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  • Doublespeak.

  • How you might have learned about moles in 1935
  • I won't believe it until I see it

  • Ahhhhh.


  • Do You Add Extra Storage to Your Playstation?
  • Yes, this is precisely why I like the PS5. You can freely install any game from any disc, and have fast loading times. This wasn't true on older consoles.

  • Do You Add Extra Storage to Your Playstation?
  • This is true if you live in a place with good internet, which is effectively nowhere in the U.S.. I just had a friend who was basically without internet for 3 weeks because of how garbage Spectrum is. Good luck downloading a game then.

    Or when live services shut down.

  • Do You Add Extra Storage to Your Playstation?
  • I just buy physical, because, ultimately, I don't replay games often. It's faster and cheaper to just download from disks. Plus, if I ever happen to move, I won't have to deal with Spectrum's shitty internet to download massive games.

  • Oh no!
  • The Gods be DAMNED it should be "Laughing and relating to"

  • The Next Characters to Enter the Public Domain
  • Ah, but they'll lobby harder. Batman will enter the public domain in 2,635.

  • What do you think about my Linux Tierlist?
  • This is some proper brainrot right here. Bravo!

  • Nobody dare Pluto Pterodactyl
  • One might say they're actually dead

  • Seeing more than he should...
  • This is specifically low resolution enough to look normal unless you're tripping balls, in which case.. you just have to witness it.

  • Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake will have a performance mode for PS5 and three difficulty settings
  • It may also be for aesthetics. Some people like 30FPS for a more cinematic appearance, while some prefer 60FPS, or even 120FPS. Choices are good.

  • Haiku Rule
  • Instructions unclear, fox mode activated

  • Rule
  • what

  • Think about it
  • So you don't have to look it up

  • Anon makes fun of @ebassi
  • Aye, but what if I don't want good things

  • Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters
  • I was literally agreeing with you, but alright

  • Pornhub to block two more states over age verification laws
  • Golly, if only there was a way to appear as if I were in a different location.. a network of tunnels that I could travel through.. like a very fast mole....

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • Sometimes, I swear this is only me, but it's absolutely not only me.

  • Numa numa rule


    Epic embed fail


    Where? Is? Quick Look!?

    By far, the feature I most sorely miss in Linux compared to macOS is Quick Look. Press the space bar, see file contents. Use the arrow keys, view different files. Simple, quick, and WAY faster than opening an entire app every single time I want to check the contents of a file. I also miss the column view in conjunction with arrow keys (I’m VERY keyboard-centric, I liked being able to navigate everything with only a keyboard), but that’s less important, and probably has an easy analogue.

    Most of the discussions about this that I found are older than I am (hyperbole), and I found a bunch of dead projects last updated years ago. I also found that GNOME apparently has a feature like Quick Look, but that would involve using GNOME.

    I’m running Debian 12 with Plasma 5 (Does Plasma 6 have anything?) Is there any way to restore this functionality? I intend for this to be more of a master thread that anyone can visit to get help on the matter, as I’m sure I’m not the only Linux user who loves Quick Look.

    Any suggestions or just talk is very appreciated.


    THE game played by ZERO people