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Violence breaks out at UCLA after officials declare pro-Palestinian encampment 'unlawful'
  • The "counter-protestors" all wore black hoodies and white masks.

    This was not a reaction to violence from the Gaza side. It was planned by the attackers.

    So we've got people in favor of IDF being violent against peaceful protestors. I can't even begin with the irony of that.

    We've also got police who were called immediately but did nothing to stop the violent attackers (some of those that work forces...).

  • Large movie won't scroll

    Can't scroll if starting with finger on the movie. And becomes major issue when video is large enough to fill entire screen. Iphone 13.


    Before mirrors were invented, almost no one had ever seen their own asshole

    Aside from the few that found a very still pond and figured it was worth looking at.


    Feature request: make themes specific to accounts

    This would be helpful in making it more obvious which account I'm using.