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You can't act fabulous after a hip surgery.
  • Oh god, I could never. My sitting positions are all over the place. It would just happen by accident, while I'm focused on work or smth.

  • Maybe we should all be calling him Terry.
  • Which is as bad as racism of course if not worse

  • turn freeloaders into profit
  • Now this is pro life!

  • What if I told you...
  • MAGA fools needed 4 seasons to understand that The Boys is making fun of them.

  • priorities rule

  • He will weep.
  • Congrats homo!

  • Radioactivity
  • Different radioactive materials have different half-life periods.

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • You think comic book writing is great 🤣

  • Blonde bad bitch with big shoulders rule
  • They complain about reboot Lara Croft's tits being too small. Regular sized boobs are woke of course.

  • Chin up, small Kings!
  • Just aim for the upper body, idiot.

  • We're cooked...
  • "Proof of violent left" may sway some voters. Ofc they won't care that the shooter was a Republican and they won't know about Project 2025.

  • So shoot them both. It could be so easy.

  • Long term it would help the party. In the short term it would hurt them. I expect a LOT of infighting is gonna happen once Trump is gone.

  • Today is my birthday. Waking up to "Trump dead" headlines would be absolutely killer. What I got was "Trump gets ear pierced on stage".

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • Keeps cars cool, can be used to charge EVs. Yeah, sounds good. Make the parking lot only partly covered and those spaces EV only to encourage the transition.

  • Hmm, needs linux
  • Be good to me again today my little war machine.

  • Intel's CPUs Are Failing, ft. Wendell of Level1 Techs
  • Does AMD just keep winning or what? I just don't want CPU's with a 500 Watt tdp.