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What is your country's "coals to Newcastle"?
  • Bauxite is the obvious one. Bringing bauxite to Australia. How could you forget about bauxite?

  • Such a quirky, yet inoffensive art style for my corporate shitpost
  • Yeah wow that's incredible. That dog looks very alone and scared, I could see how people say drowning. Cresting a hill was my first thought.

  • Anon is suspicious
  • Pfft some glitch, you have to accept a massive nerf to average height, dental hygiene, disease load and interpersonal violence. Broad spectrum subsistence has a much higher skill cap.

  • Uvalde families sue makers of AR-15, 'Call of Duty,' Meta over mass shooting
  • Before anyone rushes to judgement about "suing 'Call of Duty'":

    Families of the Uvalde victims have filed a lawsuit against Daniel Defense, the makers of the AR-15 assault rifle, and Activision, the publisher of the first-person shooter video game series "Call of Duty," and Meta, the parent company of Instagram, over what they claim was their role in promoting the gun used in the shooting.

    The suit alleges the companies partnered to market the weapon to underage boys in the games and on social media.

    They're alleging the AR-15 maker, activision and meta played a role in aggressively promoting the gun to underage boys. This isn't 'video games caused columbine'. Stealth marketing guns to kids is maybe not great. Meta's whole thing is shady intrusively targeted marketing. Everyone knows that Activision is capable of some truly scummy behaviour. I'm not 100% sold but that it seems worth hearing out to me.

  • Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory
  • "oppressed profitability" is a fucking brutal turn of phrase.

  • American couple doing missionary work killed by gangs in Haiti, wife is daughter of Missouri rep.
  • In case anyone was curious about what sort of politician has a daughter who's a full time missionary, yes he is exactly the cruel and corrupt grifter you'd expect, and a notably half assed one.

    He introduced a bill to "regulate sexual content" in libraries, which he claimed was inspired by drag story hour, however drag story hours were not addressed in the bill.

    He sponsored a bill to let parents sue schools if they don't like what their children are learning.

    He's tried to pre-emptively block ranked-choice voting and forcibly de-transition adult prisoners as part of the "Missouri Child and Adolescent Protection Act."

    My favourite is that he tried to pre-emptively block cities from banning pet store animals, at the request of Petland and others, after Petland was linked to bacterial infection outbreaks, puppy-mills and some fairly obvious cruelty. "He further acknowledged that he had not researched existing Missouri law on the matter." (per wikipedia)

    If you're cruel or rich, Ben Baker's got your back.

  • The most well-funded campaign in US history
  • He's a weak candidate because he's a tepid aged rich guy who only loosely reflects what his base wants and is incapable of delivering the level of change the historic moment requires.

    He's uninspiring. The US desperately needs large scale institutional change. With how broken those institutions are, that's going to require a groundswell of public support, something that can only be done by an inspiring reform candidate, not an establishment figure.

    I'm still voting for him, but I'm (eternally) disappointed in the short sighted cowardice of the democratic party.

  • Such a quirky, yet inoffensive art style for my corporate shitpost
  • There's a great Mac game from 1997 called Harry the Handsome Executive, where you zoom around on an office chair and weild a staple gun. The first level is you looking for a window so you can experience natural light again.

  • Greater Idaho movement: 13 counties in eastern Oregon have voted to secede and join Idaho
  • They'll swallow a 6% sales tax in exchange for joining the white ethnostate of their dreams idaho.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • I share your frustration. Cars are dumb. New cars are shit and dumb. It's also super bad for the environment - the manufacturing is a huge part of the total carbon emission of a car.

    Seems pretty clear to me that it's a status thing - you're displaying your access to resources by showing that you can waste them. That's why I think it's legitimately useful to insult people's new or expensive cars. Deny them the social reward they seek and it puts pressure to find a new status token. Maybe instead they can waste money on carbon fibre bikes or the latest overpriced micro-transportation.

  • Such a quirky, yet inoffensive art style for my corporate shitpost
  • Yeah, it's one of my favourites too. So immediately striking. I don't think it would've occurred to me to read up on it - what's to read about? There's just the figures and the act, nothing else. But then you find out that it's somehow even more goth.

  • PlayStation exec predicts focus will ‘shift from graphics to immersive narratives’
  • I was just having a discussion with my family about recent union wins in the US, and when something good is a sign of how bad things must be. I suggested that there must be a german word for it, and my sister suggested maybe a chinese saying.

    If you like the category of 'things that sound like german has a word for it', look into the 4-character chinese sayings called chengyu. One of my favourites is 'Melon Patch, Under Plum', meaning something that is completely innocent but should be avoided because it looks really sketchy. Don't tie your shoes in a melon patch or fix your hat under a plum tree.

  • Such a quirky, yet inoffensive art style for my corporate shitpost
  • Did this person depict lots of mythological figures?

    Nope! It's been a few decades since my art history lectures but my memory is (and wikipedia agrees) that he did a lot of portraits and battle scenes. IIRC his battle paintings inspired Picasso's. His late work is especially dark - madness and horror type stuff. Sinister distorted figures. They're often called The Black Paintings.

    if this is common knowledge

    Quite the opposite. This painting was used in a slide in my greek mythology class during the lecture about the titans and chronos. Then in an art history class I learned the context, which I feel is much less known.

  • 'LOL No:' Maker of 'F*CK THE LAPD' Shirt Laughs at Cops' Copyright Threat
  • It's unbelievably dangerous to allow the people tasked with enforcing the state's monopoly on violence to access secretive private funding.

    At least the republicans destroying US institutions are mostly working on behalf of other states. Allowing your police to be beholden to private money is such an own goal.

  • Such a quirky, yet inoffensive art style for my corporate shitpost
  • In case anyone missed the reference, this is based on a work found painted on the walls of Fransisco Goya's dining room after he died. You'll often hear it called "Saturn Devouring His Son", but the work was never titled or displayed publicly. There's really no good reason to believe that the devourer is Chronos/Saturn, that the devouree is even a child, or that either body is male.

    I personally like to think of it as Untitled (Dining Room).

  • PlayStation exec predicts focus will ‘shift from graphics to immersive narratives’
  • I read an article years ago, maybe like a decade ago, of some game industry person saying it was a cycle:

    Incredible new graphics come out and people will buy the shiny regardless of anything else, then slowly they have to start making actually good games with those graphics to sell, then incredible new graphics come out and you don't need to bother with story for a while.

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • That headline really is a thing of beauty. It's like finding out that your trash is piling up because the city retasked all the sanitation workers to lie in fields of filth and create a heavenly host of garbage angels.

  • existing wrongly
  • I don't know that 'one of the main reasons' is fair. For profit prisons are vile cruelty-factories and have pull with lawmakers, but they hold less than 10% of incarcerated individuals. It's a reason, sure. But a main reason?

    I think there are two obviously larger reasons:

    1. There are more homeless people and homeowners see them. If you're a local politician, you can get very far by promising voters that they won't have to see homeless people. Here in "oregon, tolerant oregon" (to quote jello biafra) this is the most common sentiment to hear, and is reflected in policy.

    2. Growing resource pressure leads to a rise in 'punching down'. As climate crisis, imperial turmoil and the rich taking ever more resources fuel poverty and scarcity, the social pressure to distinguish yourself from those further down the social ladder increases. Hating the weak identifies you as strong, which grows in value as more and more insecurity plagues our society.

  • ‘Not genocide’ says Biden after ICC warrants sought
  • I generally recoil from comparing biden to putin but this really requires russian levels of post-truth politics.

    Israel is committing war crimes like trump commits all his crimes - openly, in public and shielded by US elites.

  • It's so hot in Mexico that howler monkeys are falling dead from the trees
  • Yep, once cyanobacteria flooded the world with oxygen, everything that couldn't hack it in an oxygen rich atmosphere died off never to return, and cyanobacteria and the chloroplast is still here, defining our world.

    As bad as we fuck things up, we're better placed than many organisms to weather the consequences of our actions. Our numbers and harm done might go down for a while but like waves of the plague, we'll adapt to upset the new equilibrium in time.

  • Pre-print from David Reich et al provides new details and solid dates for the emergence of the Yamnaya, likely proving Indo-Anatolian hypothesis. The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans - PubMed

    The Yamnaya archaeological complex appeared around 3300BCE across the steppes north of the Black and Caspian Seas, and by 3000BCE reached its maximal extent from Hungary in the west to Kazakhstan in the east. To localize the ancestral and geographical origins of the Yamnaya among the diverse Eneolit...

    The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans - PubMed

    The Yamnaya archaeological complex appeared around 3300BCE across the steppes north of the Black and Caspian Seas, and by 3000BCE reached its maximal extent from Hungary in the west to Kazakhstan in the east. To localize the ancestral and geographical origins of the Yamnaya among the diverse Eneolithic people that preceded them, we studied ancient DNA data from 428 individuals of which 299 are reported for the first time, demonstrating three previously unknown Eneolithic genetic clines.

    First, a "Caucasus-Lower Volga" (CLV) Cline suffused with Caucasus hunter-gatherer (CHG) ancestry extended between a Caucasus Neolithic southern end in Neolithic Armenia, and a steppe northern end in Berezhnovka in the Lower Volga. Bidirectional gene flow across the CLV cline created admixed intermediate populations in both the north Caucasus, such as the Maikop people, and on the steppe, such as those at the site of Remontnoye north of the Manych depression. CLV people also helped form two major riverine clines by admixing with distinct groups of European hunter-gatherers. A "Volga Cline" was formed as Lower Volga people mixed with upriver populations that had more Eastern hunter-gatherer (EHG) ancestry, creating genetically hyper-variable populations as at Khvalynsk in the Middle Volga. A "Dnipro Cline" was formed as CLV people bearing both Caucasus Neolithic and Lower Volga ancestry moved west and acquired Ukraine Neolithic hunter-gatherer (UNHG) ancestry to establish the population of the Serednii Stih culture from which the direct ancestors of the Yamnaya themselves were formed around 4000BCE. This population grew rapidly after 3750-3350BCE, precipitating the expansion of people of the Yamnaya culture who totally displaced previous groups on the Volga and further east, while admixing with more sedentary groups in the west. CLV cline people with Lower Volga ancestry contributed four fifths of the ancestry of the Yamnaya, but also, entering Anatolia from the east, contributed at least a tenth of the ancestry of Bronze Age Central Anatolians, where the Hittite language, related to the Indo-European languages spread by the Yamnaya, was spoken.

    \\We thus propose that the final unity of the speakers of the "Proto-Indo-Anatolian" ancestral language of both Anatolian and Indo-European languages can be traced to CLV cline people sometime between 4400-4000 BCE. \\

    /kbin meta Hegar
    Could blocked magazines no longer appear in Random Post and Random Thread sidebars?

    A lot of the larger abandoned magazines are just spam pools now. I don't see their posts in my feed, but I don't like that the two sidesbars of random posts and threads are now just spam advertising sidebars. I triedblocking the magazines, but doesn't that prevent the posts from showing in those sidebars.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love it when m/infosec advertises voodoo curses and revenge spells, but after the first time the joke wears thin, you know?

    What's the most interesting traditional or formal politeness behaviour or table manners in your culture? Or for any service personnel, in your restaurant?

    I love all the ritualized behaviour, secret meanings and unexpected taboos - standing up when someone of higher status stands, elaborate rules for serving and eating, tapping the table to thank the server, never refuse a toast from a superior, stuff like that.

    Whether it's about meals or anything else, I'd love to hear about any uncommon politeness standard or similar social behaviour that goes on in your location, culture or restaurant!

    DOJ says police officer justified in killing 22 y/o over 2 magic mushroom chocolate bars. NCCo police officer justified in use of force that left 22-year-old dead, DOJ says

    The Delaware Department of Justice released its investigation more than a year after the fatal shooting.

    NCCo police officer justified in use of force that left 22-year-old dead, DOJ says

    An undercover police officer arranged to buy 2 magic mushroom chocolate bars over Instagram then opened fire within seconds, killing the driver and injuring the passenger for selling $100 worth of antidepressants. Perfectly justified.

    US residents: What big domestic policy improvements have the american people won from congress in the last 30 years?

    Interpret improvements as you like. For me it's any large scale reforms or legislative packages designed to improve the country for all or see to the material interests of the majority without overly benefiting the elite.

    Any big consumer protection, environmental, infrastructure, or other legislation from Clinton onwards that materially improved the lives of all?

    Obamacare and the medicaid expansion comes to my mind. It has obviously improved people's lives but considering how broken the healthcare system remains, and that it was written by the insurance industry to undermine single-payer, it seems to me a mitigated win at best.

    Gay marriage and marijuana legalisation but that was the courts and the states although i'm sure the federal government could've stood in the way had they chosen to.

    I've only live here since the 2010s so that's all I can think of.

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