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Trump appeals $454 million New York civil fraud judgment
  • So remind me, there was the big circus getting the collateral to put up just to make the appeal many months ago, but the appeal is now just being made? Or was the first appeal rejected by the judge and the verdict is now being appealed to a higher court? When will this buffoon run out of options to appeal?

    Engoron sanctioned five Trump lawyers $7,500 each in September 2023 for "repeating these frivolous arguments" after they were rejected by courts multiple times.

    Also what penalties are there for his lawyers gunning up the system with these endless, baseless appeals?

  • Biden says he is dropping out of presidential race as Democrats prepare to 'pass the torch'
  • I don't think you understand, mate. This guy really wants the man on the TV to be president, ok? You know, the one with no actual governing experience, the guy whose writers allow him to be perceived as witty and informed and snarky, the host who licked the boot of Apple because he thought the world needed to hear his take on public affairs. That guy!

    As for Porter, I assume he means Jody Porter, lead guitarist of Grammy Award-nominated power pop band Fountains of Wayne.

    Stewart/Porter yall!!

  • 16 July 2024
  • This one got me puzzled, so I googled it and the best I could find is

    Some are as simple as claiming that the man in the comic is blind, explaining why the newspaper is blank and that he possibly mistook a bowl of meat for a bowl of fruit. Other theories are as deep as thinking that the comic is meant to symbolize the mistreatment and deterioration of the American middle class by the upper crust. Whichever theory is correct is still up in the air, but one thing is for certain is that no one truly knows what this strip is about.

    From screenrant

  • Progressive Dems Call for Codifying Chevron After 'Dangerous' Supreme Court Ruling | Common Dreams
  • Tbf, they probably didn't anticipate the courts overturning decades of precedent when they last had a filibuster proof supermajority 12 years ago (I don't think any of us saw this getting so, so bad back then), so this is a bit of a stretch

  • Survivor 45 premieres Wed Sept 27 with 90 min episode

    8 pm ET, 90 min episodes confirmed for entire season