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uh oh
  • Or infinite corners, depending on who you ask

  • CrowdStrike is a verb now
  • Rito adding Vanguard to LoL was the reason why I finally deleted the game, although I moved to DOTA after the butterfly incident

  • CrowdStrike is a verb now
  • I'm curious what would he the definition of Ring 0 anti-cheat

  • uh oh
  • When corners are cut, they multiply, so they're not scared of losing corners, but rather of corner inflation

  • Did you win? Fill out and repost as a comment
  • Answer to backpack question: it's leg day™

  • Spice up your DNA
  • IIRC only female bees have stingers

  • When you play so bad even the game is confused

    Famous last words?
  • Absurdism says you just don't care and do your stuff anyway

  • Tactical Monk Drop

    Monks at level 12 decrease the fall damage they take by 70, which means they're almost guaranteed to take max 20 points by falling from more than 200 feet (99,67% chance according to anydice).

    That means level 12+ monks can jump from airships and other flying objects at basically no risk in order to infiltrate some place (especially way of shadow) or surprise their enemies.

    Do what you want with this knowledge.

    Like a prion
  • Spaghettification!

  • This game gave me PTSD 😩
  • Unfortunately, Microshit shut down the devs behind Hi-Fi Rush

  • LLM - Large Language Model, so these pictures will be all ASCII

  • you know what
  • That's your biggest problem? Not that you have to use ≠instead of !=?

  • The experience that made me hate programming, but that's all on me
  • One time I've been trying to force UE5 to let me edit TArray<TPair>, an hour later I realized I could just use TMap

  • Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • (Looking for this image has definitely put me on a watchlist)

  • If at first you don't succeed...
  • My way of quitting that was Dark Souls 3 (even though I apparently suck at it way more than I should) - Can't beat that part? Get your arse back over there and stop complaining. You WILL succeed.

  • People will find anything to be upset about
  • Tell it to the die, as it was it, not me, who has chosen the color

  • People will find anything to be upset about
  • "From now on we'll paint them..." *rolls a die* ""

  • Yeah, your assaults are cool, but do they have DRIP?


    Firefox freezes the entire system 10-20 seconds after startup

    Everything worked fine until today, updated the system yesterday. Cursor works, I can start the reboot and such, but not app will open, no terminal command can be performed, and the shutdown doesn't finish after 30 minutes, meaning I have to perform a SysRq reboot to actually do something. Will check Discord and VSCode in a second, also try to apt update and post findings in an edit. Worst case I can wait for an update using dual-booted windows.

    Edit: Apparently the problem fixed itself - none of the apps crashed, even when I went back to the previous settings. I've booted into Windows to write this post which might've helped (instead of breaking things the usual way), apt didn't do anything, but there were 2 runtime updates on Pop shop which I've installed prior to starting Firefox. Anyway, one of them can help if any of you are unfortunate enough to have the same problem.


    I move my Groot to D5 and sacrifice my kind to capture the enemy king


    Shadow of Intent - Elegy III: Overcome Elegy III: Overcome - YouTube Music

    Provided to YouTube by Shadow of Intent Elegy III: Overcome · Shadow of Intent · Chris Wiseman · Ben Duerr · Chris Wiseman · Ben Duerr Elegy ℗ Shadow of I...

    Elegy III: Overcome - YouTube Music

    Genre: technical deathcore with influences of symphonic death metal

    I've chosen this song, because it has more clean parts than most of the others. If you don't mind harsh vocals, I'd recommend listening to Chthonic Odyssey.

    They may be pretty well known, but they're not signed to any label, so I consider them indie.