generations my next AP will likely be an enterprise Aruba).

    That said, I still use Unifi in docker, everything is up to date, and nothing is requiring a sign-in to the cloud. Am I missing something? If it's just the firewalls, then I'm not surprised since I've never been remotely tempted to use them, but it sure isn't all of their devices.

  • What is Web 3.0?
  • The definition I learned for web 2.0, as it was happening, was a shift from static web pages generated all at once on the server and delivered to the client whole, to using Ajax with in-browser Javascript dynamically changing already-delivered pages with back-end XML calls.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • Look man, it's okay to be wrong. It's a natural part of growth.

    But when you double down on your ignorance instead of taking the opportunity to open your mind and listen to the experts in the room, you just end up embarrassing yourself.

    Try to be better.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • We can restrict the use of software TOTP, which is what companies are doing when they move users onto the MS Authenticator app.

    Admins can't control the other TOTP apps like Google Authenticator or Authy unless they go full MDM. And I don't think someone worried about installing the MS Authenticator app is going to be happy about enrolling their phone in Intune.

    Edit: And even then, there is no way to control or force users to use a managed device for software TOTP.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • This is incredibly well said and I agree 100%. I'll just add that software TOTP is weaker than the MS Authenticator with number matching because the TOTP seed can still be intercepted and/or stolen by an attacker.

    Ever notice that TOTP can be backed up and restored to a new device? If it can be transferred, then the device no longer counts for the "something you have" second factor in my threat model.

    While I prefer pure phishing-resistant MFA methods (FIDO2, WHFB, or CBA), the support isn't quite there yet for mobile devices (especially mobile browsers) so the MS Authenticator is the best alternative we have.

  • Microblog Memes IHawkMike

    I wonder how it affected traffic

    Berlin artist Simon Weckert used 99 phones and a handcart to create a "virtual traffic jam" on Google Maps


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    Sure it's almost worthless with blackout restrictions if you're in your team's market. But free is free and it sometimes comes in handy when traveling.

    Redeem by April 1st.