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What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Just because someone is bad in one subject doesn't apply to every subject.

    No, but the freshman year is supposed to lay the groundwork for later classes and teach soft skills for use later.

    What use does having an English major be weeded out by their ability to do stats or calculus?

    I've found it rare that universities require English majors to take advanced math. However, even within that, calculus is just a different way of preparing logic proofs and statistics is commonly used and misused in developing arguments.

    Also, a four year degree isn't meant to be a technical degree, but to help create a more well rounded leader. That means having more knowledge than just the subject. This is the reason why engineers have to take humanities classes.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • I have to do project management in my industry.

    Make the big decisions first and focus on pain points/fatal flaws with stakeholders and subject matter experts. I've seen cases where projects go through several redesigns because the PM focused on easy design tasks first, then it turned out a later design task caused the early design tasks to need to be redone.

    Ask people why certain decisions are being made. Keep these discussions one on one. You can often tell by the quality of the answer how good the reasoning is.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • You also have the viewpoint that some freshmen level classes were designed to specifically weed people out. If you aren't able to have a way to pass those classes, then it was thought that teaching you further would be a waste.

  • The Google Pay app is dead
  • It isn't a problem with long term employees. The problem is that promotion at Google typically relies on developing new products. Long term employees aren't incentivized to improve existing products.

  • If you didn't have to work, how would you spend your time?
  • I would dedicate more time to exercise. My running would be more consistent and I would likely add yoga and weight lifting.

    I would travel a lot more, with big trips to different places. This includes going cross continent in several continents.

    I have some ideas for non-fiction writing, specifically an anthology on industrial era technology and how it caused societal change.

    I might teach at a community college given my experience and education.

  • If the American embargo of Cuba ended, what do you think would happen to the USA and Cuba?

    This isn't meant to be a discussion on the morality of the embargo, but the affects of the embargo ending for both countries. These affects can be political, economic, or social.

    55 Lindsay Ellis — The Ballad of John and Yoko

    The breakup of the Beatles and other things Yoko Ono was not responsible for (and also some things that she was.)

    Lindsay Ellis — The Ballad of John and Yoko

    What if the Gaza Strip declared independence?

    The Gaza Strip seems very poorly served by the Palestinian Authority, let alone Israel. But, the area has relatively stable borders and it would likely have a stable government in Hamas. So, what if Gaza just declared independence as the government with sole control over the Gaza Strip?

    Would Gaza get recognized by other countries? Could it parlay the recognition into forcing a permanent peace with Israel as becoming a recognized country puts Israeli treatment of it into more known sections of international law?

    No Context Art HobbitFoot