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What's the best way to fill these holes in my laundry room?
  • You would want something like this. The important part is that it comes in two pieces so you can install it without having to disconnect anything to pass it through. The brushes are to resist airflow, but they are obviously not going to be airtight or pest resistant. For that, I would use expanding foam insulation. Those cables and pipes aren't going anywhere, and if you absolutely had to replace one, removing the sprayfoam is a trivial effort compared to the rest of the job.

    Split brushed plate for cable passthrough

  • A Cool guide to Cistercian Numerals
  • They kinda do. To read the numbers you look bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. There will either be a line in each quadrant to indicate the digit or not. I don't particularly like the bottom to top convention, but I guess it make more sense to have the information at the top for the more every day life one and two digit numbers.

  • There's no such thing as too much garlic
  • There was a shawarma place I used to go to that had an interesting "garlic sauce". You couldn't call it toum, as it was either not whipped with oil or they stopped after adding a splash. It had the appearance of being just very finely chopped garlic, like somebody ran it through a food processor until it was almost a paste. And fuck, it was so good on their donair pizzas. We used to get a small tub to go with it, but after a slice of the pizza, a sip of beer would set your tongue on fire. And the next morning, shaving would make the bathroom smell like fresh garlic. Definitely too much, but oddly worthwhile from time to time.

  • Dreams of AI
  • Getting value for time is productivity. Up to you if value is in money or enjoyment. Your "logic" seems extreme. I'd have to have some irrational hatred for shopping before I'd spend even more on groceries to get someone else to do it. Similarly, I'd have to have some pretty strong feelings to love it so much I'd take a minimum wage job to do it in my spare time. I think the average person is going to fall firmly in the "if shopping for an extra 30 minutes saves me 20 dollars, I'm doing it" camp.

  • Dreams of AI
  • Dude, we all waste more than enough time on any given day that we don't need to worry about the value of losing a half hour to save tens of dollars on our grocery bill. I can't imagine anyone using a site like this one is particularly worried about lost productivity during their free time.

  • Dreams of AI
  • Seriously. Sale items are often several dollars cheaper per item. It is well worth the time and gas driving to several stores unless they are very far apart, then just roll that into another trip. Some big "what could it cost, 10 dollars?" vibes off that comment.

  • Why Is Step-Incest Porn So Insanely Popular Right Now?
  • While true, you also need nothing fancy to have the neighbour come over. There is obviously a preference for it being more taboo. My guess is they figured they could cover both the incest fetish and vanilla porn with the same film as long as they didn't offend people enough to turn them off watching. So it sounds like most are willing to just ignore the parts they don't care about.

  • Google's "Manifest V2" Chrome extension phaseout next month is expected to impact the original uBlock Origin extension, which still uses the V2 framework and has 37 million users
  • I dunno man. I quickly learned to avoid Chrome at all costs because of the performance. Even when it was supposedly "good", it was always a massive memory hog. Never had that issue with Firefox, and if it ended up taking a few seconds longer here and there to load a page, it would pale in comparison to the overall hit to the system from Chrome. Like being penny wise and pound foolish.

  • Long delays and collapsed cases are eroding faith in the justice system, lawyers warn
  • A lot of municipalities these days are also falling all over themselves to put up speeding and red light cameras everywhere, which increases the institutional delay in our court systems. The ugly truth is that you just need to demand a court date for any ticket and they'll maybe get to you in four years. Putting together your own charter 11b challenge template, which is pretty damned easy in the Internet age, lets you pretty much ignore the cameras.

  • Why do people throw out old motors, bicycles, anything metal into rivers and lakes instead of a junk yard or the trash system?
  • Canada used to do this, but then they switched to charging the disposal "eco" fee up front when you buy the product new. Everything from that point on has been free to dispose of. Any metal or electronics products are all saleable scrap though, so you can get paid for them if you take them to a metal recycler instead of the dump. A lot of places advertise free places to dump those products so they can take them in to sell. Some will even come pick them up for free as well. But if something doesn't have an eco fee or isn't otherwise valuable scrap or recyleable, you pay by weight to landfill it.

  • James Bond's Roger Moore: a charming story
  • Not FYEO. It was intentionally written to ground Bond in reality after the absurdity that was Moonraker. He has one gadget, the Lotus, which gets blown up immediately, leading us into the iconic 2CV car chase. Even has Moore, well aware of the age gap between actors, blowing off the advances of the much younger Lynn-Holly Johnson by offering to instead buy her an ice cream. Great action sequences throughout, and one of the most kick ass Bond girls in Carole Bouquet.

  • Toronto-area drivers stopped by OPP will have to give breath sample
  • The device at the police station works no differently than the roadside one. It is just considered more accurate in that it gives a number value to represent the estimated percentage of alcohol in your blood, based on the concentration of VOCs in your breath that have methyl groups. Roadside only does pass/fail/warn. The only way to actually know what is present in your system is a blood test. People don't normally get breathalyzers unless there is a reason for it, even at RIDE checkpoints so yes, we may introduce a possibility of incriminating someone based on the results of a breathalyzer test alone. Unless we just stick to probable cause.

  • Toronto-area drivers stopped by OPP will have to give breath sample
  • But it doesn't read BAC. It just detects organic compounds with methyl groups and the courts assume it is alcohol. That's usually a pretty safe bet if the person is also clearly inebriated. But now people who work with organic chemicals either at home or at work could get charged even with 0 actual BAC. Paint your bathroom with oil paint and have toluene in your system? Believe it or not, straight to jail.

  • One dead in two-vehicle collision on Highway 174 in Ottawa's east end

    Another person was transported to hospital in serious condition after the crash in the Cumberland area.

    One dead in two-vehicle collision on Highway 174 in Ottawa's east end