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Oh no.
  • It's definitely a parody, but a parody of something so uncomfortable that making fun of it puts a bad taste in your mouth, because you can't really mock it without.. ya know.. remembering that the music industry was (and probably still is) full of pedos, and that such things used to be perfectly acceptable...

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
    1. A third party would need to have a feasible chance of winning even a single fucking state, and the literal only chance of that would be if every single Democrat and Republican spontaenously and simulteanously dropped dead right before voting day.
    2. The amount of harm caused by Biden would have to be equal to or greater than than the harm caused by Trump, which is demonstrably not the case.
  • DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation (Is it safe)

    I've heard there's a way to get this game, DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation on Steam if you use a VPN to say you're from singapore...

    I was a big fan of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball back in the day so I'd like to snag this title, but.... I'm worried if I do Steam will ban my account

    I can't seem to find a straight answer on if this is safe or not. What do you say Lemmy?

    Do resources respawn in Dragon Quest Builders 2

    I was just asking because I seem to be running out of wood more and more often, but it doesn't look like the trees are growing back.

    I recently play Dragon Quest Treasures for the first time

    I just want to give a shout out to Sham Hatwich for being one of the most adorable things I've ever seen

    Unofficial Teal Mask hype thread

    Just one more day before part 1 of Treasure of Area Zero drops! I hope it's everything you want it to be.

    What are the odds that Mewtwo will get a Paradox form in either of the new DLCs

    Specifically a Future Variant resembling either MechaMew2 from the live show or Armored Mewtwo from the anime?

    It's just one of those things we're overdue for imo. Another one being an ice type Onix, as it was the first region variant back in the anime.

    Official Us Appreciation Topic

    I only knew Us for a tutorial I kept reloading until I was sure what was up with the brain, but if anything ever happened to him (I'm guessing he's a he?) I would kill everyone in the Forgotten Realms, and then myself.

    Let's play a game. How would you reboot The Jetsons if you were tasked with doing so.

    So I am an avid watcher of Tubi, the last remaining ethical streaming service.

    Lately it has been recommending me sitcoms of the 1960s, and so far I've really been finding myself surprisingly enjoying this look into the past. Gilligan's island, The Jetsons, and bewitched.

    I was watching The Jetsons today before work just to have Some Noise playing whilst I ingested my ramen noodles before work. Given that this is a sitcom about the future and how American society as pictured in the 1960s would adapt if the Space Age Promises of Tomorrow held true.

    Not that kind of got me thinking, the Jetsons is very much in the ballpark of flintstones, it's a modern family, in a time period that people of the 1960s would not consider modern. Now Flintstones doesn't really need to be updated, because it's set in a fictionalized stone age. You would not have to do much to update it if you wanted to do a modern take on that setting.

    But what about the Jetsons? Now let's say you were put in charge of making this reboot happen? How would you do it?

    Would you be overly self aware and make jokes about a lot of future predictions that didn't come true? Would you try to make it a sitcom version of Star Trek, like lower decks, but featuring a family instead of the D Squad?

    Or maybe do something a bit more serious?

    I want to hear from you, this is a message board for movies and TV shows, so let's Flex those creative muscles, how would you make a new movie or TV show about the Jetsons?

    Anyone know any good FNAF fan games?

    I recently played through Bondee's Barnyard, and I plan to play Jr.'s sometime soonish

    I accidentally bought a game while my VPN was on

    I bought Mega Man X Dive Offline, really hyped for it, but then when I double checked my VPN, I realized it was set for the Netherlands.... Not good, I thought I had it set for the US as per usual.

    Now it still showed the price in USD, but now I'm paranoid, I put in a refund explaining the situation and promising I'd buy it with the VPN turned off this time..

    How fucked am I?

    Am I allowed to use a VPN with Steam?

    Recently got a VPN because I've become increasingly paranoid (It's getting crazy out there), but.... is it a bannable offense to use it while on Steam?

    I'm finding mixed answers, and I wanna be safe, so I figured the Fediverse might know.

    Dangeresque randonly dropped on Steam

    So I guess all you Homestar Runner fans have something there. Played it last night, short, but I had fun with it.

    google drive, getting away

    So here is the issue, I use Google Drive because I am a writer who does a lot of writing. And I thought the cloud was a reliable way to store my writing, however now Google is looking through it's to train their ai. And I'm worried about that, especially since I have written a lot of questionable content, porn and the like. What if Google Now arbitrarily decides that I'm not using Google Drive properly and bans me from the Google, that's not good. What should I do and what alternatives can I use? Will these Alternatives still be around in like 10 years?

    Gen 8 Sword - What are the best Egg Moves for Pokemon?

    Doing Egg Chains for fun, what are some worth pursuing? Thanks

    Don't have Violet yet, making Eggs for it though

    Playing Sword's DLC, when I get Violet, I want to trade over some Pokemon that know egg moves. Level 1 of course, to keep it fair.

    Any suggestions?

    So far I have Delibird with Ice Shard, Happiny with Present, but not sure who else to shoot for.. or if Happiny is even in the Violet Pokedex

    Cubone and Kangaskhan Headcanon Fan Theory (May be a little disturbing)

    So these are two Pokemon that have breeding oddities. Now I know the reason is because Gen 1 has no breeding mechanics, so a lot of how Pokemon reproduce was pretty much an unknown.

    We see this in the anime as we have things like "Baby Pikachu" and "Baby Nidoqueen", and though they're blink and you miss it moments, they're still a solid case of Early Installment Weirdness.

    But still, I'm a total dork, so I have to have my head cannons for things that don't make sense.

    So if you don't know what's wrong with these two Pokemon when it comes to breeding, I'll make it simple. Cubone's a longer explanation so I'll start with it.

    Cubone's most infamous trait is the fact that it is constantly depressed, wearing its mother's skull and pining for a parent. Eventually the skull on Cubone's head fuses with the creature's real skull, and Cubone masters using the bone as a weapon, giving us Marowak.

    Marowak if female can lay a Cubone egg, the Marowak does not die, but the Cubone is STILL wearing the mother's skull... Okay weird, and even stranger, Cubone can have siblings ALL WEARING the skull of its mother, how the heck does that work?

    And for Kangaskhan, the issue is easier to explain. Kangaskhan hatches from eggs as a full grown adult with a baby in her pouch. If that makes sense to you, then I need some of what you're on.

    However I can resolve both plot holes in one fan theory, and here it is.

    Kangaskhan and Baby Kangaskhan are not mother and child, they are SIBLINGS! The bigger one is always female, the smaller one, not so much. The two are born together and start off with a symbiotic relationship; the nature of which is commonly mistaken as being of a mother and child by those who don't know any better.

    At some point, there was a gene that caused a birth defect in which the older sibling dies in utero or improperly forms, leaving behind mere bones. The younger one having the instinctual need to form this symbiotic relationship, wears the skull and bone to compensate.

    At some point, Kangaskhans without this defect outbred the ones that had it, making it virtually extinct. Causing Kangaskhan and Marowak to divulge into two separate species. Cubones and Marowak that still have the defect, making it impossible for them birth a healthy Kangaskhan, and Kangaskhan gaining an immunity to the problem making it impossible for them to birth a Cubone.

    I mean yeah there is the Cubone who misses his mother in the first game, but, we see the mother's ghost is a Marowak. So... yeah..

    What do you think? Have you come up with a different theory, the same theory, or have you just not thought about it?

    Lemme know

    Does anyone else remember Cartoon Planet?

    I know it's not specifically Adult Swim related, but it was a kid-friendly off-shoot of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, so it's tangentially related.

    If you haven't heard of it, it was a block in 1997 when Cartoon Network was just starting out that wasl as I said before, a kid-friendly version of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Instead of having special guests to interview, you'd mostly just have Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak standing around talking to each other. Sometimes you would have clips of cartoons or some live action footage they filmed of a guy in a Space Ghost costume to sort of interrupt things and keep things flowing.

    It was mostly a flimsy excuse to try to pretend Cartoon Network had original content (At the time it was mostly Hanna Barbara reruns), and extremely low budget (Something they make fun of themselves for)

    All the episodes are archived one YouTube

    I just wanted to bring this to the attention of those who hadn't heard of it, and invite those who have seen it, whether as a kid or through youtube uploads, to discuss there opinion of it.

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