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Main road to Grindavík (Iceland) is covered under lava
  • They're not scared, the city simply doesn't have the money. I've seen the fire department filling potholes. Euclid ave has been fixed up. Terrace has been blocked off, I used to see cars driving on the sidewalk to avoid the pot holes

  • Luxury homes on these beaches are losing value fast, as effects of climate change hit hard
  • It's not all bad. Lake Erie has been experiencing record high water levels that are eroding the shore. In a suburb east of Cleveland private property owners along the lake have agreed to let the local government build a paved trail on their property as it includes a boulder wall to prevent erosion. So far it's not long enough for a commuter trail but it improves access to the lake. Hopefully one day it will follow the shoreline all the way into downtown Cleveland.

  • what's some stuff that costs around 1$ that you would recommend?
  • I pocket these whenever they're available for free in places where I work. Recently downloaded a free app that measures decibels and was amazed.

    Hearing loss is different from other things they warn you about. Get something in my eye? Guess I'll start wearing eye protection. Back hurts? Guess I'll start lifting with my knees. Hearing loss is different. You won't lose your hearing, you'll lose the ability to understand what people are saying in a noisy environment, it hurts you socially. Having to say "huh?" repeatedly is embarrassing, it makes you withdraw.

  • And people who don't read make fun of you for it.
  • I grew up reading Warner Bros comic books my grandma had and thought Yosemite Sam was pronounced "Yosemight". Eventually figured it out. Later my backpacking buddy and I were looking at a map of California when he told me we should check out "Yosemight" if we ever get around to visiting Yosemite

  • Do you prefer to manage your tasks digital (on phone/laptop) or physical (on paper/notebook)? Why?
  • I write down some stuff on a scratch pad like tasks and little things i need to pick up. There's something satisfying about crossing them off my list. Also when I plan a longer vacation where I stay in multiple places I need to write it out like a calendar with details for each day.

    I use text files on my phone for longer term stuff. A Christmas gift list for ideas that pop up during the year, checklists for outdoor trips I plan regularly that i can send to others, a shopping list of fly tying materials (some are hard to find, I stop at various stores when convenient). Also I keep a list of cheap cabins to stay in with links to their websites.

  • What's this Bug? Hikermick

    Anybody know what type of mayfly this is?

    Oingo Boingo Hikermick

    Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo on The Gong Show 1976

    Oingo Boingo Hikermick

    Forbidden Zone is on Tubi. Oingo Boingo provides the soundtrack to this film directed by Richard Elfman

    I prefer the original black and white version as it matches the era much of the (non OB) soundtrack comes from but watchable gonna do?


    Joe the Plumber, who questioned Obama’s tax proposals during the 2008 campaign, has died at 49 Joe the Plumber, who questioned Obama's tax proposals during the 2008 campaign, has died at 49

    The man who became known as “Joe the Plumber” during the 2008 U.S. presidential election has died. The family of Samuel Wurzelbacher says he died Sunday in Wisconsin.


    I'm placing an order online for materials and need to spend another 5 bucks to get free shipping. What should I buy? More details inside

    Fishing the beautiful rivers of NE Ohio that flow into Lake Erie. Right now primarily fishing for smallmouth but occasionally target catfish, carp, panfish, pike, gar. Great Lakes steelhead all winter long.


    My first attempts at tying Game Changers

    They both got fished today and both leaned a bit to one side while moving through the water. Initially I thought an uneven body shape acted as a rudder but maybe I need to twist the wire connecting the hook to the first shank a bit. Anybody have any input on this?