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The taste of water
  • Totally, but the context is important. Everyone in that environment should (hopefully) understand that when they say silence, they don’t mean literal silence.

  • The taste of water
  • This is a special kind of stupid. They're not recording silence, they're recording the ambient sound of the room. The entire point is that it's not silent, even if it is very quiet.

  • Musk Admits He Doesn't Fact-Check Himself and Has Two Burner Accounts on Twitter
  • I'm gonna guess he has way more than two burners. The dude is an addict, tweeting is all he has.

  • MFA
  • Often times, yes. I don't want to always have to have a USB key on me, but I always have access to MFA apps via my phone, watch, or laptop. I have no idea why you're typing the code out instead of copying and pasting.

  • Chance The Rapper & His Wife 'Amicably' Call It Quits After 5 Years Of Marriage
  • Does this mean he’s going to make good music again?

  • Midwesterners looking for something interesting to do on the weekend
  • Sure it does, it doubles back on itself at Ironwood, Copper Harbor, Sault Ste. Marie, and passes through Mackinaw twice. I don't care whether you can drive a similar distance in a European country or not, but you can't just blatantly lie about this route not overlapping when it clearly does multiple times.

  • Next-gen optical disk can store over 14,000 4k movies
  • Not really. A 4K movie means nothing to 99% of people. Is it 4GB? 40? 400? How many can my phone hold? Or my computer?

    This only makes things more understandable if you use a point of reference that everyone you're talking to is familiar with. The fact that they had to then explain how big a 4K movie is in the article clearly shows that even they know that this doesn't help people. It's just a big flashy number.

    Just for context, I'm a writer, I understand the point of using these abstract measures to give a frame of reference. But in this case, just giving the capacity in GB/TB would have been easier to understand. It just wouldn't have been as sensational of a headline.

  • Next-gen optical disk can store over 14,000 4k movies
  • What a useless headline. God forbid they just give the actual capacity rather than some abstract, bullshit, flexible measure that means nothing to anyone.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • But you’re still limited to the opinions of people who post on Lemmy, which, as someone who occasionally posts on Lemmy, is not a shining beacon of quality.

    Even if I just went by what I get on the first page of a Google search, I’d expect I’d find what I need much faster using Google than I would using Lemmy based purely on the volume of info Google has access to. And that’s not even taking into account things like Google’s ability to search within other sites.

    Unless Lemmy has gotten like 100 billions times better in the last week, this isn’t even a fair comparison.

    Edit: lol, just realised you’re the same guy from the Nvidia thread.

  • Jensen Huang says kids shouldn't learn to code — they should leave it up to AI.
  • Nvidia makes some of the best hardware for training AI models. Increased investment in AI will inevitably increase demand for Nvidia hardware. It may boost other hardware makers too, but Nvidia is getting the biggest boost by far.

    Maybe I’m being dumb or missing something but this feels incredibly obvious to me.

  • Jensen Huang says kids shouldn't learn to code — they should leave it up to AI.
  • LLM tools can already write basic code and will likely improve a lot, but there are more reasons to learn to code than to actually do coding yourself. Even just to be able to understand and verify the shit the AI tools spit out before pushing it live.

    Nvidia knows that the more people who use AI tools, the more their hardware sells. They benefit directly from people not being able to code themselves or relying more on AI tools.

    They want their magic line to keep going up. That’s all.

  • Jensen Huang says kids shouldn't learn to code — they should leave it up to AI.
  • It makes no sense. AI tools will obviously have an impact on the profession development, but suggesting that no one should learn to code is like saying no one should learn to drive because one day cars will drive themselves. It’s utter self-serving nonsense.

  • Jensen Huang says kids shouldn't learn to code — they should leave it up to AI.
  • This is objectively stupid. There are tonnes of things you learn in maths that are useful for everyday life even if you don’t do the actual calculations by hand.

  • What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?
  • How are running out of gas at home? I’ve never once in 30+ years run out of gas, and the only times I’ve even been close have been when I’m hours away from home.

    This is a solution to a problem I’d bet almost no one has ever encountered.

  • What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?
  • Yeah, but you can have those without being attached to a gas station. I guess if there wasn't a better option listed it makes sense, but it's like saying you want a shopping mall when what you actually want is a public bathroom — you don't need one to have the other.

  • What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?
  • Assuming you have the space etc, sure. It's not like a convenience store is just a gas station that didn't think of selling gas yet.

  • What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?
  • Weird. When I lived in the states, there were plenty of convenience stores that weren't attached to gas stations, and the people I knew talked about getting things "from the convenience store" even when they were getting it from the gas station, but I guess that could be a state thing or a regional thing, or even just a city-by-city thing. I take your point about the lawn mowers etc potentially needing gas though.

  • Reddit Signs AI Content Licensing Deal Ahead of IPO
  • I deleted all my posts before closing my accounts back when they were breaking third-party apps, although I'm sure they probably kept a private log of all posts specifically for this purpose.

    To be honest, I expect AI companies are scraping Lemmy and other places for training data anyway, but I'd rather Reddit specifically not make any money off my posts.

  • What's your wider fediverse setup?

    I've been on Lemmy and Mastodon for a little while but still not super active on either, and haven't really kept up with fediverse stuff as a whole.

    With that said, I'm interested, what are you using, how are you using it, and what are you using it on? Do you have a bunch of accounts per platform? Do you try use one account across everything as much as you can?

    I'll go first with something of a template that might make responding easier for people:

    EDIT: Apologies for the formatting, it seems like some of the markdown stuff is broken/very different to any other markdown formatting I've used and this is the best I can do. Hope it's legible enough.


    • Accessed from:

    • Platform name

    • Accounts:

    • Apps:

    • Uses:

    Accessed from:

    • Safari on MacOS

    • Apps on iOS


    • Accounts: 2 — an anonymous one that I occasionally post from (on an NZ instance) and one under my real name that I basically just use to save my name as a handle (on, cos it seems like the one most likely to endure all things)

    • Apps: Ice Cubes, Mammoth — I have both accounts on both apps, I like each for different reasons. Ice Cubes is super customisable and open, Mammoth is pretty.

    • Uses: Following some podcast hosts, keeping up with local news.


    • Accounts: 1 — just this one I'm posting from.

    • Apps: Memmy and Mlem. I was a long-time Apollo user and have been seeking out a Lemmy app with that level of polish. Nothing really feels quite the same, but I'm sure with time one of them will get there.

    • Uses: Trying to replace Reddit as a discussion board for a bunch of topics I my real-world friends aren't as interested in, and for keeping up with tech news.


    • Accounts: 1 — under my real name.

    • Apps: 0 at the moment. I used the Pixelfed test flight app for a while, but it seemed to be hurting my battery life. When it gets a proper app store release, I'll probably grab it again if nothing else comes along.

    • Uses: Trying to make it as much of an old-Instagram replacement as possible.

    Now it's your turn. What other platforms are you on, how are you using them, etc.


    What earbuds do you run with?

    I'm a sweaty boy looking at getting back into running. I've been using Jaybird Tarah Pros for the last 5ish years but they're not charging reliably and I've been having other issues with them, so I think it's time to look for replacements.

    I'm interested in the Beats Fit Pros because of the Apple integration, but the IPX4 rating has me a little worries that they won't last long. I've never run with fully wireless earbuds before, but I'd love recommendations of what y'all are using, models/brands you like, and which ones you hate.

    I sometimes run with sunglasses, so I'd rather not have anything with ear loops (I also have weird ear and so loops often hurt me more than they help).

    EDIT: Thanks for the recommendations. I got really sick after posting this so my replies stopped dead, but I read all your replies and have a list of models and brands to check out once I can get out of bed again. Much appreciated! 🤙