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Periods are a nightmare in Gaza's crowded, unsanitary camps. Women are using birth control to skip them
  • The period will eventually push through.

    Tho I'd say the main reason all women of the world don't use it is because birth control has side effects that can be very severe. Think mood swing that leave the person suicidal. A lot of the less severe side effects might still not be worth it depending how bad the period would be. It might be painful, but just for 4-7 days, whereas birth control side effects are 24/7.

  • Fortunately I don't have a job that I have to be up early for anymore
  • Another way to try and retrain your brain, that can be done whenever, is to set a 5 minute timer and go lay in your bed. Don't even close your eyes, just lay there. Then, when the alarm sounds, get up and continue your day. The purpose is to connect the sound of the alarm to the act of getting out of bed.

  • Why is alcohol legal if it's much more harmful than marijuana?
  • The US wasn't even the first to ban it. In 1937 Marijuana Tax act was passed that effectively prohobited it, but a full ban came in 1970. Countries that banned it before 1937 include, but are not limited to: Thailand, Irish free state, Romania, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Lebanon, Sudan, Italy, Panama, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica, Greece, Singapore...

  • Suomeen avautuu palvelu, jossa on ilmaiseksi valtava määrä e- ja äänikirjoja sekä digitaalisia aikakauslehtiä
  • Kirjastojärjestelmissä (tai ainakin niissä joita itse on tullut käytettyä) henkilötiedot voi teoriassa löytää millä tahansa tiedolla, joka sinne on tallennettu. Mikään ei siis estä päivänä x asioimasta henkilökortilla ja päivänä y kirjastokortilla. Omatoimisia lainausautomaatteja ei yleensä opeteta hakemaan tietoja muulla kuin kirjastokortin numerolla, eli asioinnin pitää tapahtua palvelutiskillä, jos on vain henkilökortti mukana. Pelkällä esim. puhelinnumerolla emme tietenkään mitään lainaile, vaikka sillä asiakastiedot löytyisivätkin.

  • dad
  • With medication it tends to be pretty important to know what was taken, when it was taken and how much was taken. Leaving the meds with the pt means you can't know for sure when and how much was taken, or if anything was taken at all. And that's a problem. How's a doctor supposed to make any decision with care if they don't know for sure whether the patient has been getting the meds as ordered?

  • Question: restricting users?
  • Poor wording on my part. Simply don't want them to excecute anything I don't want them to or get into some directories. Access to something like My Files would be fine and in some cases may be needed, but nothing past that.

  • Question: restricting users?
  • From past experiences, the worst I'm expecting is kids that think they know what hacking is because of some whacky Tiktok or Youtube video they saw. So there may be some intention to mess with things, it's just not very likely they truly know what they're doing. There won't be internet involved, hopefully.

    I like the idea of a separate container or the like, will need to look into it, thanks.

  • Question: restricting users?

    I haven't really used Linux, but I feel it might be useful for a potential project. Is it possible, and how doable is it, to have a password locked admin account and an open user account which is heavily restricted on what they can do? As in, not even browse files. Preferrably only desktop access where they can launch the apps placed there. Which Linux would be the best for this while still being on the easier side to figure out? I do understand tech somewhat well and quite enjoy problem solving, so doesn't need to be ELI5 territory.


    Ovi aukeaa itsekseen

    Voitelin vessan oven saranat, kun ärsyttävästi nitisivät. Nyt ovi kuitenkin aukeaa itsekseen sepposen selälleen, jos se jää vähänkään enemmän raolleen. Ärsyttävää. Saisko tälle tehtyy mitään suht helposti? Peukalo keskellä kämmentä ja google ei auta :(