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Arizona's Democratic leaders get enough votes to repeal 19th century abortion ban
  • The situation here is very, very unique. The state is a swing state that has been trending slowly Democratic. When the AZ Supreme Court ruling came out, Democrats began salivating at the thought of a gigantic turnout for the pro abortion ballot initiative. Any smart GOP politician in the state began to shit their pants because abortion rights ballot initiatives could surge the Democratic turnout in all the state political races and could turn AZ dark blue based on this one single issue. The writing is on the wall though… AZ will be a blue state, but it’s not going to happen quickly as long as the GOP doesn’t piss off the state with unpopular policies.

  • Biden administration restores protections for gay and transgender Americans seeking health care
  • Every doctor I’ve had as an adult, except my university health center doctor and planned parenthood doctor, has been hesitant towards my “gay” care. Things like saying I have multiple sexual partners make them wince when I say I want to be tested for STDs on a regular basis. Only my gay friendly providers offered me an anal exam when I said I was generally the receptive partner (to check for warts, hemorrhoids, sores, etc).

  • Edibles in Las Vegas
  • Stay under 5mg. Wait at least 4 hours before taking a second gummy. The general tolerance for edibles is lower than smoking. Edibles also last a lot longer and hit harder than smoking.

    Definitely don’t drink while high as I would not recommend it unless you were staying put in one place.

    Try to follow the crowds; let the locals and other tourists make the first move crossing the streets and crosswalks.

    My impression of the cops there is that they are very strict if you’re stumbling around being a danger to the drivers and tourists. Being impaired in Vegas on the street is kinda tolerated since it’s an open container legal place.

    Enjoy and stay safe!

  • Elon Musk wanted Tesla to slash its headcount by 20% because its quarterly vehicle deliveries fell by that much, Bloomberg source says
  • I was generally considering getting a model Y, but learned that they can’t be exported overseas and still don’t have CarPlay and Android auto. Not to mention that it’s seemingly impossible to get an insurance quote without buying the car first???? Sorry, I’m going with another company.

  • What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?
  • As someone with 20 years horseback riding in the wilderness, I’ve come to enjoy a joint while out there. While I don’t recommend it by any means,I think it’s very much entirely possible to be buzzed on cannabis and still be safe. 1 joint is like 1 beer with a meal for me.

  • Confused 2nd timer - does heat break down THC?

    Hi there, have a question (coming from a legal municipality):

    Recently picked up a 1g preroll of cannabis from the dispensary and left it in my car for a week (ambient temps around 41°). When I went to smoke it, it smelled the same and looked the same (was in a sealed plastic container) but it had no effect whatsoever. Does THC degrade at high ambient temps?


    iPhone user here:

    iPhone user here:

    I'm sorry if this is a really controversial question, but I really enjoy the system-wide transparency and glassUI of iOS. I want to migrate to Android, but the big manufacturers (Samsung, Google, OnePlus, etc) all have a flat UI design by contrast. In my research, the closest I could find is MIUI, but the phones that run MIUI don't support all the carrier bands in the USA. Does android really not have the option of a glassy transparent UI?