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Anon makes up a word
  • Hah fr

    I had to write blueJ tests for a class that my wife randomly volunteered me for. So in an hour I threw together ten really easy hello world type tests that the kids world submit to web cat.

    The instructions all said don’t just print like 4 if it was asking you to add 2+2 then return and print the sum.

    All the kids got it right by printing and returning the correct answers but my wife’s coworker at the library had an aneurism when they realized they could just print the 4.

  • Lemmings do you feel like you are falling behind in your area of expertise?
  • Lmao for real

    Every time I’ve gotten a real pay increase it’s because I’ve hopped to a new company.

    I hate to admit that my first couple times as a manager I left as soon as I felt like I actually knew what I was doing and not just faking it

  • Run Energy Changes
  • I’d love energy changes and making agility feel like it does something.

    On an iron the worst supply to get is staminas imo. Agility already sucks but now you’re forced to do rooftops just to get marks instead of sepulcher

  • [Playstation Lifestyle] Elden Ring DLC Difficulty Results in Controversy and Negative Player Reviews
  • I’ve put about 10 hours into the dlc and it’s not anymore difficult than the base game.

    The worst part of coming back to Elden Rings for me was that in my mind I remember myself as a parrying god who beat Malenia in one go.

    The sad reality is that I forgot how many attempts she took me so on my return the game quickly humbled me

  • Defunctland: Kid Cities


    1960s Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom was wild

    Sorry for the short clip but I’m not sure where you can find the uncut versions these days.

    I went through and binged season 1 a few months ago. The way they handle animals and interact with animals is so foreign that it’s hilarious.

    Also apparently in the 1960s they didn’t cut shit. If they filmed it then it probably made its way onto tv. There’s so many bizarre scenes where you ask yourself why tf was this kept in.

    Check them out if you can! I remember another scene where they lasso bears from canoes

    ObscureMedia Graphy

    Leonard Nimoy: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

    Might not be super obscure but as a lifelong LoTR fan and new Trek fan this was my first watch!


    Killer Of The Dinosaurs (Deccan Trap) Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Turning styrofoam into cinnamon candy


    Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions


    Eating at every Margaritaville in the Country


    Mr. Plinkett's Super Happy Fun Star Trek: The Next Generation Mistakes Video


    not a bot rule


    This is my fav sub but what's a B movie?

    Hey, sorry for the meta post! Please please delete this post if this doesn’t fit here.

    I love this sub but there’s been a few movies where I love the cover and the movie isn’t very popular (these day?) but I don’t post it because it’s a once popular film.

    Some examples are like

    They Live (carpenter)

    Mars Attacks

    In the Mouth of Madness

    I love all of those but fear they’re too well known or had too big of a budget to be B movies.

    Like I love the activity on this sub but don’t want to accidentally co opt it into just being movies I love haha


    Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

    I feel like this movie got/gets a lot of hate but as someone who was never a big fan of slashers it’s my absolute favorite Halloween franchise film!


    Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)


    Best way to get into mtg with my wife?

    So we’ve played a little MTGA online so we’re a little comfortable with the game but have no idea how to get into physical cards.

    We’re interested in having mainly only LoTR ones but weren’t sure what to buy at the store.

    Online it looks like there’s starters and boosters but what would be the best way to get like a lot of LoTR mainly cards?



    Sweet rule


    Feature Req: Hide/swap poster’s username when browsing multi subs

    Not a big deal but I’m still getting used to everything and trying to find new subs.

    I’ll find myself reading the post and directly under that is the posters username which for a split second makes me go wtf kind of sub is “MunichMyBalls”

    Love the app every other way though