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  • You're right. If the dems split their vote and Trump wins he will definitely behave in a calm and moral fashion. It's not like Trump is a vindictive and shortsighted tyrant. He's an ethical, scholarly gentleman. He never behaves impulsively or in a cruel and mean spirited way. And if there's one thing Trump is passionate about, it's protecting the weak and downtrodden. He believes in the equality of all nations, and doesn't consider any of them to be shit holes. And he's definitely not recently on record saying that Israel should just go in and "finish the job".

  • How many goddamn wars over this do we need
  • Same thing any "in group" feeds on: self esteem. If you feel powerless, or worthless, or rudderless, any group that makes you feel powerful, valuable, and effective is going to be very appealing. Conservatives (read: fascists) prey on this. They make it seem like joining them is brave, and important. And since their followers lack identity and purpose, their self worth becomes entangled with [in group], be it closeted fascism such as the American GOP, or flaming such as Q/proud boys/whatever. And since their identity and value depends on the perpetuation and proliferation of their in group, they willingly accept lies and falsehood. Pretty easy to gaslight someone who's encouraging it.

    Then when they wear their symbols of hate, or make shocking claims, or in anyway troll and grief society, up to and including dismantling democracy, they get a reaction. They've exerted their will on the world around them, and as such they feel powerful. The insidious bit is, even if the good guys win, with all their high falutin factual arguments and social programs, it just makes these sad people angier and feel worthless again. So they go right back to their pimps for some more sweet lies and marching orders.

  • Joey Chestnut, 16-time hot dog eating champion, banned from event for signing deal with vegan company
  • This is such an unforced error. It just makes Nathan's seem petty and defensive. I argue that having someone who is sponsored by a meat alternative brand, eat 60 of your hot dogs, is a slam dunk. "Even this guy, who is paid to eat other hot dogs, chooses to eat a shit load of ours. Our shit must be the bomb."

    Voice over: "The only thing impossible about our dogs, is to put them down" set over a slow mo video of Chestnut vacuuming up hot dogs.

  • 'Trump is for sale': Conservatives outraged over ex-president's TikTok flip-flop
  • With a guy who has been caught red handed doing so many awful things, there is little to be gained by wild postulation. Currently the best delineation we have between the sane and the insane is a respect for verifiable truth.

  • Which adaptation do you think has surpassed its source material in quality?
  • I totally agree. The dude is aging, and not the greatest candidate for advanced years, we'll say. He's worth 9 figures. Please just hire someone to ghost write it and supervise their direction closely. He would more than recoup the financial hit in sales, so it could be argued it wouldn't even cost him anything.

  • Trump trial live updates: Trump says 'Mother Teresa could not beat these charges' as jury deliberates
  • I don't know anything about Trumps childhood, but it feels like he was raised by fairly cold, taciturn, sociopaths. I wonder if his whole childhood was just a masterclass in tantrums and getting a reaction out of people. Would explain a lot about his stengths and weaknesses.

  • X considers "cisgender" a slur, and moderates it over actual slurs
  • Well, for one example, the British monarchy is about 1500 years old and they've done nothing that didn't serve the cis white community to the detriment of anyone who isn't a religious white straight person across the entire face of the planet.

    I would argue that you should consider who writes the history books and who they serve.

    As for real people, I see them everyday. As for breathing people, there are far fewer queer and brown people than there should be, because they were murdered, stolen from, subjugated, repressed, and neglected as a course of standard operating procedure of the "status quo".

  • X considers "cisgender" a slur, and moderates it over actual slurs
  • This is a very generous estimation of the depth of their logical thinking.

    My personal read is that cis people, especially cis white people, hate pronouns/genders and racial celebration because it's something they can't have. That they can't control. And that doesn't hinge on them. They're boring, and insignificant, and they're bitter and jealous about it.

    It's like a kid who doesn't want to play a game anymore because they aren't winning. Not to suggest that they aren't winning, because by all accounts they've been winning for thousands of years. But even still, the panic they feel from any lack of understanding or loss of control is responded to by smashing the game board and pouting with their arms crossed.

  • X now treats the term cisgender as a slur
  • Believe it or not, your understanding is not essential. Unfortunately for you, truth is nuanced and not conveniently delineated. Just because you can't grasp it, doesn't make it a mystery.

    Give me a break.

    Cis people have received an inordinate number of breaks for the entirety of recorded history. You will never be killed for holding hands with the wrong person. No nation has a death penalty for expressing your love openly.

  • Water Tank Tank
  • The first issue that comes to mind is the noncompressible nature of water. If you've ever played in a pool and marveled at how clearly you can hear a digital watch beep all the way from the other end, you can scale this up for any pressure wave. With very unpleasant results.

  • Bodycam video shows handcuffed man telling Ohio officers 'I can't breathe' before his death
  • Full disclosure, I have not watched the video. It says they administered multiple doses of narcan. Which I'm not sure how that's relevant. I wonder if this is too make it appear like he was intoxicated or if they legitimately thought he ODed. Like, say you gave him narcan to make him sound druggy and attack his character VS actually trying to help. The cynic in me is suspicious.

  • 7-Eleven plans to sell hot dog-flavored sparkling water
  • More details on the availability of this flavor will be revealed on April 1 – but in the meantime, the rest of the 7-Select x Miracle Seltzer lineup including Lemon Lime, Green Apple and Sweet Orange can be found at select 7-Eleven® stores.

    I am suspicious.