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Looking for an Open Source Location Tracking App

Hi, I am planning to build my own location history service similar to the google maps timeline.

For this, I need a simple app that sends my current location (and current speed/altitude if possible) to a given HTTPS endpoint every x seconds.

Is there an app that does that? I could also build my own app, but I'd prefer to spend my time on the server-side.

I found a similar feature in OsmAnd (see the image below), but I'd like to not send my coordinates via URL parameters for security reasons. !


Text from deleted comment can be retrieved by copying it

This comment was the first one I ever saw that said "Deleted by creator" so I was wondering what would happen if you copy the text of it. Apparently, this shows the text of the deleted comment. Is this a bug?


this is how my google maps statistics look after living car-free for one year

public transit and walking increased because I was on holiday. also the displayed hours do not represent the real time I was moving because google sometimes continues recording even if I go to a supermarket, take a break etc

Confusing Perspective IHateReddit

difficult one