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we found love in a hopeless place
  • Problem being, this won't be like that. This will be significantly worse and likely faster as well. It will not be as driven by human action (in the moment) so much as by natural forces. Maybe some of us will be okay though. I hope.

  • Delhi temperature hits 52.9C, shattering India’s national record
  • I have long since written myself off as likely dying in a fight over resources (food, clean water, medicine) with some yokel who still wouldn't believe in climate change. And people act confused when I say I have no motivation at work or hope for the future. Wild shit.

  • Good morning, carnists who lurk this community for some reason
  • I support vegans environmentally just on principle, but it's just way too much effort to examine everything that I eat for whatever animal products. I greatly reduce my meat consumption though, especially red meat. I'm just to fucking tired and depressed to put forth the energy necessary to be strictly vegan or even vegetarian.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • That's only true when you are dealing with the infinite growth of capitalism. Nations and empires have used the gold standard for thousands of years. It only became "impossible" when we tried to inflate the value of economies into the stratosphere to enrich the aristocrats of society.

  • Nope. No.
  • It's not about what the people use the AI for, you incompetent prick. Who owns the AI? They make money from it providing a service to people. That service is stealing the abilities of real people who no longer get paid for their services.

    A child could understand this but as I said you will never even try to because you simply don't give a shit about anyone or anything but your own enjoyment.

  • Iranian President Raisi feared dead as helicopter wreckage found
  • Can you elaborate on why this would be destabilizing? I mean obviously the president dying is bad, but are there specific groups that are in positions to do anything to cause problems due to this? Wouldn't there be someone under him in the chain of command or another election that could be held?

    I do not know very much about Iran's internal politics beyond a basic synopsis, I'm just looking for some info.

  • Nope. No.
  • You fucking moron, they aren't using that art for financial gain. That's the fucking difference. You will never listen to any actual grievances though because you don't care who or what it harms, only that you get cool new gadgets. Eat shit you cunt bag.

  • Nope. No.
  • Because it can only do that through theft of intellectual property. Also, just because you like using something that will obviously and quickly be used to tighten the shackles around your ankles, doesn't mean that others have to enjoy their chains or lick boots.

  • We’re letting Trump distract us from his corrupt, anti-climate agenda | There is a strange, substantive vacuum in this campaign cycle.
  • I wasn't reducing anyone and I don't think the person you were responding to was either. Some people have a harder time focusing on many things at once than others. In the same way that many many people have no internal voice in their head with which they think, people's brains work differently. It's just a fact. Some are more efficient at parsing large quantities of varied data than others. That is also a fact. I'm not trying to devalue those who cannot do that, but it would be immature and irresponsible to not consider that when looking for the causes of miscommunication or misunderstandings about how society actually functions just because you think it might hurt someone's feelings if they were told that about themselves.

    To be quite honest, prioritizing climate change is the responsible and rational thing to do because if we fuck that up, literally nothing else we have done will have any meaning, whatsoever.