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Who reads this anyway? Nobody, that’s who. I could write just about anything here, and it wouldn’t make a difference. As a matter of fact, I’m kinda curious to find out how much text can you dump in here. If you’re like really verbose, you could go on and on about any pointless...[no more than this]

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Xylitol, a common sugar substitute, found to be associate with "cardiovascular risk," per new study
  • Sodium nitrite is toxic to humans, but it’s used as a food preservative. Ever wondered why?

  • Xylitol, a common sugar substitute, found to be associate with "cardiovascular risk," per new study
  • If you want to take a look at the study, it’s right here. I took a quick look at it, and it seemed pretty good to me. Since I didn’t notice any obvious red flags, there could be something actually going on with xylitol.

    However, I wonder if anyone has seen similar results in other studies. Having a single study about this is nice, but I think I need a few more before we jump to any conclusions.

  • Linus Torvalds Throws Down The Hammer: Extensible Scheduler "sched_ext" In Linux 6.11
  • Maybe you could use an LLM to filter out all the murder threats and curses while also adding all the necessary punctuation.

  • Apple will update iPhones for at least 5 years in rare public commitment
  • As opposed to the practices of which company?

    Giving only a few years of support is not a great practice, but that’s the world we live in. If we had fully open source phones, then the community could provide the updates for much longer, but there’s still a pretty long way to go in that regard.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech
  • Oh that’s just great. Two similar place names like that, and they also happen to be relatively close to each other. I can see how that could cause some confusion.

    Similarly, Kuhmo and Kuhmoinen (both in Finland) are about 446 km apart, but you can easily avoid the confusion as long as you know roughly which part of the country you’re talking about.

    There’s also Helsingborg (town in Sweden) and Helsinfors (swedish name for the capital of Finland). What could go wrong.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech
  • OMG, that makes it so much worse. If someone tells you about a specific place, and you want to look it up later, you have absolutely zero chance of ever spelling it correctly. Good luck typing lester or woster in Wikipedia or Maps.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech
  • I can only think if Toron(t)o. Never really thought about other towns doing the same thing.

  • xkcd #2941: Cell Organelles
  • Lithosphere and mantle. Got it. 👍

  • Fast food should be expensive.
  • A friend of mine switched from a dumb phone to a smart phone some time in around 2015. He said that the dumb phone was keeping him isolated from the rest of the world. He was unable to communicate with the with certain people because they were sending messages using whatsapp, facebook and all that modern spyware trash. It was too late to stick to a dumb phone back then, and now it’s even worse. If you want to isolate yourself from the people around you, a dumb phone has become an excellent tool to achieve that.

  • Fast food should be expensive.
  • Even though the reasons for buying these products are different, the mechanics are surprisingly similar.

    Here’s an example. A nicotine addict has to choose between keeping on smoking or going through the struggles of quitting. Someone driving a car has the choice of keeping the current job, or going through the trouble of finding a job that happens to be within cycling distance. People tend to pick the easier option, even though there are good reasons for going through all the trouble.

  • Fast food should be expensive.
  • It’s because of price elasticity, people are going to keep on buying cigarettes even if the price keeps on increasing. If smoking becomes as expensive as renting an apartment or owning a car, that’s when we’re going to see some decrease in cigarette consumption. At the moment, people also complain about electricity and gasoline prices, but I suspect those prices could double without hurting sales that much. Increasing them about 10X would probably cross a line and people would start using those resources as sparingly as possible.

  • What would an ENSH*TTIFIED Linux distro look like?
  • LOL. Those raid ads baked into the OS were just a cherry on top.

  • xkcd #2940: Modes of Transportation
  • Unicycles are clearly more dangerous than skis.

  • Wow, they're a paleo-veterinarian too!
  • Yes. It’s fakeception all the way.

  • Wow, they're a paleo-veterinarian too!
  • After all, there are fake doctors, so why not fake patients too? There’s also fake medicine, so all of it should work out perfectly.

  • Wow, they're a paleo-veterinarian too!
  • No internal organs either! Looks like they were all scooped out, as if this dino was being prepared for mummification.

    There’s also a clear fracture line in the chest. My guess is that’s where the chest pain was coming from.

  • Roman World
  • You’re right that there are many big differences. Launching a rocket into space could be compared with building a major cathedral back in the day. People did both, but not very often, because those projects are very demanding. Ships were also super expensive, but we built those all the time, so obviously the requirements weren’t quite as high.

    Also attitudes have shifted quite a lot in the recent centuries, so losing a few sailors isn’t quite the same as losing an astronaut. Nowadays, safety is taken a lot more seriously which makes the project even more expensive.

  • Cockroaches wouldn't exist without humans. We helped them become one of the world's worst pests, according to a new study.
  • That’s a very good addition. The old filters are still there and any one of them could still come back and bite us. However, when better technology becomes available, the older filters become less and less of a problem. Let’s take the bioweapons as an example. At the moment, we can develop cures and vaccines, but that technology has its limits. Perhaps one day our biotech is advanced enough that stopping a bioweapon from harming the citizens is as trivial as updating some software and changing a few passwords. Likewise, the climate catastrophe becomes less and less of an issue if the species is no longer bound to a single planet, but can also thrive in space.

  • September 24!

    Now September has about 6.2*10^23 days, which is several orders of magnitude longer than the age of the known universe.



    Any news?

    Would like to know more about what’s going on with the development of this app? Any plans? How are things going? What sort of things will be the primary focus in the near future?


    The tiles

    Spoiler, there’s more.

    Location: Finland, Helsinki, Pukinmäki railway station


    Should you invest in a better grinder?

    If you're not quite sure about getting into coffee, you can get started with a small budget, and you can make a nice cup of coffee that way. Probabaly not a great cup, but a cup of coffee you'll find enjoyable at the time. Once you start experimenting with different variables and digging a bit deeper into different flavors, you may notice that you're not getting the same cup every time. That's when you start pushing the limit of what's possible with the equipment you have available, and you'll realize that using a cheap grinder is sort of like making you play this game in the hard mode.

    Examples: Using a cheap blender type grinder (blade grinder) means you can easily chop coffee to some unknown random particle size. You don’t pay much, but at least you can use recently roasted whole bean coffee, which is great. If you want to adjust the particle size in a specific way, that’s when it gets very tricky. Did you grind one second longer than last time? Too bad, now it’s way too fine and you’re getting a bitter cup as a result. Fortunately, you can easily fix that with milk, but as you start noticing more details in the taste profile, you start demanding more and more. Consequently, fixing mistakes with milk won’t be as appealing as it once was.

    Using a cheap hand grinder is a lot better than an electric blender. Once you set the screw at a specific position, you’ll get the same particle size every time, which is great for consistency. What if you decide to use a french press today, but tomorrow you want to switch back to pour over, moka pot or AeroPress? Too bad, the grinder has no markings on it, so you’ll just have to eye-ball the setting and hope for the best. That’s obviously easier than timing your blender perfectly every time, but it’s still not exactly easy to get great results.

    The solution: Eventually you’ll want to buy a burr grinder (electric or manual) with clear markings for different grind sizes.

    When to invest? Don’t spend any more money on better gear until you’ve already “needed” better gear a few times in order to fix something you’ve noticed in your cup. As long as you’re relatively happy with your current gear and the cup it produces, there’s no need to spend more on this hobby. However, when you start noticing new things, that’s the right time to buy something that really addresses a specific thing you have in mind.

    Summary: Get started with cheap gear and upgrade only when you think it’s necessary. Getting some random cup of coffee using cheap gear is easy, but getting a specific kind of cup with that gear is hard. Using more expensive gear will make it easier.

    Something else? This is based on my personal experiences, and your experiences may differ. This rule of thumb might apply to grinders, but it is not guaranteed to apply to other types of equipment. For instance, I don’t own an espresso machine, so I have no idea how price is reflected on the end result in that case.


    separator collision

    Can we please just use a space for thousands and something else for decimals? Use a comma, point, hedgehog emoji 🦔 or whatever happens to be traditional in your country, but please make sure it will never ever be confused with a thousands separator.


    Opettavainen tarina siitä miten tavaroita tilataan muuhun kuin omaan kotiosoitteeseen

    Yksityisyyden vuoksi olen muutellut tarinasta yhtä sun toista. Oletetaan, että asun vaikka Espoossa, ja sukulaisia asuu Kittilässä.

    Lähdin sukulaisreissulle Kittilään, ja vietän siellä aikaa noin kuukauden verran. Siellä ollessani päätin tilata sukulaiselle yhden jutun Ranskasta. Ajattelin, että vaikka paketin toimittamiseen meneekin yli viikko, olen vielä silloin Kittilässä vastaanottamassa, joten kaiken pitäisi toimia ihan hyvin. Ilmoitin tilaukseen omat maksutietoni, mutta pistin toimitusosoitteeksi sukulaiseni osoitteen. Viime viikolla Ranskalainen firma ilmoitti, että paketti on lähtenyt postiin ja kaikki näytti hyvältä. Äsken lähetys ilmaantui myös postin kännykkäohjelmaan, mutta siinäpä kerrottiinkin, että paketti ei tulekaan Kittilään, vaan Espooseen!

    Miten tähän päädyttiin ja kenen vika se oli? Aluksi ajattelin, että lähetyksestä vastaava firma ei taaskaan lukenut tilauksen tietoja, mutta tällä kertaa se firma ei edes saanut mitään muuta kuin tuon Kittilän osoitteen. Aamukahvia hörpiskellessä pengoin kaikki mahdolliset tiedot tilauksesta ja hoksasin että Postilla on yksi aika jännä käytäntö.

    ”Viemme paketit valitsemaasi Omaan noutopisteeseen, jos

    • et ole valinnut verkkokaupassa noutopistettä, vaan olet tilannut katuosoitteeseen ja
    • olet antanut puhelinnumerosi tilauksen yhteydessä.”

    Toden totta, ihan kaikki ehdot täyttyivät, ja nyt paketti on matkalla aivan eri paikkaan kuin mihin sen halusin.

    1. Olen määritellyt oman noutopisteen, koska Espoossa ollessani haluan paketit aina tiettyyn paikkaan.
    2. Ranskalainen verkkokauppa ei tiedä mitään suomalaisista noutopisteistä, joten sellaista ei voinut valita siinä vaiheessa ollenkaan.
    3. Tilasin sen Kittilässä olevaan katuosoitteeseen, koska siellähän vastaanottajakin on.
    4. Annoin oman puhelinnumeroni tilauksen yhteydessä, jotta sitä kautta voin seurata missä mennään. Näin jälkeenpäin ajateltuna olisi kai pitänyt laittaa sukulaisen numero tähän.

    Oletettavastikin Ranskalainen pakettifirama vielä liimasi pakettiin ihan oikean osoitetarran, mutta kun looda saapui Suomen rajan yli, Posti vetikin siitä aivan uudet johtopäätökset. Kun siinä kerran on minun puhelinnumeroni, posti totesi, että sitä numeroa vastaava noutopiste on määritetty, joten katuosoite voidaan unohtaa kokonaan, ja paketti meneekin siis aikaisemmin määriteltyyn noutopisteeseen.

    Paketti saapuu pian Espooseen, ja tulee viemään siellä automaatista tilaa muilta lähetyksiltä. Sitä säilytetään kai jotain viikon verran, mutta siinä vaiheessa minä olen kuitenkin vielä Kittilässä, joten tuokaan pelivara ei lohduta.

    Paketin toimitusosoitetta voi vaihtaa lennosta, mutta vain lähettäjä voi tehdä semmoisen tempun; ei vastaanottaja. Paketille voi teoriasssa ostaa lisää säilytysaikaa, mutta en ole löytänyt sellaista vaihtoehtoa vielä mistään. Minun tapauksessani sitä pitäisi kai ostaa ainakin 2 viikkoa lisää. Maanantaina pitää ottaa yhteyttä asiakaspalveluun, niin nähdään miten tämä sekasotku korjataan. Eipä olisi arvannut, että yhden paketin tilaaminen menisi näin monimutkaiseksi.


    GPT told me to break my system

    In my case, there are 95 packages that depend on zlib, so removing it is absolutely the last thing you want to do. Fortunately though, GPT also suggested refreshing the gpg keys, which did solve the update problem I was having.

    You gotta be careful with that psycho!


    Spider appreciation

    Hopefully this is the right sub for sharing my appreciation for spiders.

    I really like seeing spiders in my home, because they eat the other critters that might be trying to invade my place. There aren’t any dangerous spiders in this country, so they’re all welcome here.

    Thumbs up for spiders. 👍👍

    Just the other day, I encountered a relatively big spider. A little while after switching the lights off in the night, I suddenly remembered I had to do something. I got up and switched the lights back on, and that’s when I saw it. In my geographic location 2-3 cm is on the bigger end of the spectrum, but in warmer climates you would probably call it small instead. It quickly scurried away under the kitchen cupboard, so I guess that’s where it also stays during the day. I wished it good hunting.

    Since it was running around, it probably isn’t the web weaving kind. The abdomen was long and the legs were relatively long, but not super long. It was difficult to to identify it any better in those conditions.


    Which task would be ideal for an LLM such as chatGPT?

    Here's some context for the question. When image generating AIs became available, I tried them out and found that the results were often quite uncanny or even straight up horrible. I ended up seeing my fair share of twisted fingers, scary faces and mutated abominations of all kinds.

    Some of those pictures made me think that since the AI really loves to create horror movie material, why not take advantage of this property. I started asking it to make all sorts of nightmare monsters that could have escaped from movies such as The Thing. Oh boy, did it work! I think I've found the ideal way to use an image generating AI. Obviously, it can do other stuff too, but with this particular category, the results are perfect nearly every time. Making other types of images usually requires some creative promptcrafting, editing, time and effort. When you ask for a "mutated abomination from Hell", it's pretty much guaranteed to work perfectly every time.

    What about LLMs though? Have you noticed that LLMs like chatGPT tend to gravitate towards a specific style or genre? Is it longwinded business books with loads of unnecessary repetition or is it pointless self help books that struggle to squeeze even a single good idea in a hundred pages? Is it something even worse? What would be the ideal use for LLMs? What's the sort of thing where LLMs perform exceptionally well?


    Which prediction was supposed to happen already?

    During covid times I heard many interesting conspiracy predictions such as the value is money will fall to zero, the whole society will collapse, the vaccine will kill 99% of the population etc. None of those things have happened yet, but can you add some other predicitons to the list?

    Actually, long before covid hit, there were all sorts of predictions floating around. You know, things like the 2008 recession will cause the whole economy to collapse and then we’ll go straight to Mad Max style post-apocalyptic nightmare or 9/11 was supposed to start WW3. I can’t even remember all the predictions I’ve heard over the years, but I’m sure you can help me out. Oh, just remembered that someone said that paper and metal money will disappear completely by year xyz. At the time that date was like only a few years away, but now it’s more like 10 years ago or something. Still waiting for that one to come true…


    BREAKING: The USA is switching to METRIC! Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.